37. Baby Triplets. The best Christmas present

Лексические упражнения по теме Сhristmas

Английские упражнения по теме Рождество – Christmas exercises – помогут вам узнать о том, как празднуется Рождество в Британии. Выполнив предложенные Christmas exercises, вы закрепите лексику по теме РОЖДЕСТВО. На сайте также есть упражнения про другие праздники.

Christmas Exercises with answers.

Exercise 1. Find the right answer.

1 What are the most popular Christmas colors after green and red?

a. red and yellow b. silver and gold c. white and black d. orange and violet

2. What food is often left out for Santa?

a. nuts b. a pudding c. a turkey d. cookies

3. What is the most popular treetop ornament?

a ball b. an angel c. a star d. a cracker

4. How many pipers piping did my true love give me?

a. 11 b. 12 c. 10 d. 6

5. Which country (on territory of which country) started the tradition of exchanging gifts?

a. Germany b. China c. Egypt d. Italy

6. Which state of the USA has a city named Santa Claus?

a. Indiana b. Louisiana c. Maine d. Colorado

7. What colour is Santa’s belt?

a. red b. white c. black d. no belt at all

8. Who are Santa’s little helpers and toy builders?

a. elves b. hobbits c. Jawas d. Munchkins

9. What is the name of the red-nosed reindeer?

a. Scroodge b. Rudolph c. Ernie d.Snowy

10 When is Boxing Day?

a. January 1 b. December 31 c. December 26 d. December 25

Exercise 2. Give short answers.

  1. Do you celebrate Christmas?
  2. D >

Exercise 3. Find the odd one out. Try to explain your view.

  1. Dasher, Prancer, Comet, Vixen, Cupid, Dunkan
  2. Wreath, candy canes, bells, lily of the valley, fir tree.
  3. Mashed potatoes, brandy butter, Christmas ham , mince pies, stuffing
  4. Hanging paper bells, nativity scene, Christmas tree, crackers, paper kittens
  5. Holly, ivy, oak, mistletoe, Poinsettia

Exercise 4. Insert the verbs in the past form.

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, the 24th of December. It (1) __________ a nice day. At first my friends and I (2) _________carols in the streets. Then in the evening I (3) _________a Christmas stocking by the fireplace and (4) _________ to bed. At night Santa Claus (5) ____________. He (6) ___________ presents into the stocking. In the morning I (7) ___________ cool roller skates in the stocking.

Exercise 5. Write in the prepositions in, on, at.

  1. British people celebrate Christmas ___ the 25th of December.
  2. Yesterday Sally got up ___ 6 o’clock.
  3. Chris and Molly had a Christmas party ___ the21 st of December
  4. We decorated the Christmas tree ___ the evening.
  5. I got a Christmas card ___ Monday.
  6. The children found a lot of presents ___ the morning.
  7. We are going to the museum ___ January.

Exercise 6. Write the sentences.

  1. you / Did / a cake / at Christmas / make / ?
  2. sister / magazines / every / My / day / reads / Christmas.
  3. on / to the Christmas party / The children / Saturday / went /.
  4. the 25th of December / you / on / Christmas /celebrate / Do / ?
  5. Molly / are / and / crackers / now / pulling / Rick.

Ответы к упражнениям на тему Рождество.

1 – b, 2 – d, 3 –b, 4 – a, 5 – d, 6 – a, 7 – c, 8 – a, 9 – b, 10 — c.

Exercise 2. Your own answers

  1. Dunkan – is not one of the Santa’s reindeer.
  2. Lily of the valley is not a symbol of Christmas
  3. Mashed potatoes – is not a traditional Christmas food in the UK.
  4. Paper kittens are not traditional Christmas decoration.
  5. Oak – is not a Christmas plant

Was, 2 sang, 3 hung, 4 went, 5 came, 6 put, 7 found

1 on, 2 at, 3 on, 4 in, 5 on, 6 in, 7 in

  1. Did you make a cake at Christmas?
  2. My sister reads Christmas magazines every day.
  3. The children went to the Christmas party on Saturday.
  4. Do you celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December?
  5. Molly and Rick are pulling crackers now.

