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The Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats
Use the Cheat Console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C. Input the cheat code testingcheats true.
Cheat Code Result
sims.get_sim_id_by_name Get the pregnant Sim’s ID
pregnancy.force_offspring_count Force the amount of babies your pregnant Sim will have. Make sure you don’t go over 7 because the limit is 8 Sims per household.
sims.add_buff buff_Pregnancy_InLabor Make Any Sim or Ghost Appear Pregnant
sims.add_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester1 Make Any Sim or Ghost Appear Pregnant in the First Trimester
sims.add_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester2 Make Any Sim or Ghost Appear Pregnant in the Second Trimester
sims.add_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester3 Make Any Sim or Ghost Appear Pregnant in the Third Trimester

I did the Offspring count, wanted triplets (so my number was 3) but I only got twins. I might not have done it right, but at least I got multiples.

133 Adorable And Zealous Baby Names For Triplet Girls And Boys

Table Of Contents:

Pregnancy is one of the life changing moments for both mother and father. But when you’re informed that triplets are on the way, you get a shock as well as a pleasant surprise. Because triplets mean triple the joy, triple the number of names, and triple the confusion.

Before you start scavenging the internet, looking for the perfect set of names, have a look at MomJunction’s list below. We’ve got a whopping 133 name combinations for your triplets. To make it more fun, we’ve connected all the names thematically. Take a look!

3 Boys Triplet Baby Names:

Animal Inspired Names For Triplet Boys:

If there are animals you are particularly fond of, or you identify with, you can use them while naming your children. Animal baby names, one of the forms of nature baby names, came into the mainstream just a few years ago and have stated themselves quite clearly. Below are some animal inspired name combinations you can consider for your sons.

  1. BuckDracoHawk (male deer – dragon – eagle)
  1. ArthurBennoCallum (bear – bear – dove)
  1. PoeRaoulRosamund (peacock – wolf – horse protector)
  1. FoxFalconFinch (fox – eagle – to swindle)
  1. CalebJonahKai (dog – dove – hen)
  1. CorbinHectorBraden (crow – horse – salmon)
  1. RowelOrsonAuberon (young wolf – bear cub – bearlike)

Superhero Names For Triplet Boys:

With so many superhero movies on the horizon, how about picking one for your triplets? Superheroes are kind, strong, and powerful, traits which we want our boys to grow up with. We’ve shortlisted some of our favorite superhero names for triplets. Zoom on!

  1. BillyBruceBritt (resolute protector – thick brush – man from Britain)
  1. CharlesClarkDarcy (warrior – scholar – dark one)
  1. DiegoGordonHank (he that replaces – spacious fort – ruler an estate)
  1. HarveyJayKal (battle-worthy – to rejoice – strong)
  1. LexLoganLois (defender of man – woody hollow – pious)
  1. MattMaxOliver (gift of the Lord – greatest – olive tree)
  1. (If you don’t mind naming your children after the bad men) LokiElijahJonathan (to break – God is YAHWEH – God has given)

Triplet Boy Names Inspired From Sports:

Sports stars and athletes are wonderful inspirations behind triplet baby names, especially for boy triplets. So if you and your spouse are into sports, you can take baby name inspiration from your favorite teams or sports players. And don’t forget to choose strong and sporty nicknames as well. Think about Eldrick (Tiger) Woods or Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson.

  1. DedrickDelvinDonnell (power of the tribe – godly friend – world mighty)
  1. JesseJockJordon (gift – God is gracious – flowing down)
  1. GarrawayGeorgeGriffith (spear fighter – farmer – strong chief)
  1. KeaneKenwayRodrick (fighter – loyal fighter – famous power)
  1. TobinTorranceVarden (God is good – little hills – green knoll)
  1. (For the cricket lovers) DonWilliamRicky (great chief – resolute protector – great ruler)
  1. (For basketball fans) BryantBarkleyBlake (strong – birch valley – son of lake)

Rockstar Names For Triplet Boys:

Are you a die-hard fan of rock stars or pop princesses? Then why not pick creative and rocking names of music artists of the yesteryears? Today, music is affecting not only our culture but also our naming choices more than ever. So, get a pen and paper and make a list of your favorite musical artists, bands, and songs. Here’re a few of our favorites.

