Learn Russian from scratch for free! Study Russian online. Русский язык для иностранцев

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The Internet provides easy and immediate access to all kinds of information and many things are done online today. Teaching and learning foreign languages online may seem less widespread or popular than online shopping, for example, but is steadily gathering momentum. Interest in Russian is growing worldwide and websites offering free Russian language lessons online pop up every now and then. RT has hired a team of professional linguists to offer you more than just free Russian language lessons online — it is a unique comprehensive course in modern Russian. The course suits learners of all levels as it starts with the very basics and gradually introduces more difficult material based on what has been worked on so far. In addition to putting free Russian language lessons online, RT has bundled them with audio files and illustrations to make learning easier and more fun. Examples of usage provided in the course reflect natural modern Russian as it is spoken. If you have been looking for free Russian language lessons online, this website is a one-stop hub for all your Russian language needs.

В школе этого не расскажут:  Спряжение глагола rocouer во французском языке.

Start learning Russian online and free right now! Here is our program for you:

Learn Russian from scratch for free! Study Russian online. Русский язык для иностранцев

Быстро! Качественно! Эффективно!

Russian for Non-Russian Speakers

Learn Russian with native speakers!

We offer our Russian Language Courses for non-Russian speakers who want to improve their competence in Russian language or who want to start learning Russian from scratch.

The communicative method we use will teach you such language skills as speaking and listening comprehension as well as reading and writing.

Of course, we will also teach you Russian grammar! Some people think that Russian grammar is difficult to understand. We promise you to make your understanding of Russian grammar easy and fun!

The levels we teach: A1-B1

Key features of the method we use:

Natural, contemporary Russian

Numerous communication, grammar and vocabulary exercises

You can come to learn Russian straight to one of our schools as well as we can arrange Skype lessons for you.

В школе этого не расскажут:  Спряжение глагола dévaser во французском языке.

We can adjust to the time and day which is convenient for your Russian lessons.

You will enjoy learning Russian! Welcome to study Russian with English House!

Free online Russian lessons for all levels!

Everyday Russian is a site for those studying Russian language at school or on their own.

Our collection already includes more than 300 Russian language lessons with which you can learn Russian grammar (including Russian alphabet), improve your vocabulary, practice your reading and listening skills absolutely for free.

Scroll down to learn more.

Audio dictation

Russian dictation exercises are designed to develop your listening and writing skills. In the first part of the lesson we publish an audio recording which is read three times at different speeds. The text of the dictation comes after it. The dictations are intended for the students of various levels. To get the best result of these lessons we recommend you to listen to the audio a few times first, then do the exercise (try write the text by yourself). After that you can check yourself with the text of the dictation.

Russian Language Online Test

127055, Moscow, Souschevskaya street, 21, 2nd floor

В школе этого не расскажут:  Спряжение глагола brandir во французском языке.

127055, Moscow, Novoslobodskaya street, 3, building 3, 2nd floor, office 301

6 Komsomolskaya Street, 2nd Floor Volgograd 404131

Building 5 Kazanskaya Street St Petersburg 191186

79 Universitettsky lane, 1st floor, Rostov-na-Donu 344006

83 Pashkovskaya st., Krasnodar 350000

The largest language center in Moscow and the Moscow region according to the study ‘Language Centers of Russia 2020’ RBC Market Research.

Learn Russian from scratch for free! Study Russian online. Русский язык для иностранцев

Выбор из более 500 университетов. Дипломы, выданные в российских
вузах, признаются во всем мире.

Доступное образование

Стоимость высшего образования в России в 5–7 раз ниже, чем в Европе.

Инновационное лидерство

Россия — один из мировых лидеров в области информационных технологий, финансовых услуг, космической инженерии и других инновационных отраслях.

Учись бесплатно!

Правительство Российской Федерации ежегодно предоставляет 15 000 мест для бесплатного обучения иностранных граждан

Конкурсный отбор на бесплатное обучение в рамках квоты организуют представительства Россотрудничества в странах мира. Если в стране нет представительства Россотрудничества, конкурсный отбор организует посольство (консульство) Российской Федерации.

Чтобы уточнить сроки и форму проведения отборочных испытаний и задать вопросы отбора, обратитесь в представительство Россотрудничества или дипломатическое представительство Российской Федерации в вашей стране.

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