Holidays and Celebrations in the United Kingdom — топик по английскому

Public hol >

There are only 6 public hol > Christmas day observed on December 25th is the most popular public holiday of the year in all parts of Greeat Britain except Scotland. On Christmas Eve offices and public buildings close at one o’clock, but the shops stay open late. Most big cities, especially London, are decorated with Christmas trees and colored lights across the streets. Everybody wants to be at home for Christmas. At homes there’s a great air of expectation. The children are decorating the tree, housewives are busy in the kitchen getting things ready for the next day’s dinner. The Christmas food, nowadays usually turkey, is being prepared and stuffed. The chief Christmas tree is usually placed on Trafalgar Square, in front of the national Gallery, and it has become a tradition that the tree is a present from the people of Oslo. December 26th is called Boxing day because traditionally it was the day for people still give a «Christmas box» to the postman and milkman, but it’s usually some money. This is the day when one visits friends, goes for a drive or a long walk or just sits around recovering from eating too much food. In the big cities and towns, tradition on that day demands a visit to the Christmas pantomime where one is entertained by the story of Cinderella, or Puss in Boots or whoever it may be. Easter is a religious holiday and Easter Monday is a bank holiday. Certain old traditions are observed, whenever it’s celebrated as the start of spring or a religious festival. London greets the spring with a spectacular show, Easter Parade in Batter Sea Park on Easter Sunday each year. It is sponsored by the London, Tourist Board and is usually planned around a central theme related to the history and attractions of London. During the Easter Holidays the attention of the progressive people in Britain and indeed throughout the world stays focused. First and foremost on the Easter Peace Marches, which took place for the first time in 1958 and have since become traditional. Good Friday and Easter Monday depend on Easter Sunday, which falls on the 1st Sunday after a full Moon on or after March 21st. The Spring Bank Holiday falls on the last Monday of May or on the 1st Monday of June, while the Late Summer Bank Holiday comes on the last Monday in August or on the first Monday in September, depending on which of the Monday is nearer to June 1st and September 1st respectively. Besides public holidays, there are other festivals, anniversaries and simply days, for example Pancake Day and Bonfire High on which certain traditions are observed.

Страна Великобритания; The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — Топик по английскому языку

Тема по английскому языку: Страна Великобритания

Топик по английскому языку: Страна Великобритания (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). Данный текст может быть использован в качестве презентации, проекта, рассказа, эссе, сочинения или сообщения на тему.

Соединенное Королевство

Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии – это группа островов, расположенных у северо-западного побережья Европы. Страна омывается Атлантическим океаном, Северным морем и Ирландским морем, которое разделяет Великобританию и Ирландию. Северное море и пролив Ла-Манш разделяют Британские острова от европейского континента. Великобритания включает в свой состав Англию, Шотландию и Уэльс. Их столицы – Лондон, Эдинбург и Кардиф.

Территория страны

Несмотря на небольшую территорию острова, Великобритания богата пейзажами. Самые высокие горы расположены в центральной и северной части Шотландии, в Уэльсе и на северо-западе Англии, но на самом деле они не такие уж высокие. Остальная территория представляет собой плоские равнины на востоке и низины на юге. Двигаясь в юго-западном направлении, можно встретить унылые болота Девона и Корнуолла. В Британии множество рек, самая длинная из которых Северн. Река Темза, на которой расположен Лондон, впадает в Северное море. Многие соединены друг с другом посредством каналов, поэтому внутри страны вполне возможно путешествовать по воде.


Еще одной деталью, требующей внимания, является британский климат. Теплое течение Гольфстрима предопределяет теплые зимы и прохладное лето. Климат в Британии в основном умеренный. Снег никогда не лежит долго, а вместо этого часты дожди и туман. По этой причине в Британии очень сыро.

Высокоразвитая промышленная империя

Великобритания изначально была аграрной страной, где было широко развито овцеводство. Сейчас это высокоразвитая промышленная империя. Великобритания экспортирует машины, корабли, двигатели и прочие товары. Основными направлениями промышленности являются кораблестроение и текстильная промышленность.

Культура и образование

Великобритания также является страной долгих традиций, обычаев и богатой культуры. Образование, полученное в таких университетах как Оксфорд или Кембридж, считается одним из лучших в мире.


Великобритания – это конституционная монархия, где главой государства является Королева. Однако, ее власть ограничена парламентом, который состоит из Палаты Лордов и Палаты Общин.