  1. AbelAlvaroApollo (breathing – army of elves – manly)
  1. LarsDylanCooper (victorious – son of the sea – barrel maker)
  1. KurtKeithJimmy (wolf – wood – supplanter)
  1. AxelDieselJett (father of peace – fuel name –mineral name)
  1. GunnerJaggerLennon (battle strong – carter – little cloak)
  1. PeteMichelFrank (rock – who is like God – free one)

Greek God Names For Triplet Baby Boys:

Renowned poet and scholar Robert Graves stated that there are three primary functions of mythology – answering the awkward questions asked by kids, justifying the existing social system, and accounting for their traditional customs and rites. But there’s a fourth function as well. Having shaped literature and art for thousands of years, the characters from Greek mythology are influencing baby-naming patterns as well. We’ve listed a few of our favorite Greek gods inspired baby-naming patterns below!

  1. ZeusApolloHermes (three of main Olympians) (God – manly beauty – pile of stones)
  1. AjaxAresCastor (eagle – the Greek God of war – beaver)
  1. TheseusPoseidonProteus (to set – God of sea and ocean – a sea God)
  1. AdonisAtlasDamon (handsome – to endure – to tame)
  1. DionysusPan– Leander (of Zeus – shepherd – lion man)
  1. PaulPolluxTroilus (humble – very sweet – Trojan)

3 Girls Triplet Names:

Similar Sounding Or Rhyming Names For Triplet Girls:

One of the best ideas for triplet baby names is the use of similar or rhyming names. It may sound a bit cheeky to some, but we find it utterly adorable. And similar sounding names do not mean that names have to be complete copies of each other. The names have to sound alike, without being another version of the same name.

P.S. If you want to make things super cutesy, purchase matching clothes and toys as well.

  1. LilaMilaElla (night – gracious – dear – beautiful fairy)
  1. AnnabelleMirabelleIsabelle (loving – marvelous – pledged to God)
  1. BlakesleyHaileyCayley (dark wolf’s wood – hay’s meadow – laurel)
  1. AddisonAlisonArieon (son of Adam – noble – silver)
  1. CherylDaffodilAmaryl (darling – flower – sparkling eyes)
  1. DelphineCoralineClaudine (dolphin – strong – enclosure)
  1. GwenHelenAdwen (white – shining light – blessed)

Bird Themed Triplet Girl Names:

What if we tell you could find inspiration for perfect names for your triplets in the sky? Yes, bird baby names is one of the hottest themes of baby names, especially for girls. There are scores of bird names for girls. Some are wearable and mainstream, while others are a bit bold to be used as given names. Let your search for bird baby names for your triplet girls take a flight with our examples below!

  1. RavenRobinMavis (crow – bright – a songbird)
  1. DayaDerynLark (bird of prey – Welsh word for bird – a songbird)
  1. StarlingZipporaAlouette (a type of bird – Hebrew word for bird – lark)
  1. JemimaArletteAvis (dove – eagle – bird)
  1. MerlePalomaRhea (name of a blackbird – dove – name of a flightless bird)
  1. LusciniaLoaLaraline (nightingale – a type of bird – seagull)

Triplet Names For Girls Inspired From Flowers:

Ben Affleck and Meg Ryan may have named their children after flower recently, but it’s far from a new trend. Some floral names date back to hundreds of years. And why not, these gifts of nature are colorful, bright and have dainty and frilly names. While in olden times, floral names were simple and straightforward like Rose and Lily, today we have exotic and whimsical floral names like Leilani and Delphine. Here are few floral name examples for your triplets.

  1. AzaleaRosemaryPoppy (flower – dew of the sea – a flowering plant)
  1. SennaBryonyRosa (a bright yellow flower – to sprout – a flower name)
  1. ZaharaPoseyDahlia (flower – a bunch of flowers – dweller in the valley)
  1. AsterAyanaAmaryllis (star – beautiful flower – sparkling)
  1. HyacinthIrisSusan (plant name – Greek goddess of rainbow – graceful lily)
  1. ZinniaPrimroseCamellia (flower name – flower name – white lily)
  1. MarigoldDaisyHolly (mother of Jesus – Day’s eye – to prick)

Disney Princess Inspired Names For Triplet Girls:

If you wish to give your daughters instantly recognizable names, consider Disney Princess baby names. Since time immemorial, Disney princesses have provided baby naming inspiration to parents. These names are either plucked from historical legends or old fairy tales or were suggested by Walt Disney himself. Here are our tops picks of cute triplet girl names:

  1. AuroraArielAnastasia (dawn – lion of God – resurrection)
  1. GiselleTianaMegara (hostage – thankful – a fury)
  1. MeridaCharlotteElsa (one who has achieved a high place of honor – free man – oath of God)
  1. EsmeraldaEilonwyWendy (the emerald gemstone – invented name – wanderer)
  1. AnnaAliceBella (grace – noble – beautiful)
  1. JasmineMulanAmber (a white flower – magnolia blossom – a jewel)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Names For Triplet Girls:

Several television series and characters have come and gone, but none could touch the hearts as deeply as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s been more than a decade since the series went off air, but the fandom still lives on. So how about displaying the love you have for the show by naming your little girls after the female characters in the show?

