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Science is important to most people living in the modern world for a number of reasons. In particular, science is important for world peace and understanding, for understanding of technology, and for our understanding of the world.

Science is important for world peace in many ways. On the one hand, scientists have helped to develop many of the modern tools of war. On the other hand, they have also helped to keep the peace through research, which has improved life for people. Scientists have helped us understand the problem of supplying the world with enough energy; using energy of the sun and of the atom. Scientists have also analysed the world’s resources. Scientists study the Universe and how to use its possibilities for the benefit of men.

Scientists are also important for everyone who is affected by modern technology. Many of the things that make our lives easier and better are results of advances in technology. In some cases, such as technology of producing salt from ocean water, technology may be essential for our lives on Earth.

Scientists are learning to predict earthquakes, to study many other natural events such as storms. Scientists are also studying various aspects of human biology and the origin and development of the human race. The study of the natural world may help improve life for many people all over the world.

Basic knowledge of science is essential for everyone. It helps people to find their way in the changing world.

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ScienceScience is important to most people living in the modern world for a number of reasons. In particular, science is important for world peace and.

ScienceScience is a source of progress. It develops the world we live in. Our century is an epoch of great discoveries in science and engineering.

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Science — Наука — тема / топик по английскому языку

Ссылка на русский вариант топика — Тема Наука на английском языке.

I want to tell you about the great Swedish inventor and industrialist. Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm on October 21, 1833 but moved to Russia with his parents in 1842. In 1863 he began his own study in his father’s laboratory. He had never been to school or university, but studied privately. He knew Swedish, Russian, German, French and English.

Alfred Nobel built up over 80 companies in 20 different countries. He was a man of many contrasts. He made a fortune, but lived a simple life. A lover of mankind, he never had a wife and died alone. Nobel invented a new explosive, dynamite, to improve the peace time, but it’s used as a weapon of war. During his useful life he often felt he was useless. Nobel was never well-known. But since his death, his name has brought fame to others.

Nobel’s main concern was never with making money. He came to care deeply about the whole mankind. He was always generous to the poor. His greatest wish was to see an end to wars. Alfred Nobel died in Italy in 1896. The Nobel prize is given for outstanding works in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Medicine and Literature. It is a memorial to his interests and ideals.

I think, that Alfred Nobel was one of the greatest inventors of our planet.

Science is the first thing to be financed in the modern world example (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The state should provide for different spheres of social life, such as social, political, educational, and so on. Some of us are sure that first of all the government should finance science.

I strongly believe that the development of the scientific sphere will bring us many benefits, so it must be supported. To begin with, thanks to this new technologies appear and make our life much easier. Secondly, science can solve many environmental problems. Nowadays experts are looking for ways to deal with pollution and climate change. Finally, in a country where science is developing, the economy is always developing too.

However, others claim that science is not the most significant thing for society. They think it is much more rational to finance medicine.

Moreover, the money of scientific sphere quite often is spent on unnecessary projects, such as space exploration.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with this opinion. The level of medicine directly depends on the scientific achievements of mankind. What is more, considerable scientific projects that now do not bring any benefit will surely save us in the future.

To sum up, I would like to say that science is important to most people living in the modern world for a number of reasons. It is a big responsibility to preserve ourselves as modern, just and peaceful civilization.

Государство должно предусматривать различные сферы общественной жизни, такие как социальная, политическая, образовательная и так далее. Некоторые из нас уверены, что в первую очередь правительство должно финансировать науку.

Я твердо верю, что развитие научной сферы принесет нам много пользы, поэтому его необходимо поддерживать. Начнем с того, благодаря этому появляются новые технологии и делают нашу жизнь намного проще. Во-вторых, наука может решить многие экологические проблемы. В настоящее время эксперты ищут способы борьбы с загрязнением и изменением климата. Наконец, в стране, где развивается наука, экономика всегда развивается.

Однако другие утверждают, что наука не самая значимая вещь для общества. Они думают, что гораздо разумнее финансировать медицину. Более того, деньги научной сферы нередко расходуются на ненужные проекты, такие как освоение космоса.

Тем не менее, я не могу согласиться с этим мнением. Уровень медицины напрямую зависит от научных достижений человечества. Более того, значительные научные проекты, которые сейчас не приносят никакой пользы, несомненно, спасут нас в будущем.

Подводя итог, я хотел бы сказать, что наука важна для большинства людей, живущих в современном мире, по ряду причин. Это большая ответственность за сохранение себя как современной, справедливой и мирной цивилизации.

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Топик «Новые технологии в нашей жизни» (New technologies in our life)

We live in the era of high technologies, and we use modern inventions in our everyday life because they have brought us much comfort. New technologies have spread on every field over the past 15 years. Moreover, they are rapidly changing. For example, video-recorders, DVD-players or compact disks have already become obsolete and have been replaced by more up-to-date devices. Today we can hardly imagine our life without such modern mobile devices as cell phones or laptops. Our offices are fully equipped with computers, printers, scanners, air-conditioners, interactive whiteboards and wi-fi modems. Household appliances (vacuum-cleaners, coffee-machines, dish-washers, food processors and others) help us to save our time and energy.

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However, we should realize that digital and electronic inventions have both negative and positive impact on our daily life.

I am absolutely positive that new technologies or gadgets are making things faster, easier, more comfortable and interesting. For instance, if you install a GPS (Global Positioning System) in your car you’ll never get lost again. And could we imagine just 15 years ago all the things we can do on the wireless Internet nowadays: connecting with friends from all over the world, online shopping and banking, distance online learning, finding virtual relationships and even working from home? Isn’t that awesome?! Our parents used to go to post-offices to send letters or pay bills, they went to libraries to find a good book and they used telephone-booths for phone-calls.