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a part of a group of islands lying off the north-western coast of Europe. The Country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Irish Sea which is between Great Britain and Ireland. The North Sea and the English Channel separate the British Isles from the European continent. Great Britain consists of three countries: England, Scotland and Wales. Their capitals are London, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

Variety of landscapes

In spite of being a small island, Great Britain has a great variety of landscapes. The highest mountains are in the central and northern parts of Scotland, in Wales and in the north-west of England but they aren’t really high. The rest of the territory consists of flat plains in the east and of lowlands in the south. Moving southwest one can view bleak moors of Devon and Cornwall. There are many rivers in Britain with the Severn being the longest one. The Thames on which London is situated runs into the North Sea. Many of the rivers are joined with each other by means of canals, so that it’s quite possible to travel in England by water.


One more thing which is worth mentioning is the British climate. The warm current of the Gulf Stream keeps Britain warm in winter and cool in summer. So, the climate is basically mild. Snow never lies for long, however, there is much rain and fog instead. Therefore Britain is called a damp country.

Highly-developed industrial country

Great Britain was originally an agricultural and sheep-farming country. Now it’s a highly-developed industrial country. It exports machinery, vessels, motors and other goods. The chief industries are shipbuilding and textile.

Culture and education

Great Britain is also a country of long-lasting traditions, customs and rich culture. The education received in such universities as Oxford or Cambridge is recognized as one of the best in the world.


The UK is a constitutional monarchy with the Queen being the head of State. However, her powers are limited by the Parliament which consists of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Holidays and Celebrations in the UK

There are eight public, or bank holidays in Great Britain, that is, days when banks and offices are closed. They are: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Mayday, Spring Bank Holiday and Late Summer Bank Holiday. The observance of these days is no longer limited to banks. All the public holidays, except Christmas Day and Boxing Day observed on the 25 and 26 of December respectively, do not fall on the same day each year. Most of these holidays are of religious origin, though for the greater part of the population they have long lost they religious significance and are simply days on which people relax and make merry. Certain customs and traditions are associated with most bank holidays. The reason is that many of them are part of holiday seasons, like Easter and Christmas seasons. Besides public holidays, there are celebrations, festivals, and simply days, on which certain traditions are observed, but unless they fall on a Sunday, there are ordinary working days.

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February, 14 is St. Valentine’s Day. It is a day for choosing sweethearts and exchanging love tokens. Generations of young people have considered St. Valentine to be the friend and patron of lovers and have sent gifts and hand-made valentines to their sweethearts. A valentine was a colourful card with a short verse composed by the sender. Now thousands of ready-made valentines are sent through the post every year.

Pancake Day is a popular name for Shrove Tuesday — the last day of enjoyment before the fasting of Lent. On this day Christians confessed their sins to a priest. Many people still traditionally eat pancakes. One of the main events of this day is the pancake race at Olney. The competitors in the race are local housewives who make their pancakes and run from the village square to the church.

The fourth Sunday in Lent is Mothering Sunday — a day of small family reunions. On this day absent sons and daughters return to the homes and make gifts to their mothers.

April, 1 is April Fool’s Day — the day when practical jokes are played* Any person may be made in April Fool between midnight and noon. Children are, of course, very keen supporters of the tradition. You can step in a basin of water, or receive a letter with a deceiving message. If you are young and innocent, you can be sent to fetch some non-existing thing, like pigeon’s milk.

Another popular British tradition is Halloween, celebrated on October, 31, the eve of All Saints9 Day. Halloween’s customs dated back to a time, when people believed in devils, witches and ghosts. They thought that they could do all kinds of damage to property. Some people tried to ward off the witches by painting magic signs or nailing a horseshoe. Today the day is marked by costume-balls or fancy-dress parties. On the night of Halloween children or grown-ups visit houses and ask the residents if they want ‘trick’ or ‘treat’. If the people in the house give children a ‘treat’ (money or sweets), then the children will not play trick on them. Another Halloween custom is to scrape out a pumpkin, cutting eyes, nose and mouth in its side and lighting a candle inside. This is made to scare the friends.