  1. MonicaPhoebeRachel (Since these three are inseparable, even in real life) (one – bright – ewe)
  1. EmmaAmyJulie (universal – dearly loved – youthful)
  1. CarolJaniceUrsula (strong – God is gracious – bear)
  1. EricaNoraMona (one ruler – honor – noble)
  1. ChloeCassieCecilia (green shoot – unheeded prophetess – blind)
  1. KimDinaGloria (bold family – avenged – glory)
  1. JohannaAmandaMackenzie (God is gracious – lovable – fair)

Triplet Names for 1 Boy 2 Girls:

A B C Names For Triplets:

Giving your child ABC names is fun, education, and totally gender neutral. But all the names should be gender neutral. You can also decorate the babies’ nursery in the ABC theme. So, no more confusion concerning a gender neutral nursery decoration theme as well. Check out our favorite ABC triplet name combinations below!

  1. AbbottBelindaCharmaine (priest – very beautiful – song)
  1. AdamBetiaCleantha (to be red – house of God – glory)
  1. AdrianBraedynCathia (sea – broad hill – pure)
  1. AceBlitheCarla (one – joy – manly)
  1. AldrichBonnieCim (wise ruler – good – ruler)
  1. AlvinBrittanyCorissa (wise friend – from Briton – maiden)
  1. AustinBrishenChristina (venerable – born during rain – follower of Christ)

Exotic Triplet Baby Names:

If you want unique names with a worldly sound, you must narrow down your search to exotic baby names for triplets. There are several plus points of giving your children exotic names. One of these points is that there won’t be any matching or even similar names in the class. And it’s an excellent way to promote global awareness as well. What more could you want? Below, we’ve listed our favorites.

  1. AriAstaAkila (eagle – tree – intelligent)
  1. EinarAyselAdel (one warrior – moonlight – noble)
  1. LindellSaranNaima (lime tree – joy – tranquility)
  1. CarlosKieraCaressa (manly – dark haired – tender touch)
  1. JuanDarciaChanel (God is gracious – dark – a brand name)
  1. ThaddeusMilagrosInes (heart – miracle – chaste)
  1. MarcusCalitheaElqenna (to harvest – beauty – superior)

Celebrity Inspired Names For Your Triplets:

If you and your partner are creative and want out-of-the-box names for your little ones, you can look into the names celebrities have picked for their babies. Celebs are renowned for picking unique, and sometimes wacky names for their children. But not every celeb craves the spotlight. Some like sticking with classics, take Paul Stanley for instance, who named his daughter Sarah. We’ve got a few unique, yet wearable celeb-inspired triplet name combinations for you.

  1. Knox– TallulahSuri (a hillock – leaping waters – princess)
  1. EgyptSonoraViolet (that oppresses – pleasant sounding – flower name)
  1. MateoBlueMemphis (God’s gift – color name – abode of the good)
  1. OdeNorthRainbow (rich – directional name –rainbow)
  1. UsherSageFuchsia (gate-keeper – wise – color name)
  1. JakeDestrySasha (Supplanter – rides again – defender of mankind)
  1. AngeloAvianaSailor (angel – a blend of Ava and Ana – boat man)

Traditional Names For Triplets:

Since the turn of the century, we’ve seen parents return to old-fashioned names, i.e., names that were popular a couple of decades ago. There could be several reasons behind the sharp increase in traditional names. Perhaps, people have started feeling nostalgic about the good old days or they wish to honor relatives or favorite heroes of those times. The positive part of using traditional names for your triplets is that these names would be familiar with most of the people. So they’d know how to pronounce or spell it. Here are some combinations for your triplets.

  1. AndrewAbigailAgatha (warrior – father of exaltation – good)
  1. BarrettBeatrixBethany (bear power – she who brings happiness – house of figs)
  1. EricEmilyEudora (eternal ruler – eager – good gift)
  1. DanielBarbaraIrene – (God is my judge – foreign woman – peace)
  1. FrederickGraceJulia (peaceful ruler – grace – youthful)
  1. RobertEthelFlorence (bright – noble – son of Gawain)
  1. ThomasNellieMabel (twin – horn – beautiful)
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Royal Names For Your Triplet Babies:

Do you want your children to be thought of as leaders and rulers of yesteryears? Then look back at history and pick names of people who successfully ruled their land. Royal names are classic and traditional since the royal families name their children after their royal ancestors. Check out some cool examples of this theme.

