American Holidays — тема топик по английскому языку

American Holidays — тема / топик по английскому языку

American Holidays — Американские праздники

Probably the most widely celebrated holidays in the United States of America are Thanksgiving, Independence Day and Christmas.

Thanksgiving Day is marked on the fourth Thursday of November.

On this day Americans thank their God for his blessings.

Families gather together for

a traditional dinner which includes

roast turkey and pumpkin pie.

Independence Day is marked on the 4th of July as the birthday of the United States as a free and independent nation.

Generally, picnics, parades and displays firework are held all over the country on this day.

Christmas is the most important religious holiday for Christians.

Gift-giving is very common at Christmas.

American children look forward to Christmas morning, when they find gifts brought by Santa Claus.

Other important holidays are Easter, Labour Day and Memorial Day.

Labour Day is observed on the Monday 1st of September to honour the working people.

Memorial Day, on the Monday 4th of May is a day when the dead of all wars are remembered.

Наверное, наиболее популярными праздниками в Соединенных Штатах Америки День Благодарения, День независимости и Рождество.

День Благодарения отмечается в четвертый четверг ноября.

В этот день американцы благодарят Бога за посланные им милости.

Семьи собираются вместе за традиционным обедом, что включает жареную индейку и тыквенный пирог.

4 июля отмечается День независимости, день рождения Соединенных Штатов как свободной и независимой державы.

Обычно в этот день по всей стране устраиваются пикники, парады и фейерверки.

Рождество — самый важный религиозный праздник для христиан.

Обычай дарить подарки на Рождество очень распространен.

Американские дети с нетерпением ждут Рождественского утра, когда они находят подарки, принесенные дедом Морозом.

Другие важные праздники — это Пасха, День труда и День Поминовения.

День Труда отмечается в первый понедельник сентября на честь трудящихся.

День Поминовения, четвертый понедельник мая,- это день, когда вспоминают погибших во всех войнах.

1. What are the main holidays in America?

2. When was Labour Day made national holiday?

3. When did Thanksgiving day become an official holiday?

4. What kind of holiday is Memorial Day?

5. What day do Americans honour the memory of members of the armed forces killed in wars?

«American holidays»
материал по английскому языку на тему

Разработка урока по теме «American holidays» Задачи:

1. Практиковать в устной речи, аудировании, чтении по теме: American holidays.

2. практиковать в употреблении времен группы Past.

Организационный момент, приветствие.

П. Речевая зарядка.

(На доске картинки с символами праздников, перечень наиболее популярных праздни­ков).

Т: Look at the blackboard. You can see the symbols of the most popular holidays. Look at them, read the names and tell what they are symbols of.

2. Christmas Day

5. St. Patrick’s Day

6. Thanksgiving Day

7. Independence Day

8. St. Valentine’s Day

Ученики читают названия праздников, подбирают картинки к ним.

III. Аудирование.

Т: Listen to the text and be ready to say what holidays they are about.

Text 1. It is the happiest holiday of the year. I like the perfect atmosphere of this holiday. Grown-ups are busy doing hast shopping. They make or buy cards, presents, food, fir-trees, spe­cial cookies. Children put their letters into special stockings. But the best moment is when I find the stocking near my bed or under the Christmas fir-tree and look into it.

Text 2. People have parties and dress as witches and ghosts. Children wear masks and colorful costumes. Everyone tries to look scary on this day.

Text 3. Last year on this day I found a Ion of cards in my school bag. I liked one of them very much. It was in form of a big heart. There was written on it: «I love you, darling». I knew that John had send it.

В школе этого не расскажут:  Спряжение глагола dévoiler во французском языке.

IV. Активизация лексических единиц по теме.

Построение семантического ряда.

PI: Christmas Day____________ Р2: Valentine’s Day___________ РЗ: Halloween_____________

celebrate celebrate believed in

a religious holiday roots a nice holiday

come together a letter dress up

are decorated sweat hearts trick or treat

К доске вызываются учащиеся (трое), которые одновременно заполняют семантический ряд. Остальные в это время подбирают приветствия к праздникам, символы которых представлены на доске.

1 V. Прессконференция.

Let’s pretend that PI, P2, P3 have spend a year in America. They have lived in American fami­lies and they know a lot about the holidays in America. Let’s make a round-table.

T—>P1: Tell us about Christmas.