Translate the following sentences into English.
1. Во время официальных праздников все банки, почтовые отделения и большая часть офисов и магазинов закрыты, однако соблюдение этих праздников больше не ограничивается банками.
2. Многие из них имеют религиозное происхождение, но давно потеряли свое религиозное значение, и сейчас это просто дни, в которые люди отдыхают и веселятся.
3. В день Св. Валентина, друга и покровителя всех влюбленных, люди обмениваются символами любви.
4. Раньше люди посылали свои возлюбленным самодельные валентинки, которые содержали стихи, написанные отправителем, сейчас посылают готовые валентинки.
5. Во вторник на масленой неделе обычно христиане исповедовались в своих грехах священнику и ели блины, сейчас одно из основных событий дня — бег с блинами в Олни.
6. Апрельский день смеха — это день, когда вас разыгрывают, и эта традиция с энтузиазмом поддерживается детьми.
7. Традиции Хэллоуина, кануна Дня всех святых, восходят ко времени, когда люди верили в чертей, привидения и ведьм и пытались отпугнуть их, рисуя магические значки или прибивая подкову.
8. Сейчас этот день отмечается костюмированными балами и маскарадами, люди также выскребают тыквы, чтобы пугать друзей.
1. During the official or bank holidays all banks, post offices and most offices and shops are closed, but the observance of these holidays is no longer limited to banks.
2. Many of them have religious origin, but they have lost their religious significance and now they are simply days on which people relax and make merry.
3. On St. Valentine’s Day, the day of the friend and the patron of lovers, people exchange love tokens.
4. People used to send to their sweethearts hand-made valentines which contained verse composed by the sender, now they send ready-made valentines.
5. On Shrove Tuesday Christians used to confess their sins to a priest and eat pancakes, now one of the main events of the day is the pancake race at Olney.
6. April Fool’s Day is a day when practical jokes are played, and children are very keen supporters of the tradition.
7. The customs of Hallowe’en, the eve of All Saints’ Day, date back to a time when people believed in devils, ghosts and witches and tried to ward them off by painting magic signs or nailing a horseshoe.
8. Today the day is marked by costume balls and fancy dress parties, people also scrape out pumpkins to scare their friends.

Из пособия «ЕГЭ. Английский язык. Устные темы» Занина Е. Л. (2020, 272с.) — Part two. Additional topics.

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Из этого урока вы узнаете о национальных, религиозных, и языческих праздниках, которые отмечаются в разных странах. Небольшие тексты о каждом празднике помогут вам подготовиться к экзамену по английскому языку, так как содержат важную лингвострановедческую информацию.

2. Main National and Religious (Pagan) Holidays

Guess the Russian names for the celebrations below:

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Hogmanay
  3. St. Valentine’s Day
  4. Pancake Day =Shrovetide
  5. Defender of Motherland Day (23 февраля — День защитника отечества)
  6. Women’s Day
  7. St. Patrick’s Day
  8. Easter
  9. April Fool’s Day
  10. May Day
  11. Victory Day
  12. Independence Day
  13. Day of Knowledge
  14. Teacher’s Day
  15. Thanksgiving Day
  16. Guy Fawkes Night
  17. Halloween
  18. Christmas
  19. Boxing Day

3. Main British Holidays

  • The main holidays in Great Britain are New Year’s Day, Good Friday (Пятница на Страстной неделе), Easter Monday, Labour Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
  • Public holidays are called Bank Holidays because on these days banks, most of shops and offices are closed.

  • Besides public holidays the British people observe certain traditions on such days as Pancake Day, Guy Fawkes’ Night, St. Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween which are ordinary working days.
  • Christmas is the main religious holiday in many countries. It is celebrated in Europe on the 25th of December, in Russia on the 7th of January. It is the day when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, though the actual date of his birth is not known.
  • Boxing Day (UK) is the next day after Christmas, when rich people give small presents in boxes to the servants, etc.
  • The New Year is not as widely celebrated as Christmas in Britain. Some people ignore it completely and go to bed at usual time. Others, however, do celebrate it in one way or another. The most common way of celebration is a New Year Party.
  • Hogmanay is the most popular holiday in Scotland, celebrated on the New Year’s Eve.
  • Easter is a very important festival in the Christian calendar. The Christians think that on the day of Easter Jesus Christ rose from dead. The actual date of Easter changes every year. The preparations for Easter really begin 40 days before Easter, on Shrove Tuesday. This marks the beginning of a period of fasting, called Lent.
  • There are also local festivals all through the year. In spring village children dance round Maypole (Майское дерево). Maypole is an ancient emblem of the beginning of summer. In ancient times it was a pagan spring festival. A tall pole decorated with flowers, maypole, was erected to which ribbons were attached and held by the dancers.
  • Guy Fawkes Night (UK) is on November, 5. Guy Fawkes Night goes back to the days of King James I who was vary unpopular as a protestant. So some of the Catholics made an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. The man who was to explode the building was Guy Fawkes. But he was discovered, arrested and hanged. Since that time people burn a straw dummy of Guy Fawkes on a bonfire on the 5th of November.
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4. Main American Holidays

