17. Baby Triplets. What a nice sandcastle!

Who Are The Song Triplets And Why Are They So Popular?

Even those who don’t want to have babies can’t deny that these little humans have their moments; maybe that’s why the variety show Return of Superman was created. It’s been running for five years now and has featured the cutest children of Korean celebs.

The most famous kids, though, are hands down the Song triplets: Daehan, Manse, and Minguk. They appeared on the show from 2020 to 2020. Their dad, Song Il Gook starred in the K-drama Jumong.

The boys are this big now:

But when they were much younger, they were *this* adorable:

Are you curious about the triplets or miss their RoS days? Here are their cutest moments!

Success K > 1,636,292 8 208 65

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Success Kid, sometimes known as I Hate Sandcastles, is a reaction image of a baby at a beach with a smug facial expression. It has been used in image macros to designate either success or frustration. In early 2020, the original image was turned into an advice animal style image macro with captions describing a situation that goes better than expected.


The original image was taken by photographer Laney Griner of her then 11-month-old son Sammy on August 26th, 2007. She posted it to both her personal Flickr account [1] and put it up on Getty Images [6] , which has since been removed.


As early as January 2008, users on social networking sites like MySpace [3] began incorporating the photo of Sammy into their profiles, either as their avatar or as part of the page’s layout. It was often paired with the phrases «Ima Fuck you up» [2] or «I Hate Sandcastles»

In May 2008, the image was made freely available on image hosting site Pyzam.com [4] with a second child photoshopped in to the background. It was reposted on humor sites Damn Funny Pictures [8] and Daily Haha [9] the next month. This version was part of a photoshop thread on Russian-language social news site Yaplakal.com [5] on June 4th of that same year.

Advice Animal

One of the earliest Success K >[10] As of February 2020, there are over 66,000 instances of Success K >[11] , nearly 300 on MemeGenerator [12] , and over 3000 results on the Advice Animals subreddit. [13]

In July 2020, the single topic blog on Tumblr called Fuck Yeah Success K >[14] was started and collections of these images were posted to humor sites Pleated Jeans [15] in July 2020 and Uproxx [16] that November. There is also a category for Success K >[17] and Memebase [18] and a Facebook [19] fan page with over 4000 likes.

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Kidney Transplant Crowdfunding Campaign

On April 8th, 2020, Griner launched a crowdfunding page on GoFundMe [25] to raise money for her husband Justin’s kidney transplant (shown below).

On April 13th, The Daily Dot [32] published an article about the crowdfunding effort, which included an email from Griner in which she revealed her husband «spends 12 hours a week in a dialysis clinic.» On April 15th, Redditor IrishProf [26] submitted an article about Griner’s campaign page to the /r/UpliftingNews [25] subreddit, where it gathered more than 3,900 votes (85% upvoted) in the the first 24 hours. In the coming days, many news sites published articles about the GoFundMe campaign, including Time, [27] E! Online, [28] Today, [29] IB Times [30] and Metro. [31] Within one week, the page reached over $88,000 of its $75,000 goal.

Various Examples

Success Kid in Advertising

In February 2020, British media company Virgin Media recently began running billboards featuring a mirrored version of Sammy’s photo. The advertising campaign was covered by New Rising Media [20] and the Daily What. [21]

Griner later confirmed via Flickr that she did get paid for use of the photo and he would also be appearing in Vitamin Water commercials in the United States in 2020.

White House Tweet

On June 19, 2020, the @WhiteHouse [33] Twitter feed tweeted a Success Kid image with the caption «Pass Immigration Reform Save Taxpayers $897,000,000,000» (shown below).

Other Pictures

Laney Griner has continued to post photos of Sammy on her Flickr [7] through the years. Many have been shared on Reddit [22] , Blame it on The Voices [23] and the Daily What. [24]

Babysitter a Day with Triplets

Описание для Babysitter a Day with Triplets

Your day could evolve easily into a disaster if you are not handling this challenge right, but if you know how to approach babysitting these triples you might become a specialist. Have an interesting experience and go through some activities with all three of them in order to complete your tasks as a good caretaker. Take responsibility in your hands and start this game with the part where you will enter into the beach to play with the kids. You have to verify each need and once you are taking care of one baby you will continue with the others. Build a sand castle, decorate it, dig in the sand, let them play with the ball and try to do all sorts of things that you could do by the beach. Once this step is done, move further to the feeding part because the kids will be hungry after some hours in the sun. Make sure you will fulfill the requests they made in the matter of food. Just because they are triplets doesn’t mean they will want the same meals, so get them what they wish. The following step includes activities in the playing room and here you will be assembling some puzzles, or matching the shapes in the right holes. You will also stimulate their creativity by painting and coloring lovely pictures. After all these tasks you will have one more thing to do: find a nice look. Use your instincts of a fashion designer and create diversified or even the same outfit. Add cool accessories, funky t-shirts or a cute overall.

