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‘All the most beautiful things, God will bring to you. Wish you a happy 50th birthday.’

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Born in 1967, a legend at 50.

May today the upcoming years be filled with a lot of happiness and fun. Enjoy your 50th birthday to the fullest.

2. Perfect happy 50th birthday quotes

You had had 50 years doing awesome things. Wish you next 50 years full of luck to complete other wonderful things.

3. Looking 50 is great if you are 60.

Happy birthday to the most fabulous 50-year-old I have ever known.

4. Forget your age, remember memories, enjoy life.

Age doesn’t matter at all. What matters is the way you bring us unforgettable memories. That is the biggest gift.

5. Feel amazing, as today is your day to smile.

You are forever young at heart. I love to see the beautiful smiles on your face. Do know you that your smiles can bring others happiness?

6. We love you to the core.

Happy 50th birthday. I wish you good health to continue to live for more 50 years.

7. You can still do what 20-year-old can do.

Wish you a strong power like an elephant, a beauty like a flower and a happy life like a king/queen. Happy 50th birthday quotes.

8. 50 is only 14 in Scrabble.

Today is your 50th birthday, that 50 number is big, and that is the perfect thing to celebrate this special day even bigger than ever.

9. Nothing is stopping you from being naughty and nifty.

Today you have got more wrinkles on your face. But they don’t matter as long as you keep smiling. Just be happy and enjoy your 50th birthday.

10. You’re not old, you’re mid-century modern.

You are 50 now, meaning you had had 50 years to figure out what is important and what matters in your life. I wish you next 50 years for you to complete your to-do list, all your dreams come true.

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11. You know you’re getting old when happy hour is a nap.

Time flows quickly as a nap. Now that you are 50, I have 10 years more to say happy your 60th birthday.

12. Always loved, forever missed.

If your life were a cup of water. You had drunk a half. But do you know most people’s lives were not even a cup of water?

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You are the youngest 50-year-old I know. Wish you have the happiest birthday with lots of gifts.

14. I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true.

50 is the perfect age to do something most awesome. Just go for it and astound everyone. All you do is just successful.

15. We proud of you because you have graceful cleared all the previous stage.

You now have 10 years left to accomplish your dreams before you reach the 60th age. Everything is going to be beautiful. Happy 50th birthday.

16. An age filled with pride to treasure with family and friends.

Whether ext years are the best years of your life, it depends on how you feel about getting old, happy or bored. The choice is yours. Happy birthday.

17. Try sending the process through Congress.

Look back what you have collected and experiences over the past days. Time flows, people change, memories don’t. Happy birthday.

18. Not old classic.

At this age, illness is unavoidable, but as long as you live with a positive mind, you will always find happiness. Happy birthday.

19. Let me be the first to congratulate you.

The best way to live your life to the fullest is to forget completely age and just remember all happy memories. Happy birthday.

20. 50 as dazzling as ever.

Don’t be afraid of age, because the new chapter of your life is opening. Enjoy it to the fullest.

21. Wishing you safety, happiness and wealth.

You are now 50, but nothing is going to stop you being naughty and happy. Life is yours to live.

22. Happy 50th birthday, husband!

I don’t even dare to imagine one day without such a wonderful husband like you in my life. So be with me until the end of life. Happy birthday.

23. At 50, you have had 50 years to acquire 50 miles of wrinkles.

At the age of 50, you are not strong and active enough to do great things as the teenager. But you can do a great thing, that is smiling and live to the fullest of your life.

24. People couldn’t wait until you turned 50 to make jokes about your age.

You have lived to the half of human’s life. Congratulations for reaching this age so far. Wish you walked further.

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happy birthday 50 messages on card

You are a beautiful flower among thousands of other flowers. Keep blooming and lighting the whole garden. Happy 50th birthday.

26. Now we can round your age up to 100.

Wish you had all the sweetest things in the world and continue to keep smiles like this when you turn 100.

27. It’s the big FIVE O.

Welcome to another new chapter of your life. To be continued is way more fun. Wish you the best on the next chapter of your life.

28. It is never too late to grow up and stop being stupid.

As you grow older, you become more gentle and understanding. Just be stupid if you like, nothing is going to stop you from being naughty.

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The only thing that hasn’t changed about you is your love for people. That’s all I want from you. Happy birthday.

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Do you still remember how excited you were on your 10th birthday? So now you should be excited 5 times as much as that moment. Happy birthday.