  • National festivals in the USA are New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.
  • New Year’s Day is a national holiday, people make promises, for example, to give up smoking, to change their life. Ii is not so important as in Russia, very small presents are given.
  • New Year Resolution is a promise which many people make before New Year. Usually they want to improve their behavior and to give up bad habits.
  • Valentine’s Day is on February, 14. It is not a national holiday, but the holiday of love and friendship. It is one of the most loved holidays. There are romantic cards and gifts for those who are in love. The most popular wish:” Be my Valentine!” There are also cards for wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, and even grandparents.
  • St. Patrick’s Day is on March, 17. It was a religious holiday. Now everybody wears green this day. Former Irish holiday (the Irish believed that St. Patrick freed Ireland from snakes.) Day of fun and parades.
  • April Fool’s Day is on April, 1. No one is sure how April’s Fool day got started. Most countries seem to have a day when people play tricks on each other. Children specially like these days. Some people think that trick days begin in India. People there celebrate a spring holiday called Holi. A favourite trick on Holi is to fill a bamboo pipe with coloured powder and blow the powder at people. Sometimes children fill the pipe with water and squirt each other.
  • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day are the days when the Americans thank their parents, give them flowers and presents. In the UK there is only Mother’s Sunday.
  • Good Friday is the Friday before Easter (страстная пятница). On that dat people eat hot cross buns.
  • Easter Sunday, Easter Monday. The symbol of the holiday is Easter Bunny who brings the eggs. The traditional presents coloured eggs and chocolate eggs.
  • Memorial Day is the last day in May. It is a national holiday (since 1917) to remember the soldiers killed in battles.
  • Independence Day is on July,4. This day the USA became independent from the United Kingdom in 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was accepted.
  • Labour Day is the day to honor all the workers.
  • Columbus Day is on October, 12, 1492 Columbus discovered America. Now it is celebrated on the second Monday in October.
  • Thanksgiving Day is on the 4th Thursday in November. It is a national holiday, family holiday. The first Europeans on American land wanted to thank God and the Native Americans for their help during their first winter which was cold and hungry. Traditional food is turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie. The original celebration was held in 1621 after the first harvest in New England.
  • Halloween is on October, 31. It is not a national holiday. Children make costumes and go from house to house. They say “ Trick or treat ”. People give them tasty things.

  • Christmas is a national and religious holiday which is celebrated on December, 25. Santa Claus visits children and puts their presents into their stockings.

Holidays and Traditions. Задания

Задание 1. Describe any holiday. Your partner will guess.

Задание 2. Answer the questions:
1) What American holidays do you know?
2) What British holidays do you know?
3) What holidays are celebrated both in Russia and the USA / Great Britain?
4) What is your favourite Russian holiday?
5) What is more important for you: a day off or a celebration?
6) How is Christmas celebrated in Great Britain and in Russia?

ОТВЕТЫ вы найдете в конце статьи.

Задание 3. Complete the text about Russian holidays.

Another Russian ______ is Maslenitsa. It used to be a ______holiday. Now it becomes a _____ to celebrate it. This holiday is loved by everybody. People celebrate it at the ____ of February or at the beginning of March. It lasts for a week. During this holiday people ____ the winter ____ and greet spring. In old times people usually cooked _____, had fires, burnt scarecrows of winter, sang songs and danced. _____, which are round and hot, symbolize the Sun. Now it is a merry holiday when people dance, sing sons and cook pancakes. Usually this holiday is ______ in parks.

The most important _____ holidays are Christmas and Easter. In Russia Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January but in Europe and in the USA on the 25th of December. On that day Christians celebrate the birth of _______, though the actual date of his birth is not known.

The tradition to decorate Christmas tree came from Germany. In Russia this tradition was _____ by Peter the Great. It is a custom to decorate Christmas tree with candles, coloured lights and balls. The _______Christmas colours are red and green. The traditional Christmas food is a roast turkey with vegetables and a Christmas pudding.

