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My Favorite Bedtime Story

Every night when I was little, my mother would read me a bedtime story.
My favorite story was Tom’s Midnight Garden.
This was a story by Philippa Pearce.
It was quite a long book, and it took quite a few nights for my mother to read the entire book to me.
In Tom’s Midnight Garden Tom moves to the city to stay with his aunt and uncle.
He is very bored at their apartment.
They have no children, so Tom has nothing to do.
One night, the clock strikes thirteen times.
Tom knows that this is impossible.
A clock can only strike up to twelve times.
He sneaks downstairs and goes outside.
When he gets outside, there is a wonderful garden that wasn’t there the day before.
The next day, Tom goes outside and finds that there is no garden.
The garden only seems to appear at night.
Every night, Tom slips out to this wonderful garden, and he meets some people in the garden.
He meets a girl named Hattie.
Hattie and Tom become very good friends in this garden.
Some very strange things happen in this book.
There are some coincidences that keep you guessing about what is really going on.
The surprise ending is wonderful.
I really enjoyed Tom’s Midnight Garden and I was very sad when my mother and I came to the end of the book.
I felt that I had visited the magical garden with Tom.
It is a book that I will remember all of my life.

Baby Storytime: Favourite Lap Bounces

For the third post in our baby storytime series, I’m sharing my favourite lap bounces. Make sure to check out the rest of the posts in the series!

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I do a few lap bounces every baby time. Usually in the middle, after we’ve sung our hello song and done a few fingerplays and tickles. Here are some of the early literacy tips I give for lap bounces:

  • If your baby is up for it, try turning them so they face you as they bounce. This allows them to watch your mouth as you sing so they can see how you form the sounds and words that make up your language.
  • Bounces are a great way for children to feel the beat with their entire body in addition to hearing the rhymes. A steady beat is reminiscent of their mother’s heartbeat, a sound that provided them comfort in the womb.
  • Walking, running, and dancing all require the body’s ability to keep a steady beat. So by doing lap bounces with your baby you are getting them ready for this later developmental stage.
  • Lap bounces allow us to be close to our babies by holding them on our laps and giving them hugs and cuddles. This is a great chance to build a positive, loving relationship with your baby which is the foundation for learning.

And here are some of my favourites!

This one is so simple – perfect for when you have a group of new babytimers. When my niece was 2-years-old she always used to say, “bumpy road!” whenever we went over a part of the road that jostled her in her stroller. Proof that this one works!

To the tune of “Shortnin’ Bread” this one is catchy. I sing it three times through – pants, shirt, and hat. I always encourage caregivers to sing this one daily to establish a getting dressed routine. The best is when I hear them singing it on their own when they are packing up baby to leave the library.

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This one is so fun! The caregivers love it and sometimes we do it multiple times throughout the babytime. A lot of people in Vancouver take transit, so I encourage them to sing it while riding the bus.

A classic! There’s a second verse I started doing where you tip babies to the side and sing, “One wheel’s off and the axle’s broken, one wheel’s off and the axle’s broken, one wheel’s off and the axle’s broken, won’t you be my darling?” We also have a winter version of this song and a space version too!

It’s fun to take an old classic and adapt it for babies. Most of the caregivers know the words and tune to this one – we just made it more fun!

If I’ve got a group of particularly active or rambunctious babies, I always do The Grand Old Duke of York. Sometimes bouncing just isn’t enough and the babies want to be lifted. For younger babies, I recommend just moving their arms or legs up and down.

This one also combines bouncing and lifting, but it is less well known than the Grand Old Duke. I still think it’s lots of fun and a great one to introduce to babytime groups who are ready for some new material.

Want more lap bounces? Check out our YouTube playlist or our Pinterest board.

What are your favourite lap bounces for baby storytime? Let us know in the comments!

Triplets Make Five: An Enemies to Lovers Secret Baby Romance

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Tantor Audio
Published: 2020-12-18
Length: 5H 31Min
ISBN: 9781541445680

Similar books

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A Story of Triplets: 1 Baby, 2 Babies, 3 Babies

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Delivering Triplets at Emory University Hospital Midtown

Triplets at the Emory University Hospital Midtown NICU

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Дорогие англичане помогите мне пожалуйста с заданием. А то я немецкий изучал.

1. Mrs Jones had … .

a. trio b. a treble c. triplets

2. Mrs Vine had had … the week before.

a. quarts b. quads c. a quartet

3. Twins often seem to … a generation.

a. hop b. skip c. jump

4. There was a case of … twins in our town recently.

a. Japanese b. Chinese c. Siamese

5. There’s a … of twins in our family – on my father’s … .

a. story b. geography c. history

d. tree e. side f. line

6. I was … child, though.

a. an only b. a missing c. a single

7. All the members of our football team are related … marriage.

8. When Mother remarried, her second husband, my …, gave me a new bicycle.

a. forefather b. stepfather c. grandfather

9. He said to me, ‘Look, I know you’re not my own …, but let’s be friends.’

a. flesh and blood b. blood and guts c. skin and bones

10. My … originated from a tribe of Red Indians.

a. ancestors b. ancients c. antiques

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