  1. EdwardEleanorElizabeth (wealthy guardian – bright – pledged to God)
  1. ChristianEloiseCatherineEloise (follower of Christ – pure – healthy)
  1. MiguelMariaMaud (Who is like God – wished for child – battle mighty)
  1. HenryLauraDiana (ruler of the state – Laurel tree – supplier)
  1. RichardPatriciaMathilda (influential leader – noble – mighty in battle)
  1. PhilipAlexandraMargaret (friend – defender of men – pearl)
  1. AlastairFedericaVictoria (defender of mankind – ruler – victory)

Triplet Names for 2 Boys 1 Girl:

Nature Themed Names For Triplets:

Nature names have a sense of quietude and serenity, which makes a perfect theme for your triplet. This theme isn’t very sweet or too much in the face and won’t even date in a few years. In the 1970s, Meadow and Sunflower were the most popular nature names, especially among hippies. Today, Brooks, Stone, Acacia, and even Storm are ruling. A few nature inspired names for your triplets are:

  1. BlossomBranchCanyon (to bloom – tree branch – a narrow chasm with steep walls)
  1. BriarBasilBirch (a thorny patch – herb name – tree name)
  1. CoralCypressColt (coral – strong and muscular – caretaker of horses)
  1. FawnDagwoodEaglewood (little young deer – a shining forest – coming from elder wood)
  1. FernForrestFlint (fern plant – flint rock – from the woods)
  1. GingerGarlandGlenwood (ginger plant – a triangular piece of land – a forest in the valley)

  1. OliveOceanusPembroke (olive plant – ocean – Highland area)

Names Inspired From Places For Triplets:

David and Victoria Beckham named their son Brooklyn, where Victoria had conceived. Paris Hilton is another famous example of place names. So why don’t you pick place names for your triplets as well? Most of the names we’re aware of were originally derived from the places in which families lived. So people’s affinity with place names is nothing new. Make a list of places of where you have good memories, like your native place, your favorite city, or place where your baby was conceived. Below are our favorites!

  1. AbileneColumbusEugene (grass, a city in Texas – dove, the capital of Ohio – wellborn, a city in Oregon)
  1. AlabamaAlamoAragon (vegetation gatherers, a place in southern America – poplar tree, a place in Texas – a place in Iberian Peninsula)
  1. BrasiliaBerlinBronx (Spanish name for Brazil – borderline, Germany’s capital – a New York borough)
  1. Adela >[ Read: Outdoorsy Baby Names ]

    First Letter Themed Names For Triplets:

    First letter theme is one of the most common themes when it comes to naming triplets, think about the Kardashians – Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. Just decide on one alphabet that would be the initials for your children’s baby names. We’ve included some examples below.

    1. SophiaSamuelSebastian (wisdom – God has heard – venerable)
    1. AmeliaAlfieAlexander (work – noble – defender of men)
    1. ZaraZacharyZayyan (princess – God has heard – graceful)
    1. PollyPatrickParker (humble – nobleman – park keeper)
    1. MiaMasonMatthew (bitterness – stone worker – gift of the Lord)
    1. TylerTabithaTess (tiler – doe – harvester)
    1. KaiaKaiholoKalil (chaste – moving sea – close friend)

    Intellectual Names For Triplets:

    Intellectual baby names can come from several sources, from the periodic table of elements to the philosopher’s musing. Names of famous philosophers, inventors, scientists, and mathematicians are hot picks. Or think about names of people who’ve inspired you through your life. It could also be your elementary school teacher or your college professor who first recognized your abilities.

    1. AdaAlbertAltman (noble – bright – man who is old)
    1. BerniceDarwin – Leonardo (victory bearer – dear friend – lion)
    1. AnneJohnDavid (grace – God is gracious – beloved)
    1. AbbyAldwinAristotle (my father’s delight – old friend – wise)
    1. JudithClintonFelix (woman of Judea – settlement on a hill – lucky)
    1. ConstanceCorneliusClifford (constant – horn – ford near a slope)
    1. MarthaStuartRhodes (lady – steward – clearing in the woods)

    Month Names For Triplet Babies:

    A brilliant and uncommon place to start the baby name decision-making process is the month of the year your children were born. Below are a few examples for your triplets.

    1. January: JaneJanuaryJanus (God has been gracious – born in January – God of beginnings)
    1. December: DecemberSnow – Rudolf (tenth month – word name – famous wolf)
    1. October: AutumnOctavioOctober (fall – eight – eighth month)
    1. February: FreyaCarwynAsh (lady – blessed love – ash tree)

    Things To Keep In Mind While Naming Triplets:

    We’ve also jotted down a few tips and suggestion to ease the baby naming confusions.