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Здравствуйте, очень нравится ваш сайт. Лексические упражнения просто чудо. Очень заинтересовал вопрос How many pipers piping. Ответ нашла в Рождественской песне.Только там ответ 11.

The Best Christmas Songs of All Time

What are the best Christmas songs ever? Holiday songs are without a doubt incredibly popular year after year, and some songs have remained classics for decades. The best Christmas carols and songs manage to capture the spirit of the holidays and tap into our nostalgia, making us sing along despite ourselves. Who hasn’t burst into a little «Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer» once in a while? That’s what this list is all about: the greatest Christmas songs. Vote for your favorites, add any that are missing, and have a wonderful, happy, holly jolly Christmas, everyone.

Holiday songs can be traditional Christmas carols like «O Holy Night» and «Oh Come All Ye Faithful» or they can be more modern, rocking versions of classics like Bruce Springsteen’s version of «Santa Claus is Coming To Town.» There are also great country Christmas songs and remixed versions, like Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s version of «Little Drummer Boy» (as well as not-so-great worst Christmas songs). And yes, not to be left out of the mix, there are also some pretty solid hip-hop/rap Christmas songs. Examples, you say? How about Run D.M.C.’s «Christmas in Hollis» or Kanye West’s «Christmas in Harlem»?

The best Christmas songs often come from brilliant best Christmas albums, too. Case in point: Mariah Carey’s «All I Want For Christmas Is You» became a staple holiday song after it’s release in 1994, as part of Carey’s Christmas album, titled appropriately enough, ‘Merry Christmas.’

From the traditional best Christmas carols to the more modern, this list includes the greatest holiday songs ever sung. Feel free to rerank this top Christmas songs list anyway you want. Pa rum pa pum pum!

What are the best Christmas songs of all time? From classic Christmas songs to popular Christmas hits, take a look here and see for yourself.

Задания по английскому языку на тему «Рождество» (Christmas) для детей

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию дидактический материал по теме «Рождество», который можно использовать не только на уроках английского языка, но и на внеурочной деятельности.

Как давно всем известно, 25 декабря — дата католического Рождества. Какие традиции и обычаи Рождества, какие дарят подарки на Рождество, работают ли новогодние магазины на Рожество в Британии об этом мы писали Вам раннее.

  • Прочитать подробнее о Рождестве в Британии в материале «25 декабря — Рождество«.
  • Подарки, которые принято дарить на Рождество в Великобритании.
  • «Новогодние магазины круглый год / Christmas shop» и «Огни рождественских елок в США и Лондоне».
  • Чем отличается Дед Мороз от Санты Клауса

Подборка 1. Пригласительные открытки по теме «Рождество» на английском языке

Подборка 2. Кроссворды по теме «Рождество» на английском языке

  • Кроссворд по английскому языку на тему «Рождество» с ответами (1)
  • Кроссворд по английскому языку на тему «Рождество» с ответами (2)
  • Кроссворд по английскому языку на тему «Рождество» с ответами (3)

Подборка 3. Ребусы по теме «Рождество» на английском языке

  • Рождественский ребус на английском языке

Нижеприведённые ребусы на тему «Рождество и Новый год» (Christmas and New Year) представлены в двух вариантах. Ответы на ребусы написаны под картинками.

Robbie Williams — The Christmas Present скачать торрент

Альбом: — Год выхода: 2020 Жанр: Pop Длительность: 90 мин Рейтинг на сайте:

1. Winter Wonderland
2. Merry Xmas Everybody
3. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
4. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
5. Coco’s Christmas Lullaby
6. Rudolph
7. Yeah! It’s Christmas
8. It’s a Wonderful Life
9. Let’s Not Go Shopping
10. Santa Baby (feat. Helene Fischer)
11. Best Christmas Ever
12. One Last Christmas
13. Coco’s Christmas Lullaby Reprise

1. Time for Change
2. Idlewild
3. Darkest Night
4. Fairytales
5. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
6. Bad Sharon
7. Happy Birthday Jesus Christ
8. New Year’s Day
9. Snowflakes
10. Home
11. Soul Transmission
12. I Believe in Father Christmas (Bonus Track)
13. Not Christmas (Bonus Track)
14. Merry Kissmas (Bonus Track)

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The Chatwins Christmas Special 2020 Triplets First Christmas Opening Presents

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