Answer the questions:

  1. What holidays does your family celebrate?
  2. What is your favourite holiday?
  3. Does your family have any special New Year traditions?
  4. Do you cook and eat any special holiday meals?
  5. Do you celebrate any religious holidays?
  6. Have you ever tried to celebrate any foreign holidays?
  7. What is the main holiday in our country? In Great Britain? In the USA?
  8. What holidays are celebrated throughout the world?
  9. Are there any differences in the celebrations and customs of New Year in European countries?

Теxt «To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate?»

Read three opinions on the matter of celebrations.

Phil’s opinion about celebrations: I don’t like any celebrations especially Christmas. It is getting more and more commercialized: some people spend lots of money on gifts, while others make lots of money selling gifts. My parents think that it is an old tradition. But I don’t understand the use of celebrating a holiday only because it is tradition. We can choose more interesting activities for holidays instead of sitting at the table with relations and discussing boring family problems. For me there is nothing like playing sports.

Sindy’s opinion about celebrations: Celebrating? I’ve never thought about it. For me any holiday is just a day off. I don’t know if it is important for me what Guy Fawkes did or what evil spirits used o do. I don’t plan what to do. A day comes and my activities begin. There’s only one celebration that matters, it’s my birthday.

Helen’s opinion about celebrations: Celebrating is my joy. I like this perfect atmosphere. It takes time to make all the arrangements. But my favourite celebration is worth many efforts. The best moment is when the guests arrive. They are the people I love best. I greet them. They come to share the joy of the day. Their gifts make me think of the day again and again.

Answer the questions:

  1. What makes Phil dislike Xmas?
  2. What do his parents think about celebrations?
  3. What does he suggest instead of celebrating?
  4. What kind of person is Sindy, in your opinion?
  5. What kind of person is Helen, in your opinion?

Express your opinion: to celebrate or not to celebrate?

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Holidays and Celebrations in the UK

This year I am going to leave school. Before people leave school, they understand that the time to choose their future profession has already come. It’s not an easy task to make a right choice.

Someone goes further in his education and enter an institute, university or college. Other can start a working career, go into business. There are many universities and institutes in every big city. Our city is not an exception.

If we want to get a professional training, we can enter a technical college. There is a huge number of professions to choose. But we should take our time while choosing our future profession. Some children choose profession their parents want, others do it in their own way while choosing their profession and there are some boys arid girls, who want nothing. Anyway it is a dilemma for all the family.

Fathers usually want their children to follow their footsteps. Mothers don’t want their sons and daughters to leave the native town or city. So, they persuade kids to enter local colleges and universities or institutes. To find out the best from the best, we should work a lot.

Because of the wide difference in jobs, we should find out all available information about any possible job. We also need to think about how well we can do what we would like to do. We have got to know the demand for professions on the local employment market.

To make the right choice, we should consider our possibilities, characters arid abilities. To become a good doctor, you must be patient, easygoing and smart» The teacher’s work requires love for children, much patience, profound knowledge of subjects and the ability to explain and to teach. Detective’s job is very stressful. He must be brave, reasonable, smart, fair and strong and have extraordinary brains.

By the beginning of the last year, I wanted to become a doctor. I thought it was a very prestigious profession. I was good at biology and zoology at the 8 and 9 forms. I wanted to help people, who had problems with their health. I know that a doctor should be noble in work and life, kind and attentive to people, honest and prudent. A doctor who is selfish and dishonest can’t be good at his profession. I tried to do my best to develop good characters in myself»

Now, I have already decided what to do. I’d like to be a teacher» I know that it is very difficult to be a good teacher. It is a hard profession. You should know perfectly the subject you teach, you must be well-educated and well-informed. A good teacher develops in his students a desire for knowledge and love for truth and beauty. It is a great responsibility to educate the children. I think that’s the reason why teachers are deeply respected.

More and more people realize that every educated person should know a foreign language. That is why I’m going to become a teacher of English* I like English. I liked it from the first lesson we first started learning it and it is still my favourite subject. I will try to enter the department of foreign languages at the University.

We study at universities or institutes to become a specialist for five years. If you want a bachelor degree, you have to study four years. After your final exams have passed, you are a qualified specialist» Some students keep studying and enter a post-graduate course to follow an academic career. Most university graduates take up teaching and return to school.