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Tomorrow is a great day because it is the second day in your 50th age. A lot of sweet things are waiting for you. Go and achieve them.

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You did turn 50 already? I am even happier than you on your birthday because I am younger, hehe. Happy birthday.

33. 50 brings new skills.

Be prepared for pains and aches later because you are old now. Anyway, I am jealous of you because you have new skills – laughing, sneezing, coughing and peeing at the same time, haha. Happy birthday.

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Wish you the happiest birthday today. Just appreciate all you have now because you don’t have much more to celebrate at your old age.

35. My warmest wishes for your birthday.

Time flies if you spend with the people you love. Everything can change but our love for you.

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36. Wish you a very happy birthday.

Let this day is the most memorable day of your life. Enjoy your 50th birthday and aim for 100.

37. Think you have started a new life with 50 years of experience.

Happy birthday to the one who taught me that being positive about age is worthy because age is just a number.

38. God has made you amazing, inspiring and irreplaceable.

Happy 50th birthday. Try to stay awake to enjoy your full party, oldie!

39. Still awesome at 50.

Living with you is the best motivation for me to go on achieving success and try more and more. Thank you and happy birthday.

40. Have a day filled with magic and love.

Happy birthday to you my friend. Be ready for your 100th birthday. I thank God for you every day.

Happy Triplets Birthday!



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Hm. The 39th? Season 4

Happy Triplets Birthday! is the Season 3 finale in Gumbapedia Fanon. Ask in the comments if you want your OCs here. This is also an upcoming hour-special episode made by RC (or NiuuP) .


It’s the Nuttels triplets’ birthday! And the Wattersons and their friends want to make this special. with some help!


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Martha
  • Mabel
  • Purriana
  • Lexy (Debut)
  • Roxanne (Return episode)
  • Allison
  • Barney
  • Cobby Jr.

Minor Characters

  • Annabelle (somewhat a bigger role)
  • Chris
  • Jill
  • MeeMee
  • AiAi
  • Crypto
  • Rayona
  • Beckie
  • Conny
  • Lilly
  • Pac
  • Billy
  • Monica
  • Audrey
  • Jake
  • Volt
  • Doug
  • Skull
  • Skye
  • Matt
  • Nicole
  • Adrienne
  • Anais
  • Richard
  • Fireball
  • Aguilera
  • Yarnball
  • Budur (Mentionated)
  • Fangy
  • Hot Dog (somewhat a bigger role)
  • Sullvan Dog (Flashback)



(Episode starts with the Nuttels in their house, doing different things)

B a r n e y : Come on people! It must be perfect! Martha, what’re you doin’?

Mar tha : (While putting a placard) Ughs, it’s so hard. Some help?

B a r n e y : C’mon, princess, isn’t so hard as ya’ think!

Mar tha : I gonna forgot I’ve saw this.

(Scene changes with Allison doing the cake.)

A l l i s o n : Where’s the powdered sugar? (looks in a cupboard and found a bag with powdered sugar) Gotcha! (puts the powdered sugar on the cake and with a mini vacuum takes the sugar excess) Perfect.

B a r n e y : Kids, put the presents!

(Annabelle and Cobby Jr. look confused)

B a r n e y : They’re in the attic!

A n n a b e l l e and C o b b y J r .: Oh.

Planing a surpirse trip

(Scene changes in the Wattersons’ house, when Darwin, Purriana and Mabel were talking)

Gum ball : (comes in) Hi guys! What are you three doing?

Ma b el : Oh hi, Gumball! We were talking about a big suprise party to Cobby, Caroline and Andy.

Darwin : I think they’ll gonna have a big suprise!

Gum ball : That sounds like somethin’ fun! Anyway, what will we get to ’em?

Gum ball , Darwin , Ma b el and Pu rria na : Hmmm. Good question.

(Lilly, Conny and Anais comes in)

Co n ny : Hiya! Watcha’ doin’?

Pu rria na : Oh, we just thought what we should do for Caroline, Cobby and Andy for their birthday tomorrow.

Co n ny : Tomorrow’s their birthday?! I didin’t know that! You must tell me!

Darwin : Anyway, what should we do for them?

Pu rria na : Oh, we can do some camping!

Li lly : That’s not a good idea. Remember last time I went to camping with Andy, Cobby Jr. and Anais?

(Flashback shows when Andy, Anais, Cobby Jr. And Lilly were at camping and Anais was poking on a beehive)

C o b b y J r .: Um, are you sure we should do that?

