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«School Supplies»

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intermediate education man — girl 01:48

Pre-Listening Exercise

What kinds of schools supplies do you usually need to buy before the start of a new academic year (e.g., pen, pencils, laptop or desktop computers, smartphones, calculators)?

«rolling in money» = have a lot of money
«Just remember that I’m not rolling in money, so I can’t buy you the latest calculator

«do without something» = do okay without a particular item
«I don’t need new notebooks for school, but I can’t do without a few pencils

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

The girl needs _______ for school.

Girl: Dad, I need some high-tech tech stuff like a calculator . . . and a laptop computer.

The father doesn’t want to buy his daughter some things because ____.

Dad: Uh. I didn’t have any of that when I was in middle school, and I did just fine.

The girl needs some of these things for her _____ class.

Girl: Dad, I need a calculator for geometry, and I have heard you can download free software from the Internet.

The girl says that ______.

Girl: Dad. Please. Everyone has one [I’ve heard that before.] and you always say you want me to excel in s

The father gives his daughter money because _____.

Dad: Well, you’ll be supporting me in my old age, so, I guess so. When do you need it?

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Vocabulary Practice

Do the vocabulary quizzes with the words from the conversation for more practice:

Post-Listening Exercise

Most students enjoy having new school supplies at the beginning of every year. What kinds of schools supplies do you usually need to buy before the start of a new academic year? Which supplies do you really need and which ones do you want, if money isn’t an object? Where do people usually buy these supplies: at school, at a local store, or on the Internet? Discuss these ideas.

Online Investigation

Having a computer, netbook, or other electronic devices is almost becoming a necessity at schools today. Imagine that you have $1,000 to spend on electronics (for example, a netbook, digital voice recorder, or other devices). Check at least two Web sites and compare prices on the items you find. Also, analyze and then summarize the company’s sales policies, handling and mailing fees, and its return policies. Then, decide which products you would buy.

School Supplies Vectors, Photos & PSD

+16,000 Free graphic resources.

Back to school sale banner with colorful pencil and other learning items on hand drawn doodles

Back to school green board banner

Back to school with school items and elements

Back to school with red alarm clock and typography letter on yellow

Back to school sale banner with typography letter and chalk on chalkboard

School and office supplies on blackboard background

Typography of back to school with pencil landing page

Education or back to school concept, backpack and stationery supplies on classroom desk with chalkboard background.

Back to school phrase with chalkboard and typography lettering on yellow

Back to school sale with graphite pencil, brush and typography letter black chalkboard background

Back to school horizontal banners

Office accessories and blank paper sheet with text template

Back to school elements and children

Back to school illustration

A sweet paper note

Back to school banner pack

A coloured drawing of a girl reading and writing

Child pretending to be a superhero and hold school supplies.

Back to school landing page

Yellow copy space with backpack full of school supplies

Hand drawn back to school banners

Watercolor back to school background

Green blackboard background with drawings

Arrangement of colourful pencils and copy space

Stationery concept with sticky notes top view

High view knolling stationery office items and copy space

Minimalist copy space background and pencils

Outline books with graduation cap and apple frame background

Chalkboard back to school with school supplies

Flat lay arrangement with blue school supplies

Back to school landing page template

Back to school landing page

Top view sharp pencils on white background

School stuff doodle sketches and pink pencils top view

Back to school landing page

Hand drawn back to school background

Flat back to school sales background

Digital marketing concept idea and pencils

Drawing school items on a notebook

Realistic back to school background

Flat back to school banners

В школе этого не расскажут:  delicious apples

Realistic back to school banners

Stationery colored with blank page

Teachers day card

Arrangement with school books and clock

Hand drawn back to school card template

Flat back to school badge collection

Ready for back to school

Back to school accessories composition poster

Flat lay school elements with drawing

Flat design teachers day background

Hand drawn back to school background

Blackboard back to school background

Hand drawn teachers day background

Hand drawn back to school pattern collection

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College School Supplies List

Heading to college? You’ll soon find that your work is a little more intense compared to high school, so you will need the right supplies to help meet the challenge. A basic list that includes lined paper, folders, pens, and pencils, is a given. But to get the most out of your study time, you’ll need a few extras. The items listed here should cover most all your bases, although your professors will likely hand out a syllabus during the first week of class that will list additional items specific to that particular course.

