6. Baby Triplets. Rabbit’s friend

Doctor Delivers ‘Baseball Team’ with 3 Sets of Triplets in 6 Weeks

Image source: Chris Malacame

A doctor in St. Louis delivered three sets of triplets within six weeks of each other—something his medical center is referring to as their resident “baseball team.” Dr. Michael Paul of Missouri Baptist Medical Center said delivering that many triplets so close together is certainly a rarity.

“Having three over a six week period of time pushes the limits of what we expect,” Paul told ABC News. “We usually have about one set every three months and have four or five sets in a year.”

Though triplets in general typically involve higher-risk pregnancies, all nine of these children were born healthy, Paul said.

“[The deliveries] went completely perfectly well,” he said. “They had extremely good conditions at birth.”

Not only did Paul successfully deliver all nine children, he also helped the children’s mothers connect during their pregnancies. Jessica Kennedy, Kristen McCloy and Jeri Wright bonded over their special pregnancies after meeting each other through Paul.

Image source: Chris Malacame

“It was so nice to have someone to speak to, to know what they’re going through and to make sure your worries and concerns were not the end of the world,” Kennedy, who gave birth to Reed, Knox and Finn on November 11, told ABC News.

McCloy, who gave birth to Lucas, Emalyn and Colton on November 26, agreed, adding that the nurses at Missouri Baptist Medical Center encouraged the three mothers to find support in each other. McCloy and Wright were neighbors in the hospital while still pregnant, and Kennedy, who had previously met Wright, would come visit the two mothers even following the births of her children.

“You very quickly feel isolated [in the hospital],” McCloy said. “Without that support between the nurses and the other moms, it definitely would’ve made it a much longer and rougher road.”

Wright, who was the last to give birth on December 16, said the emotional support the mothers offered each other was incredibly important in their journeys.

“We really bonded over similar circumstances,” Wright, mom to Finn, Beckett and Oliver, said. “When you’re in that much of an emotional struggle and physical struggle you bond with people who are going through the same thing. Only they truly get it.”

Paul said the camaraderie between the mothers has been beneficial to their experiences.

“It becomes a club,” he said.

The three mothers said they have remained friends and stayed in touch with Paul. The nine babies were even part of a baseball-themed photo shoot, which has been posted to the hospital’s website. The shoot was inspired by the city’s obsession with baseball and the fact that nine players take the field at a time.

“We talked periodically over the course of the pregnancies…about how it was a unique experience and we needed to do something to highlight it,” Paul said.

All of the mothers thanked Paul for making their journey smoother both in and out of the delivery room.

“Dr. Paul is the reason we all made it with a happy ending. Even though we are all triplet moms, he treated us all as individuals,” Wright said. “I can’t speak highly enough about him.”

Making a Really Simple Rabbit Trap

Even in the urban garden Rabbits are a real problem. Many people dislike the thought of shooting or it may not be practical if close to houses so a live trap is a good alternative.

In this instructable I will show how to make a simple and cheap live trap.

Just remember if you release the fluffy bunny then take it at least 5 miles from your house or it will come back!

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Step 1:

A length of wood — Sizes are not critical but should be at least these sizes or the rabbit wont fit in the trap
36 inches — 900 mm x 10 inches — 250 mm x 1/2 inch — 12 mm

В школе этого не расскажут:  Спряжение глагола carencer во французском языке.

Some stiff wire — I used some square mesh left over from a rabbit hutch (irony there)

Some left over scraps of wood laying round the work shop.


Pliers to bend the wire mesh.

Step 2:

How to:

Cut the wooden base to length with the saw, try to make the cuts at right angles so things look neat.

Cut the wire so that you have enough to form a cage round the base about 10 inches square (250mm square) +1 inch to wrap under to fix with the staples In my case that was a length the same as the length of the base + 1 inch at each end (3′ 2″ or 950 mm) this was cut to 10″ +10″ +10″ + 2″=32 » WIDE.

I turned an inch over at the edge at 90 deg to fix under the base with the staples.

Measure 10″ along and fold again at 90 Deg to make the side and top.

Measure 10″ or the width of your base for the top and fold down at 90 Deg for the other side

Leaving 1″ to fold under to fix to the base on the other side of the base.

When you fix the mesh to the base with the staples leave 1 inch over hang at each end.