An a is : O’ course! If you poke the hive like this, you get the honey faster. (pokes on it more and the beehive falls down on the mark and bees comes out of the hive) Uh-oh..

A n d y : RUN! (they scream and runs away, while the bees chases them)

Li lly : And we stayed home three whole weeks.

An a is : Yeah, it was really dumb.

Co n ny : How about we go to the amusement park like that time with Mabel, me and Cobby, right. Mabs?

Ma b el : Mm. yeah, but it didn’t go so well, don’t you remember?

(Flashback with Cobby, Conny and Mabel in a roller coaster’s top)

Ma b el : I have a bad feeling about this.

Co n ny : Come on, Mabs, it’s gonna be EXTREME!!

C o b b y : (looks down and covers his eyes with his hands) I can’t watch!

Co n ny : Here it comes! (the roller coaster goes super fast and Cobby and Mabel scream, while Conny screams of joy)

Co n ny : Yeah, I remember now. I’m just saying that to impress. (blushes, because he wants to impress Caroline)..them

Pu rria na : How about doing a birthday party at Chucky Domino’s?

Darwin : No, one time was really disgusting.

(Flashback with Caroline, Darwin and Sullvan eating pizza, suddenly Sullvan start to cough)

C a r o l i n e : Hey Sullvan, what’s wrong?

Sullvan : (coughs and hit below his neck) Nothing, I just have a pizza piece in my throat. (coughs)

Darwin : Don’t ya’ worry! I’ll help ya’! (does the Heimlich Maneuver and he coughs up the pizza piece on the table)

C a r o l i n e : (almost pukes) Sorry, I gotta go to the bathroom. (runs to the toilet)

Co n ny : (blushing while looking up in the ceiling and thinking about Caroline; he whispers) She’s cute!

Darwin : Conny, why are you staring at the ceiling? That’s right!

Bec kie : (comes in) Hi everyone. I heard that you’re talking about Andy’s, Cobby’s and Caroline’s birthday.

Darwin : How do yo know?

Voice from Beckie’s hair: Oh hi! (Martha’s head appears)

Bec kie : You were the voice which told me this?

Pu rria na : We dunno what to give them.

Bec kie : (thinks) Hmm.. Oh I got an idea!

Bec kie : There’s a really big festival for the legendary people in Japan and it’s very spectacular. Later in night, there’ll be fireworks on the sky and everybody later goes to the Daiyamondo to wish.

Darwin : That sounds great!

An a is : But how are we suppose to get tickets to it?

Bec kie : Well, I have tickets to everyone! (shows all the tickets)

Ma b el : How did you get them?!

Bec kie : My aunt Cass who lives in Tokyo came in a visit and gave me these, in case if I want to visit Japan. Meh, I have no use for it so I decided to give them to you. I have a ticket to Gumball, Darwin, Mabel, Caroline, Andy, Cobby, Conny, Lilly, Anais, Martha.

Bec kie : . Audrey, Rayona, Purriana, Cobby Jr., Monica, Billy, one ticket for myself, of course! and three left I dunno to who to give them.

Ma b el : I know! You can give them to Roxanne, Annabelle and Lexy!

Bec kie : Who are they?

Ma b el : You’ll meet ’em tomorrow!

C a r o l i n e : (comes in With Andy and Cobby) Hi, guys!

The others: (with a tone as they didn’t discussed anything) Hi.

A n d y : As you guys now, tomorrow’s My, Caroline’s and Cobby’s birthday!

Gum ball : We have something really special for you three! (Angrily, Mabel punches him, knocking him out`)

C a r o l i n e : Really? Tell me, TELL ME!

Bec kie : We don’t wanna miss the surprise!

C a r o l i n e : Oh, sorry.

C o b b y : And I hope Martha didn’t. Eh, I was born at 11:27 pm. I was really a big head.

Mar tha : Ye’, I’ll never forgot my little bros’ birthday.

C o b b y : Anyways, see ya’ tomorrow. (goes away With Caroline and Andy)

Ma b el : ‘K, here’s the plan, first, we do a surprise party and give them the tickets to Japan and later we go there together With Roxanne, Annabelle and Lexy.

Co n ny : That’s a good plan. I’m in!

Gum ball : Me and Darwin are in!

Bec kie : Me and my sister are in!

Ma b el : Well, let’s go then!


(Later at the Nuttels’ home)

B a r n e y : Ally, did you remember that the triplets were born at 11:20 pm? Cobby was very hard to get out and you were in a cesarean for 7 minutes.