To Keep With You

Whether you use a backpack or a tote bag to carry your stuff around, make sure these items are always inside, along with the basics listed above:

  • Post-It™ Flags: Don’t ever read an academic book without sticky note flags! These little wonders are great for keeping track of important passages when reading a book. They’re also handy for marking pages when writing book reviews and research papers.
  • Student Planner: Every professor will supply students with a syllabus that lists assignment due dates and test dates. You’ll want to record these dates right away! As soon as you receive that syllabus, start recording your due dates. You should also cons >
  • Calculator: If you sign up for any kind of math >

For Your Study Space

Carve out a spot in your dorm room, bedroom, or other space, and devote it specifically to your studies. It should hold a bright lamp, a desk large enough to work on with your computer or tablet, and a printer if you choose to buy one instead of using those in the computer lab. It should also have enough blank wall space to hold a large calendar and a bulletin board. Here are our suggestions on how to stock this space:

  • Big Wall Calendar: Record all due dates on a big wall calendar that you can see when you enter your room.
  • Colored Stickers: Use color-coded stickers on your big wall calendar, like blue dots for test days and yellow dots for assignment due dates.
  • Printer paper: Keep a stock of paper on hand for printing out assignments. Don’t be late turning in a paper because you couldn’t print it out!
  • Post-It Cover-Up Tape: This tape is great for studying for a test. Use it to cover up keywords in your notes, a textbook, or a study guide, and voilà, you have a fill-in-the-blank test. It sticks lightly to the paper to cover up words or definitions, so you can cover up a word, print on the tape, and peel it off to see if your answer matches the answer underneath the tape.
  • Glue, Scissors, and Tape: You may not need these items very often, but when you need them, you really need them.
  • Bulletin Board and Pins: Organize your life and keep family photos close at hand with a bulletin board.
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Luxury Items

These are by no means necessary, and they can be expensive, but they will make your study time much more productive.

50 School Supplies Students Actually Want to Use

Kick their school year off with all the essentials — and lots of sales!

You know that time of year: The temperature starts to cool, Instagram is littered with apple-picking pictures, and that dreaded school supply list is sent home. While you will most definitely need to pick up a few folders and loose-leaf paper, we have you covered for what your kids will really need for the best school year. Consider this your ultimate cool back-to-school shopping checklist.

From backpack essentials to new-generation needs, we’ve rounded up 50 school supplies your kids will actually look forward to using.

Your kid will likely run through no fewer than a million notebooks during their lifetime as a student. This year, switch things up with the Rocketbook.

On the outside, it’s a run-of-the-mill black notebook. Crack it open, and the Rocketbook is the bridge between traditional note-taking and tech. Once your student finishes their study session, they can scan the QR code on the page to upload the notes to their device and then erase the pages to use all over again! Talk about saving the trees.

Some students like to have all of their supplies at their fingertips for when they need them. This Easthill jumbo pencil case can hold everything they need from their rainbow assortment of ink pens to their pads of sticky notes. It’s big enough to keep their supplies handy while compact enough to fit nicely in their backpack or desk.

OK, so this is more of a mom or teacher must-have — however, we are obsessed with these scratch-off lunch notes! Kids will love the anticipation each day, and you can write words of encouragement if they’re having a rough week. Stick them in a notebook or hide one in their desk for when they need a midweek pick-me-up.

Life is full of mistakes, but that doesn’t mean it also has to be boring. These erasable gel pens will give your kid a motivating boost to take detailed notes in class and while studying — without worrying about scratching out their oops!

Despite many schools trading in traditional school materials for tablets and laptops, pencils will alway reign supreme! Make sure your student is ready with a sharp pencil thanks to this automatic, portable pencil sharpener.

Help your child keep track of their busy schedule and their hormonal rollercoaster of emotions with this 2-in-1 planner and journal. The planner features monthly and weekly calendars for them to jot down their long list of to-dos as well as weekly journal prompts to keep their mental health in check.

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a school, you are well aware that they are a haven for uncovered sneezes, mysterious stomach viruses, and outbreaks that spread faster than a zombie apocalypse. These personal-sized Kleenex tissues will help keep the germs wrapped up and the coughs covered.

Highlighting is the cornerstone of note-taking, but highlighting the wrong section can ruin everything. The Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters come in six vibrant colors on one end and a clear eraser tip on the other end. If you accidentally highlight the wrong sentence, simply erase it and move right along!

Trick-out your student’s at-home homework station with their very own personal printer. The HP Envy 5055 is equipped with every function they could ever imagine — from copying and scanning to wireless- and photo-printing.

