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“Gobble Gobble Give” Feed The Homeless Thanksgiving 2020 | SF

On Thanksgiving morning, volunteers will come together to gather dry goods, box warm food, and walk the streets of their community to hand out care packages to homeless individuals and families.

Gobble Gobble Give San Francisco

Feed The Homeless on Thanksgiving
Thursday, November 28, 2020 | 10-11:30 am
– Prep – 10am
– Distribution – 10:30 am
FREE but RSVP and bring a dish – RSVP at GobbleGobbleGive17@gmail.c om

Please Bring the Following:

1. A DISH OF FOOD. Already cooked. Warm is preferred. It can be as little as a side of vegetables (corn, green beans, stuffing). We can always use cooked turkeys and main course items. Of course, desserts are always welcome too. Check facebook for the latest updates.
2. FIVE (5) SMALL TOILETRY KITS. that include a: toothbrush/toothpaste, soap and shampoo.
3. CLOTHING AND BLANKETS. Please bring any used blankets and/or gently used sweaters, jackets, shirts, socks, shoes, beanies/hats for men, women, and children.

Updated as of 11/25/19…
We Need:
*Proteins – Turkey, Chicken, Ham…. OR Meat Alternatives
*Green Beans Or Green Bean Casserole
* Corn OR Creamed Corn
*Dinner Napkins
* Brown Paper Bags to distribute clothing
* VOLUNTEERS to help and bring food

Please let us know if you can bring any of these things: GobbleGobbleGive17@gmail.com

Volunteer in One of the Following Areas:

  • Coordinate taking in of food that is being dropped off
  • Bring food to the kitchen or directly to the floor where it will be div >Gobble Gobble Give

Gobble up these Thanksgiving idioms

Let’s learn 10 Thanksgiving idioms. Most of these expressions are related to an activity we often do at holidays: eating! Some of the delicious foods we eat during the Thanksgiving holiday are pie, turkey, stuffing and gravy.

Foods we eat during Thanksgiving

Usually turkey is the main dish served at Thanksgiving . However, some people prefer to have ham or a vegetarian main dish — there is no official rule so you can eat whatever you want. The meal is served with many different side dishes (also called trimmings). Some of the traditional dishes include:

  • stuffing
  • mashed potatoes
  • sweet potatoes / yams
  • gravy: a sauce made from the fat and liquid that comes from turkey when it is being cooked (it’s usually eaten with turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes)
  • cranberry sauce
  • butternut squash soup
  • roasted brussels sprouts

For dessert, pie is a popular choice. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • pumpkin pie
  • apple pie
  • pecan pie
  • lemon meringue
  • sweet potato
  • peach pie (or peach cobbler)
  • cherry pie

A few notes

In the info-graphic, we have several expressions related to the verb «stuff

  • to be stuffed
  • stuff it
  • stuff one’s face
  • stuffed shirt

To stuff, is to fill something up completely.

When someone says they’re stuffed, they are saying their stomach feels like it is filled completely and there isn’t any room for something else. When you’re stuffed it’s sort of an uncomfortable feeling.

The food dish we call stuffing is a a mixture of bread crumbs, vegetables, and butter that is usually stuffed inside the cavity of a turkey and then both are cooked together.

Gobble is a verb that means to eat something quickly and noisily.

In English, we say that the sound a turkey makes is «gobble gobble.» You can hear the sound at this link.

Learn about the First Thanksgiving in America

I’ve also written a long article about the first Thanksgiving, click here to read it. There is also an audio recording to help you practice your listening skills.


[̈ɪˈɡɔbl] I гл. есть жадно, быстро; пожирать (тж. gobble down, gobble up) The pigs gobbled down (gobbled up) the waste food as if they had not been fed for days. — Свиньи сожрали объедки с такой скоростью, как будто не ели неделю. gobble up Syn : eat II 1. сущ. кулдыканье (звуки, издаваемые индюком) 2. гл. 1) кулдыкать (об индюке) 2) издавать звук похожий на кулдыканье индюка гольф гобол (сильный удар, при котором мяч попадает прямо в лунку) есть быстро, жадно и шумно (тж. * up) — he doesn’t eat, he simply *s он не ест, а просто жрет — to * up a chicken in no time в мгновение ока проглотить цыпленка (американизм) (сленг) хватать кулдыканье кулдыкать (об индюке) бормотать; злобно ворчать gobble есть жадно, быстро; пожирать

Has gobble.com found a lucrative niche in the food delivery business?

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Answer Wiki

Thanks for the A2A, Roland.

Frankly this facet of food delivery—let’s call it ‘unprepared-meal-delivery’—is not my domain, so everything in this response is my opinion based on what I see in the food industry and the delivery industry as a whole.

So has Gobble found a lucrative niche in the food delivery business? I think this answer has two parts:

  1. Right now, no.
  2. In 10–15 years, possibly.

For a more in-depth answer…

Prepared food delivery over the years has boomed into a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States (Grubhub, Seamless). Grocery delivery has seen a similar, yet slightly small.

«Gobble»의 정의와 사용법 및 예문에 관한 질문

To gobble means to eat (something) hurriedly and noisily.

it means putting something in your mouth and eating it and swallowing it, so if that’s a blow job it’ll be the last one you ever have

«Gobble» = noise a turkey makes «Gobble» also means «to eat.» It is a pun. «Eat the savings», «eat the good price.» «Eat up» in this sense means «take advantage of.»

She was so hungry she gobbled up her dinner.

Gobble up = comer muito ráp >gobbling up the cake by himself. The dog gobbled up his sandwich. She began gobbling up her lunch as soon as possible. He just gobbled it all up in 5 seconds!

i gobbled up all the food last night

I gobble my food is the most common sentence I know but gobble is an uncommon word

Assuming you’re looking for the difference in the meanings of to gobble and to devour, devouring is more like doing something (usually eating) quickly and almost maniacally but not always loudly . For example, she devoured her food within seconds, she must have been hungry. To gobble is to eat noisily and haphazardly. For example, she gobble d her food down and her family was appalled. I hope that clarified it.

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