T—>P2: Ask our pupils about Halloween.

T—>P3: Be ready to answer our questions about St. Valentine’s Day.

Учащиеся рассказывают о праздниках, демонстрируя наглядный материал подготовлен­ный ими (a pumpkin, a stocking, greeting cards, balls. )

VI. Чтение.

T: There is a text about another famous American holiday. The name of the text is «Thanks­giving Day».

a) Read the text and find the sentence which gives the main idea of the text.

b) There is a very popular English proverb: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Is it good for this text? If «Yes» prove it with a sentence from the text.


In the USA Thanksgiving Day started as a holiday of thanksgiving four hundred years ago.

A group of European settlers sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to New World. They were looking for religious freedom. Their first winter was very hard and without fresh food half of the colony had died to the end of the winter.

Next spring the Native Americans showed them how to grow corn, how to hunt, how to fish.

Next autumn the pilgrims had a great harvest.

They decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with their Indian friends.

In the following years the colonists celebrated the autumn crops with a feast of thanksgiving for the whole nation to celebrate.

VII. Работа над грамматикой.
T^Pl, P2, P3.

Look the text through. Choose the predicate. Define the V and grammar Tense.

VIII. Употребление времен Past Simple.

T: Speak about the Russian New Year Day (about the history) using the predicates from the text.

PI: In Russia the New Year celebration on the first of January started tree hundred years ago. Before that time they had the celebration on the first of September.

Peter the First was a man who introduced the new tradition.

He sailed across a lot of seas, looking for new ideas. After his trips he decided to celebrate the New Year Day on the first of January.

So the old tradition had died and the Russians celebrated this day on the first of January.

IX. Домашнее задание.

«55 topics» p. 71 «My favorite holiday»

X. Подведение итогов.

American Holidays — тема / топик по английскому языку

Ссылка на русский вариант текста — Праздники.

Every country has its national holidays, but there are also holidays that are common for many countries. New Year’s Day is the first holiday of each new year.

In Russia it is the most popular holiday, but in the West people pay more attention to Christmas. On this holiday we light coloured lamps on our New Year Tree and have a late dinner, we watch TV and go out for a late walk. Everybody gets presents.

In Russia we also have holidays commemorating some important events in our history, for example, Victory Day, Constitution Day. There are also holidays like May Day and Women’s Day. The most important religious holidays are Christmas and Easter. In Russia Christmas is celebrated on January, 7, but in Europe and in USA, on December, 25.

In Great Britain there are also many holidays. Bank Holidays were appointed by Act of Parliament in 1871. They are: Easter Monday, Whit Monday, the first Monday in August and December, 26 – Boxing day. Other public holidays are: Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday and May Day. Pancake Day, Guy Faukes’ Night, St. Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Mother’s Day are tradition holidays.

В школе этого не расскажут:  Спряжение глагола épurer во французском языке.

In USA each state has the right to decide which holiday to observe. The main holiday in the USA is Independent Day, celebrated on July,4. On that day in 1776, the Declaration of Independent was adopted. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It has been celebrated since the 17 th century, when the English colonists decided to celebrate the end of their first year in America and to give thanks to God. Columbus Day on October, 12 commemorates the discovery of America. People also celebrate here Labour Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day. There are many holiday in the world.

Материалы для изучения иностранных языков

American Hol >

I would like to tell you about holidays and traditions in the United States of America. The so-called legal holidays include Christmas, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and others.

Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated on the 25-th of December. On this day Americans celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and sing Christmas carols. Another important tradition is sending Christmas cards. People start sending cards to their relatives and friends early in December. Going home for Christmas is another good tradition. Christmas is considered to be a family celebration and every person must come back home on this day. This means that at Christmas American houses are full of aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives who might not see each other for a year. Americans put up a Christmas tree and decorate it with toys and sweets. There are religious ceremonies at churches on Christmas Day and families usually attend them. The Christmas table is very big. You can see turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, pies and other food. In the morning children hurry to the Christmas tree to look for presents. They hang big colourful socks for Santa Claus to put presents inside. Everybody starts unwrapping presents and thanking each other.

New Year’s Day is celebrated on the 1-st of January but Americans begin celebrating it on the 31-st of December. There is a big celebration in Times Square in New York City on this day. New Year’s Day is not as widely celebrated as Christmas. On January 1 Americans visit friends, relatives and neighbours. There are parties and а lot of food. People watch television together and write New Year’s resolutions.