Step 3:

Cut a section of mesh to fit the back of the cage in my case 10″ x 10″ This is fixed to the cage with some short lengths of wire, string would also do the job as long as it is secure.

A 9.5″ x 9″ door was cut from some scrap plywood. this needs to be fairly heavy so it will close effectively

The hinge at the top is made by drilling a couple of holes and tying some wire through loosely so the door will swing easily.

A small hole at the bottom allows a short loop of wire to be hooked through to make the latch.

Fold the edges of the cage over by 1 inch to prevent the door swinging out — Note the door opens into the cage.

Step 4:

The trigger mechanism was made from some scrap plywood. There are no critical dimensions but you can judge the size I used from the ruler in the pictures.

At the door end the lever catches the wire loop holding the door open

At the other end of the lever a vertical trigger holds the lever down until the rabbit pushed it back whilst trying to get at the food..

This releases the trigger allowing the leaver to flip up. and so releasing the door.

The door drops down sealing the exit and trapping the rabbit in the cage for later disposal.

That’s all there is — Bate the trap with something tempting. Lift the door and snag the wire loop. Set the trigger, I like to ensure it is only just holding the lever so little contact sets it off.

Site the trap some where near the rabbit problem and make sure you check at least daily.

A trapped rabbit may jump around a bit so to prevent it overturning the trap you may like to put a stake each side to keep the trap stable.

Step 5: How the Trap Works

In the attached diagram. When the rabbit tries to reach the bait which is at the back of the cage it has to pass by the trigger.

Pushing past will release the trigger which is only just trapped under the wire and is holding the door open with a lever.

This releases the lever and the door can fall shut. Because the door will not push out and the rabbit can not pull it inwards the rabbit is now trapped.

The door swings closed and is hinged at the top with a simple wire loop hinge through a couple of holes.

Step 6:

As an addition to this general idea of a trigger and bait you can build a trap from any box or washing basket etc.

The trigger mechanism is slightly different but just a modification of this design as in the attached drawing.

Getting a wild animal out of here can be difficult though unlike the cage trap so be warned. Also trapping native birds may well be illegal where you live so check up on it.

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Также , мы несем полную отвественность за выполнение обязательств, указанных в договоре . Кроме того, нас связывают официальные отношения с нашими партнерами по проведению платежей — системой QIWI , «Яндекс-Деньги» , VISA , MasterCard , WebMoney службами отправки посылок EMS , USPS и Сhina Post. Все это подтверждает серьезность наших намерений и гарантируют нашим клиентам честность всех сделок, проводимых на сайте.

Все проводимые на сайте операции являются прозрачными. Наши клиенты всегда могут отследить историю своих заказов, а также проверить отправку посылки по трекинг-номерам. В случае возникновения проблем все вопросы можно решить, обратившись в службу поддержки клиентов по телефону 8 800 100 58 39 (звонок с любого телефона России бесплатный) , а также через форму « Задать вопрос ».

* для сроков обозначенных данным знаком для заказов отправленных с 23.11.2020 г. по 31.12.2020 г. следует считать гарантированный срок доставки 45 рабочих дней.
Это связано с увеличением контрольных сроков доставки международных почтовых отправлений в период наступающих Новогодних Праздников.
Заранее приносим извинения за доставленные неудобства!

Разрешение споров и претензий регламентируется п.8 Соглашения об оказании услуг .

Вступает в силу с 19.09.2020 г. Редакция от 01.11.2020 г. .

The baby rabbit with no rabbit friends :(?

A couple of weeks ago my sister asked for a rabbit on her birthday, she promised to take care of it but however doesn’t. She is even to scared to touch it!

So now I basically clean, feed and play with the baby rabbit which is 6 weeks old and is male.

We have a good sized garden so it runs around allot however it is troubling me seeing it caged in its hut alone.

My mother is not fond of pets so she will not allow two rabbits.

Its really troubling me and probably the rabbit that it cannot play with its own kind!

I don’t know what to do, please help?

I only want the rabbit to be as happy as possible!

I want to let it free but I know that is bad for the rabbit

Big Brothers Race FAST With Triplets!

Now that we finally have a third car to play with, there is so much fun to be had! I love how much fun they all have together!

We are a young Australian couple raising our six beautiful children aged 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1! That’s right.. with the surprise addition of our sweet baby triplets, we had six children in three years!
Life can be pretty hectic sometimes, but it’s also A LOT of fun!

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