A l l i s o n : Oh, yes, I remember.

(Flashback 14 years ago at the hospital)

Doctor: Congratulations, Mr. Nuttels! It’s another boy. He was really hard to get out.

B a r n e y : FINALLY (throws his fists into the air and starts celebrating) Do ya’ heard this? Two girls and three boys!

(The doctor left moments later to check on the baby, and Barney sat beside Allison’s bed, eagerly waiting for her to wake up and give her the good news. She finally started to come to her senses a few seconds later. She moaned and turned to her husband.)

A l l i s o n : (weakly) Ba… Barney? What… what happened?

B a r n e y : (overly excited) Good job, honey. You did it! The third’s a boy!

A l l i s o n : (smiles faintly) A boy…

(A tear went down her cheek as her husband held her hand in his. Just then the doctor returned with the baby wrapped in a blanket. Allison sat up slowly, still feeling weak.)

Doctor: Mr. and Mrs. Nuttels… I present to you… your son.

(He handed their little bundle to Allison, but as soon as they saw their son their smiles disappeared and were replaced with expressions of shock and disgust. The baby was a Cocker Spaniel, just like his mother and older triplet siblings, but for some reason his head was compressed into the shape of a sphere.)

A l l i s o n : (barely believing her eyes) What the heck happened to him?!

Doctor: Well, when he came out he had the main head vein tied around his cranium, which is why the delivery was so difficult and needed a long cesarean. It must have been like this from the start of your pregnancy for it to have affected his cranium this much. I’m sure it’ll return to its normal shape as he starts to grow, but just to be safe I’d like to keep him here under observation for a few days. And you better stay too, ma’am.

(The doctor had to leave again for a few minutes, and Allison and Barney examined the baby in front of them.)

A l l i s o n : Well, just because he’s a little less perfect than I imagined, it doesn’t mean I’m going to love him less…

B a r n e y : And he does have your eyes! (Allison giggles with that remark. He picked up his son and lifted him up over his head.) My boy!

A l l i s o n : We still have to name him.

(Just then Martha, Frank, Linda, Gertrude and Harry came in.)

Mar tha : (Approaches by the bed) He’s so small!

B a r n e y : How shall we call him?

Mar tha : Ooh, can I do it? You’ve already named the first two! I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and I have the perfect name!

A l l i s o n : OK, then.

Mar tha : You shall be named… Cobbert Louis William Nuttels III!

A l l i s o n : (almost appalled) ‘Cobbert’? Don’t you mean ‘Robert’?

Mar tha : No, I mean ‘Cobbert’! ‘Cobby’ for short. And that’s a fine name! Papa told me ’bout Great-grandpa and Great-Great-grandpa and they had the same name.

Frank: Good job Marty! I hope you’ll name the next baby if you want.

Mar tha : No, Abuelo. I think it’s enough.

B a r n e y : Oh, come on! That’s a perfect name! Isn’t it, Ally?

(Allison sighed at how stubborn her husband, daughter and parents-in-law were, but she didn’t have the strength nor the patience to deal with that right now, so she just let them have that one. )

A l l i s o n : Fine… but if the other kids laugh at him it’s your own fault! Now let me hold him! (She stretched out her arms and Barney handed her son to her. Even though he was a tad deformed, he was still an adorable little baby. And perfect in his mother’s eyes. She smiled at her child and held him even closer.) Cobbert… It actually is an adorable name. (She and Barney smiled)

More Preparing Than Telling

(The gang, except Andy, Caroline and Cobby enter)

Mar tha : Hi mom, Hi papa! What are ya’ doing?

A l l i s o n : Nothing, hun. Just talking about the triplets’ birth. Mostly about Cobby’s.

B a r n e y : Anyways, have you kids a good idea for a present for ’em?

Gum ball : Well, we decided to give them three tickets to Japan and we’re all gonna watch the festival there.

B a r n e y : Erm. I’m not really sure.

C o b b y J r .: What are you meaning, dad?

A l l i s o n : What your father is trying to say, it’s that we’re not sure that we should let you go to Japan.

A n n a b e l l e : Oh, come on, mom! We really want to go there! We all have tickets!

B a r n e y : Alright. But do you promise to not meet any stranger?

A l l i s o n : And do you also promise to not get lost there?

The gang: We promise.

B a r n e y : Good. And let Martha and Conny be the leaders, because they’re the oldest.

