Subject and Object Pronouns exercise

Subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives

Exercise 1

Choose the correct subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives to complete the sentences below.

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Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives – table

Subject pronouns

Before the verb

We use subject pronouns a subject of the verb (before the verb)

  • Ilike your dress.
  • Youare late.
  • Heis my friend.
  • Itis raining.
  • Sheis on hol >Welive in England.
  • Theycome from London.

Object pronouns

After the verb

We use object pronouns as the object of the verb (after the verb).

  • Can you helpmeplease?
  • I can seeyou.
  • She doesn’t likehim.
  • I sawherin town today.
  • We sawthemin town yesterday, but they d >us.

After a preposition

We use object pronouns after prepositions.

Possessive adjectives

Before a noun

We use possessive adjectives before a noun, they modify a noun.

  • Mydog is big.
  • Hercat is brown.
  • Theirsister works downtown.

Possessive pronouns

Without a noun

A possessive pronoun is NOT followed by a noun.


We use whose to ask about possession.

Grammar Quiz: Subject and Object Pronouns

Topic: Pronouns | Level: Beginner

Online English Quiz

Instructions: Choose the correct pronoun.

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Instructions: Choose the correct pronoun.

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Learning pronouns — subject and object English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson Subject and object pronouns?

During this English lesson you will start what subject and object pronouns are and learn the differences between them. The last part to the lesson is a short exercise to practise using the correct pronoun in the sentences.

A pronoun has the same meaning as a noun.

I like John. I know him well (Him has the same meaning as John, it refers to John)

I know John. He is a friendly person. (The pronoun he refer to the noun John.)

In grammar, the pronoun refers to a noun.

What are subject pronouns?

Subject pronouns are the subject were the person or thing is doing the action.

I speak English.

You are learning English.

She speaks English.

He speaks English.

I went home yesterday due to being tired.

We said goodbye to Sarah.

Some common subject pronouns

Some common object pronouns

What are object pronouns?

Object pronouns are for the person or thing receiving the action:

Mr Bean knows me

Mr Bean knows you

Mr Bean knows her

Mr Bean knows him

Sarah telephoned me to ask me for advice.

I hit him as hard as I could.

We saw her about one hour ago.

Fill in correct pronouns for the sentences

This exercise you will practice using object and subject pronouns, by writing the correct pronoun where the blank spaces are.

Copy and write the list on a piece of paper and fill in the missing blanks.

**Hint** the words that are in the brackets “(they)” are not always the answer they are only to give you a clue to what the answer might be.

Nobody told ___us__ that John was late picking us up, (they)

Pronouns exercise

1 She. telephoned her mum this morning, (she)

2 The police watched .him. for hours, (he)

3 Hasn’t ______ arrived yet? (she)

4 _________don’t understand. (I)

5 Am sorry are you talking to _______? (I)

6 Don’t ask ____ ____ won’t know anything, (she/she)

7 This is Sarah: ______have known ________ for over ten years, (we/she)

8 Nobody told _______ the taxi was waiting outside the house, (they)

9 Why didn’t ______ ask _______ to come? (She/they)

10 Don’t ask ______Ask_______(I/he)

11 ________ think ________ doesn’t like ________ (T/hc/I)

12 _________ asked _______ to invite _________ (they/he/we)

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Subject Pronouns or Object Pronouns Quiz

Subject Pronouns or Object Pronouns Quiz with Answers

I – me, You – you, He – him, She – her, We – us, They – them.

Let’s make this quiz and look your Grammar Level. Choose the correct answer.

Subject Pronouns or Object Pronouns Quiz


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Subject Pronouns or Object Pronouns Quiz – Exercises

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Subject and Object Pronouns Exercises

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Exercise 1 Instructions: Circle the subject pronouns in these sentences I am going to the beach. You study English. He is absent today. She is absent, too. We never understand her. They listen to classical music. Exercise 2 Instructions: Replace the underlined subject pronoun with a logical pronoun. 1. Ben has arrived, but Mary is not ready to leave yet. 2. Tina and Amy are 18 years old. Their father is taking them to a restaurant for their birthday. 3. You and I are in the same class as Adam and Nancy. 4. You and Sam should consider taking the bus to school. 5. The dog looks clean. Did Ted give him a bath? 6. My friends, my brother, my aunt, and I are flying home from Greece on Saturday. 7. Your friend and her sister are invited to the dinner, aren’t they? 8. Marco and Jose like this kind of music, don’t they? 9. Caracas is the capital of Venezuela. 10. The cat will not go away until you feed it.

Exercise 3: Instructions: Circle the object pronouns in these sentences. She is going to the beach with me. They study English with you. I saw him. We spoke to her. They are going with us. We wrote to them. Exercise 4: Example: Marsha sent three e-mail messages to my sister and me. Marsha sent them to us. 1. Adam gave the book (__________) to Karen and me(__________). 2. Amanda saw you and me(__________) yesterday at the park. 3. Did Nicole give the book(__________) to Michelle(__________)? 4. I see you and your brother(__________). 5. Do you want to go with Mary, Jennifer, and me(__________)? 6. I gave the dog(__________) a bone. (The dog is a boy.) 7. Will you send these letters to my dad for me(__________)? 8. I love English(__________)! 9. I love computers(__________)! 10. Are you and your brothers(__________) going with Kathy, Matt, and me(__________)?

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