Martin Luther King Day is celebrated on the third Monday of January. Martin Luther King was a black man who won full civil rights for black Americans. On this day schools, offices and federal agencies are closed.

Memorial Day is on the last Monday of May. On this day Americans honour the memories of their dead relatives. This day is also the beginning of summer. Americans go to relax at the beach or go to the mountains.

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays in America. It is celebrated on the 4-th of July. On this day in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. There are picnics, parades and fireworks all over the country on Independence Day. Americans do not work: they have day-long picnics with their favourite food like hot-dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and others.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated mostly by children and the young. On the 31-st of October they dress as vampires, witches and ghosts and go from house to house saying: «Trick or treat?» People should give them a treat, otherwise the children will play a trick on them.

Thanksgiving is one of the popular American holidays, too. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This holiday dates back to the time when the first settlers, the Pilgrims, came to America. Their first winter was very hard, they had little food. In spring the Indians taught them to plant and grow new crops, hunt and fish. The following autumn the colonists made a great feast for the Indians. At Thanksgiving American families gather and spend this day together. The traditional Thanksgiving food is roast turkey, pumpkin pies, cranberry jelly, ham, sweet potatoes, and other delicious food.

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The United States is a young country, but it has a lot of great old and new holidays that are fun to celebrate.

American Holidays – Американские праздники

There are many holidays in the USA which are celebrated from year to year. American people enjoy having holidays, especially if they are public. During such holidays children don’t go to school and adults don’t work.

Perhaps, the most favourite public holidays in the USA are Christmas and New Year. Christmas season starts on December the 25th and continues till New Year celebrations. Many families arrange parties on New Year’s Eve. It’s also the time of present exchange.

Another important American holiday is Independence Day. which is celebrated every year on July the 4th. This holiday celebrates the day when the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. The exact date was July the 4th, 1776.

Thanksgiving Day is another interesting American holiday. It is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November. At this time in 1621 the Pilgrim Fathers celebrated their first harvest festival in America. Since then Americans always celebrate Thanksgiving to thank God for their harvest. There is one more interesting autumn holiday in the USA. It’s the Day of All Saints, known in the world as Halloween. Children are especially fond of this holiday. It is celebrated on October 31st. Typical Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, dressing up in different costumes, craving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, telling scary stories, etc.

November 11th is Veteran’s Day in the USA. This holiday is dedicated to people who fell courageously in the World Wars. There is one special holiday which is celebrated by Americans on February 22nd. It’s Washington’s Birthday. This day is also known as President’s Day. George Washington was the first president of the USA, so he is dearly respected by American nation.

Перевод топика на русский язык:

В США есть множество праздников, которые отмечаются из года в год. Американский народ любит праздники, особенно если они являются национальными. В такие праздничные дни дети не ходят в школу, а взрослые не работают.

Пожалуй, самые любимые национальные праздники в США – это Рождество и Новый год. Рождественский сезон начинается 25-го декабря и продолжается до Новогодних празднеств. Многие семьи организовывают вечеринки в канун Нового Года. Это также время обмена подарками.

Другой важный американский праздник – это День независимости, который отмечается ежегодно 4-го июля. Этот праздник отмечается в день, когда в Филадельфии была подписана Декларация независимости. Точной датой было 4-ое июля 1776 года.

День благодарения – это еще один интересный американский праздник. Он отмечается каждый четвертый четверг ноября. В это время в 1621 году Отцы-пилигримы праздновали свой первый фестиваль урожая в Америке. С тех пор американцы отмечают День благодарения, чтобы поблагодарить Бога за урожай. Существует еще один интересный осенний праздник в США. Это День всех святых, известный в мире как Хэллоуин. Дети особенно любят этот праздник. Он отмечается 31-го октября. Типичные виды деятельности во время Хэллоуина включают колядования, переодевания в разные костюмы, превращения тыквы в светильник Джека, рассказы страшных историй, и т. д.

11-ое ноября в США – День Ветеранов. Этот праздник посвящен людям, которые мужественно погибли в мировых войнах. Есть один особый праздник, который американцы отмечают 22-го февраля. Это день рождения Вашингтона. Этот день также известен как День президента. Джордж Вашингтон был первым президентом США, поэтому он очень уважаем американским народом.

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