Co n ny : Yeah, you heard Barney, guys!

Mar tha : (suspicious) Let’s do it. From where did ya’ find Papa’s name?

Caroline: (comes in with Cobby) Hi!

The others: (sorta hidden-reason tone) Hi.

C o b b y : We heard you were talking something about Japan.

C a r o l i n e : So, what’s it?

Ma b el : Eerm. We just talked ’bout how spectacular this country is.

Gum ball : Yeah, and how good the food is. Like sushi!

Darwin : (angry) WHAT?!

C a r o l i n e : Oh, anyway, we’re gonna meet Andy at the park now.

C o b b y : See ya later. (They go away )


Gum ball : Dude, listen! I’m sorry, but we must say something so they’ll go away and don’t know about the surprise.

Darwin : (suspicious) Hmm. Okay, I got it.

B a r n e y : Anyway, will you kids help me with the birthday party tomorrow?

Day X: Party Presents

B a r n e y : Okay, Ally, Purriana, Rayona and Mabel, you take the cake. Junior, Annabelle, Anais and Lilly, you take the presents. Darwin, Martha, Beckie, Gumball and Billy, you take the decorations. The others have to keep away from Caroline, Andy and Cobby. Understand?

The others: Yeah!

A l l i s o n : Well, let’s do this!

(At Elmore Food N’ Stuff; Gumball, Beckie and Darwin are looking for decorations while Martha is scattering over the shelves to find some decorations. Then, they all just had an idea as they joined Martha; the people passing by them are confused)

Bec kie : Martha, what do you know what the triplets want?

Mar tha : Well, Caroline likes anything fuchsia. Andy likes sports, and Cobby likes anything we choose for his birthday.

Darwin : How about this? (Shows a real butterfly in a jar, Martha screams and jumps on Gumball’s arms) Guys, you’re not getting married.

Bec kie : (giggles while searching) Maybe something who’s not alive. (shows up a banner that stands «Happy Birthday!») Oh, maybe this!

Mar tha : Great! And now we need something fuchsia to Caroline.

Bec kie : How about this? (shows fuchsia balloons, balloons that look like footballs and other colors and forms of balloons)

Gum ball : That’s great!

Mar tha : But we still need some more things.

Darwin : Yeah, good point.

Bec kie : Well, let’s search after more stuff.

(Meanwhile at the T&T (Toys & Things), Junior, Anais, Lilly and Annabelle are searching for the triplets)

An a is : So, how do you two know what the triplets want?

A n n a b e l l e : Well, Andy like sporty stuff, Caroline like anything fuchsia and Cobby like anything what he gets in his birthday.

Li lly : I heard that Cobby like anything what’s math and stuff. So I’m gonna give him a science book.

C o b b y J r .: No, he’s got many, many science books. Buy him, like, for example, a mini-computer! I should give Andy a brand new football, because his other one was popped.

An a is : I should give Caroline new fuchsia shoes.

A n n a b e l l e : Great! Now, we can search other stuff for their birthday.

(At the Nuttels’ home, Caroline’s cake’s frosting is strawberry)

Ma b el : So, Mrs. Nuttels, are you done with Caroline’s cake now?

A l l i s o n : Yes, but I have one problem.

A l l i s o n : Well, after I have done with Caroline’s cake, I have no ingredients left for doing Andy’s and Cobby’s cakes. And can you girls go and buy ingredients to Cobby’s and Andy’s cakes? (gives them 100 dollars)

A l l i s o n : Thank you, you girls are very nice. You are indeed perfect for my little men.

Ray ona : But I’m not even dating them!

(In the Nuttels’ front yard, Billy, Monica and Conny are looking so that Caroline, Cobby and Andy are not coming)

Co n ny : So tell me, why are you here, Billy?

Bil ly : Well, first, I don’t wanna really search for decorations and second, I must look after my sister, so she doesn’t do anything stupid.

Co n ny : Oh. (sees Caroline, Cobby and Andy) Shh! Don’t say anything about the surprise party! Okay?

Billy and Monica: (nods) Hmm!

Co n ny : (goes to Caroline, Cobby and Andy, who was going to open the door) Hiya there, guys! Whatcha’ doin?

C o b b y : Well, we should just open the door.

Bil ly : But, your parents said that you should get fresh air and go around Elmore for a while.

A n d y : Well, he said it so, we can go to Elmore Food N Stuff or Toys N’ Things, just to check on our birthday gifts.