I know that a teacher’s job is quite difficult. A teacher can’t say, that he knows everything. Professional teacher is an experienced teacher. So, have graduated from a university or institute, young specialists have many things to do to become a real professional teacher, an example of competence»

So, choosing a career and then getting a job are two things, any person does in his lifetime. If we don’t think about the future, we won’t have one.

Перевод текста: My Future Plans — Мои планы на будущее

В этом году я заканчиваю школу. Прежде чем люди заканчивают школу, они понимают, что время выбора их будущей профессии уже пришло. Сделать правильный выбор — нелегкая задача.

Кто-то продолжает свое образовании и поступает в институт, университет или колледж. Другой может начать рабочую карьеру, заняться бизнесом. В каждом большом городе есть много университетов и институтов. Наш город не является исключением.

Если мы хотим получить профессиональную подготовку, мы можем поступить в технический колледж. Существует огромное количество профессий, которые можно выбрать. Но мы не должны спешить при выборе нашей будущей профессии. Некоторые дети выбирают профессию, которую хотят их родители, другие поступают по-своему при выборе своей будущей профессии и есть такие, кто не хочет ничего. Так или иначе это — дилемма для всей семьи.

Отцы обычно хотят, чтобы их дети следовали по их стопам. Матери не хотят отпускать своих сыновей и дочерей в другой город. Так что они убеждают детей поступать в местные колледжи и университеты или институты. Чтобы найти лучшее из лучшего, мы должны много поработать.

Из-за большого разнообразия рабочих мест, мы должны получить всю доступную информацию относительно любой возможной работы. Мы также должны подумать относительно того, как хорошо мы можем делать то, чем хотим заняться. Мы должны знать спрос на профессии на местном рынке занятости.

Чтобы сделать правильный выбор, мы должны оценить свои возможности, черты характера и способности. Чтобы стать хорошим доктором, нужно быть терпеливым, легко ладить с людьми и быть умным. Работа преподавателя требует любви к детям, много терпения, глубокого знания предметов и способности объяснить и преподать. Работа детектива очень напряженная. Он должен быть храбр, разумен, силен, справедлив и иметь неординарные умственные способности.

До начала прошлого года я хотел стать врачом. Я думал, что это очень благородная профессия. У меня были хорошие оценки по биологии и зоологии в 8 и 9 классах» Я хотел помогать людям, у которых были проблемы со здоровьем. Я знаю, что доктор должен быть благороден в работе и жизни, добр и внимателен к людям, честен и благоразумен. Доктор, который эгоистичен и нечестен, не может быть хорошим доктором. Я старался сделать все возможное, чтобы воспитать в себе хорошие черты характера.

Теперь я уже решил, что делать. Я хотел бы стать преподавателем. Я знаю, что быть хорошим преподавателем очень трудно. Это — трудная профессия. Вы должны очень хорошо знать предмет, который преподаете, должны быть образованы и хорошо осведомлены. Хороший преподаватель развивает в своих студентах тягу к знаниям и любовь к правде и красоте. Учить детей — это большая ответственность. Я думаю, что это та причина, по которой преподавателей глубоко уважают.

Все больше людей понимают, что каждый образованный человек должен знать иностранный язык. Именно поэтому я собираюсь стать преподавателем английского языка. Я люблю английский язык. Я полюбил его с первого урока, когда мы начали его учить, и это до сих пор мой* любимый предмет. Я попытаюсь поступить на факультет иностранных языков в университете.

Чтобы стать специалистом, мы пять лет учимся в университетах или институтах. Если вам нужна степень бакалавра, вам. нужно проучиться четыре года. После того как вы сдали свои последние экзамены, вы — квалифицированный специалист. Некоторые студенты продолжают учебу и поступают в аспирантуру, делая себе академическую карьеру. Большинство университетских выпускников становятся учителями, возвращаются в школу.

Я знаю, что работа преподавателя очень трудна. Преподаватель же не может сказать, что он знает все. Профессиональный преподаватель — это опытный преподаватель. Так что, окончив университет или институт, молодым специалистам еще многое предстоит сделать, чтобы стать настоящими профессиональными преподавателями, примером компетентности.

Итак, выбор карьеры и поиск работы — это две вещи, через которые проходит каждый человек в своей жизни. Если мы не думаем о будущем, его у нас никогда не будет.

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