When your kid needs to grab a book from their locker, they shouldn’t feel like they’re trying to crack open a safe holding the Heart of the Ocean diamond inside. Ditch the number locks and make life simple for your little student with this word-combination vertical lock.

We’re all guilty of making mistakes — especially while in school. This set of Wite-Out is every student’s savior when it comes to fixing permanent paper errors. The convenient twist-top will keep your kid’s correction tape from drying out or getting tangled in the war zone that is their school lockers.

Equip your kid with everything they might need with this 15-piece set. Whether they’re measuring, drawing, or graphing, this set will have them covered to be the star of their math class — or at least pass!

Everyone needs a little reminder that they are on the right track. We love the inspirational quotes on these rainbow pencils. Your child will appreciate the bump in confidence, too! As a side note, these pencils are totally Insta-ready, which your kid will absolutely love.

Even in this decade, schools are still drowning students and parents in papers and printouts. Help your student keep track of their mountains of paper with these adorable file folders. You’ll love them for their organization, and your kids will love them because who doesn’t love a cute flamingo print?!

Your kid’s won’t beleaf that this plant look-alike is a desk lamp. Make learning about photosynthesis and Earth science extra fun while also shining the perfect amount of light for your little students when they are up late completing that project they procrastinated on.

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It’s always a challenge to keep flashcards together — one or two always seem to go missing! Set your kid up for success with these flash cards that are bound together by a binder ring. Simple, yet genius!

A solid graphing calculator can be the difference between a passing grade and the daunting task of retaking geometry over the summer. So you’re going to want to keep yours safe with the Guerrilla Silicone Case. This slime-colored case slips over the calculator to protect it from bumps and spills, so you can ace the semester.

Whether your kid lights up at the thought of going to gym class or immediately tries to think of a reason to dash to the nurse’s office, they will more than likely have a heap of smelly gym clothes at the end of the week. Keep the smell contained with these waterproof wet/dry bags that can be stashed in their school locker.

Inspired by delicious eats, these sweet little sticky notes won’t get lost at the bottom of your kid’s backpack. They’ll actually look forward to using them to jot down notes.

Remember that goopy, white mess that you were subjected to as a kid? Spare your kids with this two-pack of Elmer’s washable, clear glue. The clear formula makes it essential for making homemade glitter glue or quick project touch-ups.

If your student has a tablet, we have you covered! These top-rated, fourth-generation smart cases are designed with premium leather and a soft microfiber interior that keeps screens clean. The folding front cover also conveniently allows your student to transition from typing to viewing in seconds.

Every elementary student nose to pick up a set of markers for school, but why not switch it up with these silly scented ones? They’ll be wide-eyed when they realize the markers smell like some of their favorite treats like marshmallow, cotton candy, and even tropical punch!

While scrolling through Instagram is frowned upon in class, flipping through this Insta-feed planner is not! The personal journal is customized to feature your tween’s favorite Instagram photos, making every day a #TBT.

We get it — sometimes your kid wants to be in bed while working! The lap desk, equipped with a light and drink holder, is perfect for doing homework while lounging.

Technology and education merge more and more as the years pass. With that comes a tangled web of cords and chargers that are usually in some stage of falling apart. Keep your kid’s chargers working like new with the Cable Bite. The tiny hedgehog prevents cords from fraying, so that they actually work for longer than a month.

No more wasting time flipping through pages to find their place. Your teen will never lose their spot again with these handy bookmarks that connect to their notebooks. They can be used in three-ring binders or planners as well!

A well-decorated locker is the precursor to a perfectly decked-out dorm room. It’s like a rite of passage of sorts. This geometric-shaped, magnetic dry-erase-and-pin-board combo is the perfect addition to any locker theme. It’s trendy while also being functional.

Your kid’s books take a bit of beating throughout the school year. From being tossed in their lockers to being forgotten under their beds, it’s a miracle that the books make it back to the school at the end of the semester. Keep them protected with these fun, food-inspired book covers. The stretchy fabric means they will even cover that trigonometry textbook.

Getting your kids to drink enough water throughout the day may seem like a challenge enough on its own, but these stylish S’well stainless steel water bottles make hydration #goals. The double-wall insulation keeps drinks icy-cold, and the bottle stays condensation-free. No more destroyed notebooks!

Hand cramps and calluses are the worst! Make sure your student’s hand is in prime pencil mode during test time with these multicolored, gel pencil grips that feature unique, raised designs.

High School Supplies List

Get ready for the school year with this list of back to school supplies for high school. For more lists, see our school supplies lists for every grade.

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High School Supplies

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