Mon ica : Oh, yes! Great idea! (whispers to Conny and Billy) Remember, don’t tell them!

Bil ly : (whispers to Monica) Sis, I already knew that.

(At Elmore Food N stuff, Rayona,Purriana and Mabel are searching for ingredients)

Ma b el : Okay, Mrs. Nuttels said that we should get eggs, flour, milk and other things. And she said also that Cobby’s favorite is chocolate and Andy’s is vanilla.

Pu rria na : Wait, are we supposed to hide ourselves from the triplets?

Ray ona : Why do we need to hide from them? (Purriana points to the triplets who are at a distance)

(The triplets passes by them and they stop)

C a r o l i n e : Guys? What are you doing here?

Ma b el : Oh, nothing! It’s just we’re. uh. looking around.

Pu rria na : Yeah, it’s because for. our cooking competition.

Ray ona : We are competing each other. Just walking around.

(Caroline becomes suspicious after seeing a piece of paper Mabel was holding)

C a r o l i n e : What’s that?

Ma b el : Oh, uh. We’re looking for groceries, yeah. Mom. assigned us.

C a r o l i n e : Okay? (the triplets walk away confused)

(The three pop out from the full shopping cart)

Ma b el : They’re gone. Let’s do this before the party starts! (they start running to their shelves)

(Purriana runs to the shelves and grabs all the ingredients then puts it on the shopping cart)

Ma b el : Come on! To the service aisle!

(At the service aisle)

Bil ly : Hey, kids. What can i help you?

Mabel: Quick, we need to go home and celebrate the triplets birthday!

Billy: A birthday party? Oh, memories, i remember when i-

Purriana: Not now! We need to go!

(At Martha, Beckie, Gumball and Darwin)

Martha: Okay, we need to go to the service aisle fast!

(Again, at the service aisle)

Gumball: Billy! Quick, we need to go to the Nuttels home to celebrate the triplets birthday party!

Billy: You too? Well, i-

Darwin: Not now! We need to go fast!

Billy: (to himself) Why must everyone be so rude here?

Happy birthday!

(Later at the Nuttels home)

Barney: So, have you kids gathered everything now?

Barney: Okay, Mabel, Ally, Purriana, and Rayona, bring the snacks, Beckie, Gumball, Martha and Darwin, decorate everything, Cobby Jr. Anais, Lilly and Annabelle, make the presents, Conny, Monica and Billy, don’t let Caroline,Cobby and Andy in and I’ll call everyone.

Darwin: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s do this party!

(Montage shows everyone doing what they are supposed to do)

(At Conny, Monica and Billy )

Conny: (to Caroline, Cobby and Andy) So, what shall we do now?

Cobby: Well, we can go in now. Se ya later!

Monica: (thinking) Oh no! They’re gonna go in! What am I gonna do! (a butterfly flies on a flower and she gasps) Look! What a beautiful butterfly! I think it’s a rare one!

Cobby: (looks at it) Hmm. It is! This one is from long time ago and it can change colors any minute.

Conny: (whispers to Monica) Great there, Monica! (to Cobby) So, why can’t we take a picture of it?

Caroline: A great idea! But we don’t have a camera.

Conny: Well, you can take a picture of it with my phone! (gives his phone to Cobby) I’ll just send it to you later.

Cobby: Thanks! (takes some pictures of it) Here you go! (gives back the phone to Conny)

(Conny’s phone start to ring and Conny sees it’s Barney)

Conny: Um. It’s my dad, stay here. (Conny answers it and goes to the back yard) Heyyy, dad!

Barney: (on the phone) Dad?! Who are you talking to?

Conny: (whispers) Sorry, sir! But I lied that my dad called me, so that they wouldn’t grow suspicious.

Barney: Oh, okay. Anyways, I wanna say that we are done now, you can let them in and the others are coming soon.

Conny: (in a relief and whispers) Good. They’ll start to become suspicious.

Barney: Tell them that they can go in now. Bye!

Conny: Okay, bye. (ends the phone call and goes to the front yard) Hey, sorry for the long wait! Let’s get in now!

(The triplets shrugged and Conny opens the door. As the triplets enter in, Conny turns on the lights, showing the decorations, even the cake)


(The triplets become shocked)

Caroline: (speechless) WOW. Is. is this for us?!

Gumball: We planned this all for you, guys. Happy birthday!