On the other hand, I know some people who are strongly against some modern inventions because they really miss those days when they talked to each other face to face in reality, and not virtually. I partially agree with that as I really believe that people are becoming anti-social and too dependent on their gadgets. Some of my friends also spend half of the time occupying their shiny gadgets (smart-phones or i-pads) even when we go out together. Besides, people who use various social networks a lot (such as Facebook or Instagram) should worry more about their privacy.

Summing up, I could say that there are serious arguments both for and against the use of new technologies but anyway it’s really difficult to imagine our life without them today.

Новые технологии в нашей жизни

Мы живем в эпоху высоких технологий и пользуемся современными изобретениями в повседневной жизни, поскольку они принесли нам много комфорта. Новые технологии распространились в каждой области за последние 15 лет. Более того, они стремительно меняются. Например, видеомагнитофоны, DVD-плееры или компакт-диски стали уже устаревшими, и им на смену пришли более современные устройства. Сегодня мы с трудом можем представить нашу жизнь без таких современных мобильных приборов, как сотовые телефоны или ноутбуки. Наши офисы полностью оборудованы компьютерами, принтерами, сканерами, кондиционерами, интерактивными досками и wi-fi модемами. Бытовые приборы (пылесосы, кофе-машины, посудомоечные машины, кухонные комбайны и другие) помогают нам экономить время и энергию.

Однако, нам следует понимать, что цифровые и электронные изобретения имеют как отрицательное, так и положительное влияние на нашу повседневную жизнь.

Я полностью согласен с тем, что новые технологии или гаджеты делают многие вещи быстрее, легче, удобнее и интереснее. К примеру, если вы устанавливаете в своем автомобиле GPS (Глобальную Навигационную Систему), вы больше никогда не заблудитесь. А могли ли мы представить всего лишь 15 лет назад все то, что можем делать сегодня по беспроводному интернету: связь с друзьями по всему миру, онлайн покупки и банковские операции, дистанционное онлайн обучение, поиск виртуальных знакомств и даже работу из дома? Разве это не здорово?! Наши родители раньше отправлялись в почтовое отделение для того, чтобы отсылать письма или оплачивать счета, они ходили в библиотеки для того, чтобы найти хорошую книгу и пользовались телефонными будками для того, чтобы позвонить.

С другой стороны, я знаю людей, которые категорически против некоторых современных изобретений, так как им очень не хватает тех дней, когда они общались друг с другом, лицом к лицу в реальности, а не виртуально. Частично я согласен с этим, потому что я считаю, что люди становятся анти-социальными и слишком зависимыми от своих гаджетов. Некоторые мои друзья также посвящают половину времени своим блестящим гаджетам (смартфонам или ай-пэдам), даже когда мы выходим вместе погулять. Кроме того, людям, которые много пользуются социальными сетями (такими, как Фэйсбук или Инстарграм), нужно побеспокоиться о защите своей личной информации.

Подводя итог, я бы сказал, что существуют серьезные аргументы за и против использования новых технологий, но, в любом случае, в наши дни уже будет очень сложно представить жизнь без них.

Science — Наука

Science is a source of progress. It develops the world we live in. Our century is an epoch of great discoveries in science and engineering. It is epoch of scientific and technological revolution, when new ideas are being born and new discoveries, inventions are being made at an ever increasing rate.

Today science has become the most important factor in the development of national economy in the whole world. Scientific progress serves the interests of society, helps to increase the well-being of people and develops public education.

Computer technology plays the most important role in the progress of science. The ability of computers to solve many mathematical problems more effective than man does, has given rise to new trends in mathematics. Computer science is a new field of study and research. In recent years scientists of the world have achieved great success in the development of physics, chemistry, biology, and such astonishing, interesting science as psychology.

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But science may be turned both for peace and military purpose. It can take good forms and evil forms. With the help of scientific inventions politicians make weapons of mass destruction. But on the other hand researches help us in our life: at home, at work, at school and make the level of the country development higher. That’s why there are a lot’s of facts telling about a great amount of well-known scientists who had burned their works when they’ve understood the consequences of their inventions.

There are a lot of world-known scientists. One of the greatest names in history of man’s work in physics is James Clerk Maxwell. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on November 13, 1831. After school he entered the University of native city, attended the University of Cambridge which he graduated in 1854. For two years he lectured, made experiments in optics at Trinity College, studied much himself. In 1856 he became a professor of natural philosophy and in 1860 — a professor of physics and astronomy at kings College in London.

In 1871 Maxwell became a professor of experimental physics at Cambridge. At that time students couldn’t even have such subjects like electricity and magnetism, as there was no laboratory for the study of these subjects. Maxwell organized such a laboratory, which made Cambridge world-known. This was a fruitful period of Maxwell’s life. He studied the problems of electromagnetism, molecular physics, optics, and mechanics.

His most outstanding investigations are in the field of kinetic theory of gases and electricity. Maxwell is the founder of the electromagnetic field. In 1873 he published his work on electricity and magnetism. During these years he also wrote his classic «Matter and Motion», «Atoms», «Attraction», «Faraday». Maxwell died in 1879.

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Кембридж Топик — Topic Cambridge Кембридж расположен в восточной части Англии, в 50 милях от Лондона. Он был основан в 875 году, когда датчане завоевали Восточную Англию. Кембридж был признан.

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