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Need to take a look at these game’s features because they are specially designed for you:
— Simple gameplay
— Be a babysitter for baby triplets
— Multiple activities to accomplish
— Free for playing
— Beautiful clothing items to use and accessories
— Having fun in different spaces
— Build a sand castle and design the outside look
— Prepare a variety of meals for each baby

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Doctor Delivers ‘Baseball Team’ with 3 Sets of Triplets in 6 Weeks

Image source: Chris Malacame

A doctor in St. Louis delivered three sets of triplets within six weeks of each other—something his medical center is referring to as their resident “baseball team.” Dr. Michael Paul of Missouri Baptist Medical Center said delivering that many triplets so close together is certainly a rarity.

“Having three over a six week period of time pushes the limits of what we expect,” Paul told ABC News. “We usually have about one set every three months and have four or five sets in a year.”

Though triplets in general typically involve higher-risk pregnancies, all nine of these children were born healthy, Paul said.

“[The deliveries] went completely perfectly well,” he said. “They had extremely good conditions at birth.”

Not only did Paul successfully deliver all nine children, he also helped the children’s mothers connect during their pregnancies. Jessica Kennedy, Kristen McCloy and Jeri Wright bonded over their special pregnancies after meeting each other through Paul.

Image source: Chris Malacame

“It was so nice to have someone to speak to, to know what they’re going through and to make sure your worries and concerns were not the end of the world,” Kennedy, who gave birth to Reed, Knox and Finn on November 11, told ABC News.

McCloy, who gave birth to Lucas, Emalyn and Colton on November 26, agreed, adding that the nurses at Missouri Baptist Medical Center encouraged the three mothers to find support in each other. McCloy and Wright were neighbors in the hospital while still pregnant, and Kennedy, who had previously met Wright, would come visit the two mothers even following the births of her children.

“You very quickly feel isolated [in the hospital],” McCloy said. “Without that support between the nurses and the other moms, it definitely would’ve made it a much longer and rougher road.”

Wright, who was the last to give birth on December 16, said the emotional support the mothers offered each other was incredibly important in their journeys.

“We really bonded over similar circumstances,” Wright, mom to Finn, Beckett and Oliver, said. “When you’re in that much of an emotional struggle and physical struggle you bond with people who are going through the same thing. Only they truly get it.”

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Paul said the camaraderie between the mothers has been beneficial to their experiences.

“It becomes a club,” he said.

The three mothers said they have remained friends and stayed in touch with Paul. The nine babies were even part of a baseball-themed photo shoot, which has been posted to the hospital’s website. The shoot was inspired by the city’s obsession with baseball and the fact that nine players take the field at a time.

“We talked periodically over the course of the pregnancies…about how it was a unique experience and we needed to do something to highlight it,” Paul said.

All of the mothers thanked Paul for making their journey smoother both in and out of the delivery room.

“Dr. Paul is the reason we all made it with a happy ending. Even though we are all triplet moms, he treated us all as individuals,” Wright said. “I can’t speak highly enough about him.”

«Sandcastle Disco» lyrics

Solange Knowles Lyrics

Who would’ve known, the wind and the sunshine
Would oh baby, baby
Build up these walls of mine
And I can’t see you or breathe you
Cause there’s trouble right beneath you
It’s all in the night
But oh baby, baby
Come pick me up in your ride

I’m a cool low Jane
with the skip on my feet
I play tough as nails
With my heart on my sleeve
I’m nothing but a sand castle
Baby don’t blow me away, away

Baby I know, you do that to all the girls
You know that I’m fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, don’t blow me away
Baby I know, you do that to all the girls
You know that I’m fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, dont blow me away

Who would’ve known, the storm of my past time
Would oh baby, make me
Losing the song of the eye
And I can’t believe you or read you
Cause there’s pleasure in your preview
It’s all in your eyes
But oh Mr. Dj, baby
Can you meet me outside

You’re an old school dude
With the kick on ya shoes
You’ve got groove in ya hands
The way you spend those tunes
I’m nothing but a sandcastle
Baby don’t blow me away, away

Baby I know, you do that to all the girls
Baby I’m fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, don’t blow me away
Baby I know, you do that to all the girls
You know that I’m fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, don’t blow me away

Ooh, and just like the ocean
Lays right there behind me
Look over my sandcastle
And there’s a sight to see
Don’t blow me away
Don’t blow me baby

Ooh baby I know, you do that to all the girls
You know that I’m fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, don’t blow me away
Baby I know, you do that to all the girls
You know that I’m fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, please don’t blow me away

Away, away
Away, away
Away, away

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