Cobby Jr.: Yep! Happy birthday! (punches Andy) Happy birthday! (punches Cobby) Happy birthday! (high fives with Caroline)

Andy: Ow! What was that for?!

Cobby Jr.: Nothing. Just my way to say happy birthday.

Andy: Why didn’t you punch Caroline instead?

Caroline: (annoyed) Want me to punch you?!

Cobby Jr.: Bro, she’s a GIRL. Respect them please!

Caroline: (blows a raspberry)

Annabelle: (jumps up and down) Ooh, ooh! Can I punch you guys??

Martha: No, no. That’s bad, Annie.

Andy: (drops his jaw) Is that. our cakes?!

(The triplets then approached the table that has their cakes on it)

Cobby: (sniffs) I smell chocolate!

Andy: Yeah. (sniffs)

Allison: I’m sure you’re surprised. (giggles) Any reactions?

You’re Beautiful Ins >Last modified: May 30, 2020

Your significant other’s birthday is coming up and you need to come up with the perfect birthday greeting for them. It should definitely be something that’s unique and custom to their personality. You don’t want to give someone you care about a generic birthday greeting that you just used for your grandma’s birthday. It needs to feel as if it’s as one-of-a-kind as they are.

If your baby is the fun-loving type, a witty, humorous greeting would be perfect. If they are more of a romantic, a greeting that’s more emotional and touching would be more appropriate. Find a greeting that’s complimentary to their way of being. This will win you some major points in the significant other department. We’ve collected the very best birthday wishes that you can add a personal touch to, giving your special girl or guy a memorable and special birthday.

Romantic Wishes for your Baby

  • I wish I could write a beautiful poem, but I’m not a poet. I wish I could sing you a song, but I’m definitely no singer. I wish I could buy you the largest diamond in the world, but my pockets aren’t deep. I wish I could love you with all of my heart, and that I do have. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful girlfriend and the most beautiful human being I’ve ever met.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who puts the sweet in sweetheart and the gorge in gorgeous! You are the most incredible person I’ve ever met. I hope you enjoy your big day.

I love you so much. Happy Birthday!

  • “You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll tie a lasso around it and bring it down for you.” Happy Birthday to someone I would go to the moon and back for.
  • I just want you to know that you had me at hello. Happy Birthday! I am so thankful I have someone like you in my life.
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world. I hope your birthday is the most phenomenal day and your year is the best one yet.
  • Happy Birthday, to someone I admire, appreciate, respect, and love. May your day be as incredible as you are! Happy Birthday, Baby!
  • Best Wishes to someone amazing, awe-inspiring, beautiful, courageous, divine, elegant, fantastic, gorgeous, and hot! I hope you have the very best birthday! Now let’s get this party started!
  • Ι love you and hope you have a very special birthday! I hope all of your wishes get granted and come true! Happy Birthday, Baby!

Happy Birthday, Baby!

  • You are my treasure. You are my life. If I could grant your every wish desire, I would without a blink of an eye. May this year bring you an abundance of good fortune and happiness! Happy Birthday, Baby!
  • Best Wishes to You on your special day. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday and are surrounded by the love and appreciation of your family and friends. Happy Birthday, Baby!
  • Happy Birthday to someone that’s the peanut butter to my jelly and the cheese to my macaroni! May you have the best day ever!
  • Best Wishes on your special day! You still know how to make my heart skip a beat and my stomach flip flop. I hope your day is as amazing as you are!
  • You are more beautiful than any rose and you shine brighter than any star! Happy Birthday to someone I hold close to my heart. May your day be phenomenal!
  • If I could be there in person to wish you a happy birthday I would in a heartbeat! Alas, that day will come soon enough. For now, I just hope you have the most incredible birthday and get plenty of cake and ice cream and have all of your wishes and dreams come true!
  • Happiest of birthdays to the apple of my eye. I want you to the have the best birthday—and the greatest year yet!
  • You are the sun on a rainy day and the butter on my popcorn! I hope your birthday is a smashing success and we end up talking about it for years to come! Happy Birthday, Baby!

Funny & Teasing Wishes for your Baby

  • You age like a delicious mozzarella or robust merlot. The older you get the more beautiful you become. Happy Birthday.
  • If Doc Brown drove up to me in the time machine and asked me to travel back in time with him, I would ask to go back to the most important day in the world, the day you were born! The day the world became a little more brighter and happier! Happy Birthday to someone as ‘far out’ as you! Oh and the store was all sold out of flux capacitors I hope what I got you will be okay!
  • Happy Birthday! I’m still surprised they haven’t turned your birthday into a national hol >

I get an Electric Shock when I see you. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday from your better half. I think this next year will bring some fantastic things our way.
  • God Bless you on your special day. A birthday comes but once a year so let’s celebrate! Get his part started! Happy Birthday.
  • It doesn’t matter what I’m doing or where I am, you are always on my mind. Happy Birthday to my wonderful, caring, beautiful girlfriend.
  • Happy Birthday to someone that’s so sweet she attracts bees! I hope your birthday is buzzworthy!
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. You are getting kind of old and a little gray too! Happy Birthday to someone special—I am so happy I get to annoy you for the rest of my life!
  • Happy Birthday to someone hilarious and beautiful—ins >

Happy Birthday, Babe!

Sweet Birthday Wishes For Her

  • Best Wishes to my girl! I hope your day is sunny and full of love and laughter!
  • Happy Birthday to the best girlfriend in the world. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I am so lucky to be able to call you my girlfriend!
  • You are the most incredible, positive, and uplifting person I know! I can’t wait to be able to celebrate your big day with you. I am looking forward to the fun times ahead!
  • This new year is going to bring some awesome things and I am thrilled to be going on this journey with you. I hope your birthday is awesome and you have plenty of laughter and love!
  • Happy Birthday to my beautiful girlfriend! I hope you have the greatest birthday and time with your friends. My heart is yours now and forever!
  • Bring it on! Knock this next year out of the park! You are one-in-a-million and I hope you have the best year yet.
  • Happy Birthday to someone that’s amazing, incredible, beautiful, intelligent, and funny! You are my everything and I hope you have a wonderful day.
  • Laughter, love, and everything in between! May you have the happiest birthday on the face of the planet!
  • Happy Birthday to someone that completes me. You are my better half. The world is a whole lot brighter and more beautiful with you in it!
  • The most stunning sunrise in the world doesn’t compare to your beauty when you rise out of bed in the morning. Happy Birthday to the greatest girlfriend on the planet!
  • Cheers to being another year older and wiser! Just like a fine wine or aged cheese, you just keep getting better and better with each passing year! Happy Birthday my love!
  • I am so happy that I get the privilege of sharing my life with someone as incredible as you! Your laughter is infectious and your smile is contagious. Happy Birthday to my one-in-a-million girlfriend.

It’s all about Love!

Read the best love quotes of all times.
Click on any of the links below:

  • You’re an amazing woman and I am so incredibly proud of you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday surrounded by love, laughter, and plenty of cake!
  • Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! If I could lasso the moon and bring it down for you along with all the stars I would!
  • May your birthday be as bright and as brilliant as you are! Happy Birthday, baby!
  • You are a wonderful person inside and out. I hope you celebrate and enjoy your birthday to the absolute fullest! Cheers to a new year!
  • May this year bring you incredible success—both personally and professionally! Happy Birthday, Baby!
  • “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” especially on your special day! Happy Birthday to you from me! Put on those dancing shoes and let’s hit the dance floor! We will have the time of our lives!
  • Happy Birthday! May all your wishes and dreams come true this year. I hope this is your best year yet!

«Baby, Happy Birthday» lyrics

Train Lyrics

«Baby, Happy Birthday»

I came to make it right
I know it was your birthday
now I do remember
But these days my mind ain’t right
Maybe it’s the pressure, think you can forgive me

Don’t over think it baby
Doesn’t mean that I am falling out of love

Don’t you think that I,
Wish that I could be somebody else sometimes
someone to depend on,
I don’t know what’s wrong with me
Don’t you think that I,
Wish that I could be somebody else sometimes
Someone that would never forget your birthday

I bet your family
never wanna see me,
sisters wanna knee me

Most times I think they’re right
whistle in my memory
away just like a melody

And what was that alibi
Think what it’s like to be me
Before you leave me

Don’t you think that I,
Wish that I could be somebody else sometimes
someone to depend on,
I don’t know what’s wrong with me
Don’t you think that I,
Wish that I could be somebody else sometimes
Someone that would never forget your birthday

When I met ya,
you were looking for a sunny day,
a little bit of fun
and a whole lot of running away

And now you’re looking at somebody
That you would love to change

Don’t you think that I,
Wish that I could be somebody else for you
someone you could count on
What is taking so long
Don’t you think that I,
Wish that I could be somebody else sometimes
someone that would never forget your birthday
Baby, happy birthday


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