    1. Opt for totally different names:

    You’re under no obligation to select names of any particular type or idea. If you want, you can select entirely different names for your triplets, especially if you feel your children will be compared their whole lives, since they are triplets. So the least you can do is picking different names.

    2. Which name to pick for which baby?

    This one is one of the best first questions parents ask themselves and each other after zeroing on the baby names. We’d suggest let the birth and alphabetical order decide the names. For instance, baby one becomes Alexander, baby two becomes Briana, and baby three becomes Cecily. Or the first born becomes Ethan, the second born becomes Nathaniel, and the third born becomes Rayan.

    3. Honor your family:

    Take out your family photo album or go through the family tree to pick some beautiful, vintage baby names for your child. It’s an excellent way to honor the members of your family. But it also comes with a repercussion, i.e., favoritism. Yes, there are high possibilities that the friend or relative would show preference of one child over the others.

    4. Pick names that have the same level of popularity:

    You wouldn’t want one child to have a super common name like Samantha for one and exotic and creative names for others Zinirah or Kian. This would even lead to a lot of questions from your child in the future.

    5. Practice the names:

    Try out the names before getting them printed on the birth certificates. Remember, you will call out the names uncountable times in the future, yell when angry, and whisper when they’re asleep. So practice it on your friends or other family members and see how they sound. Speak out the names and see if they flow well into one another or not.

    A Few General Advices:

    • Ensure that the rhythm of the first names complements the last names. Call out the first and middle with last names several times to check the swing.
    • Try to avoid letter redundancy between the names.
    • Make sure the number of syllables in the first name does not clash with the number of syllables in the last name. Also, see that the first name does not end with a syllable that rhymes with the first syllable of the last name.
    • Avoid first and last names with the same letters. They often do not sound good together.
    • Both first and last names should not end with a vowel.

    We must have lifted some burden off your shoulders by now. So which of these names would you pick for your babies? And what baby name tips for triplets would you share with our readers? Let us know by commenting below!

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    This Mom Shared A Picture Of Her Baby Bump With Triplets, And It’s Gone Viral In No Time

    September 12, 2020 17:17

    Pregnancy is a truly unique period in a woman’s life. Some remember it as the most special one, while others could barely wait for the baby to be born due to the physiological discomforts and complications.

    There are no two similar people on this planet, so for everyone, it’s an absolutely extraordinary experience.

    This future mom hosts triplets in her womb, and her baby bump is something that may surprise you! 36-year-old Maria is eagerly sharing her journey on Instagram, getting real about the pitfalls of pregnancy.

    Допис, поширений triplets_of_copenhagen (@triplets_of_copenhagen) 10 Вер 2020 р. о 12:33 PDT

    She has a two-year-old son already, now she is getting ready for the scheduled C-section to meet the new members of the family.

    Допис, поширений triplets_of_copenhagen (@triplets_of_copenhagen) 21 Лип 2020 р. о 10:21 PDT

    The woman confesses it is not too easy to “drag around” the 20 kg bump. Considering the petite figure of Maria, the additional weight must be a real challenge.

    Допис, поширений triplets_of_copenhagen (@triplets_of_copenhagen) 31 Сер 2020 р. о 8:11 PDT

    She documented the belly’s growth week to week, creating an amazing set of pictures. The collage seems bizarre to a new mom herself: “It’s strange to have ended up with such a big belly and it’s even stranger that it can stand out like that without falling down!”

    Name Your Fantasy Triplets!

    You’re about to have three imaginary babies—what are their names?

    Last Updated July 11th, 2020

    We’ve named our ideal families. We’ve taken a swing at naming girl twins and girl-boy pairs.

    We’ve even, masters of naming that we are, named quintuplets!

    And now, we’re asking you to name your ideal set of triplets — an easier enterprise in fantasy than it would be in reality!

    What would your perfect triplet configuration be: all girls, all boys, or what kind of mix? And what would your fantasy triplet names be?


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    hmg1204 Says:

    This is hard if I had to choose probably 3 boys and their names would be Colin Toby,August Calvin and Beau Elijah. If I had 3 girls they would be Nova Bronwyn,Isabella Juniper, and Clara Marlow for 2 boys and a girl Kian Andrew,Sawyer Wesley, and Lydia Scarlett for 2 girls and a boy Juliet Sierra,Laia Braelyn, and Dalton Asher.

    ilovenames89 Says:

    Elorah Josephine, Ayla Colleen, Jace Robert

    Keaton Henry, Solomon Jace, Ewan Riley

    Sylvia Gertrude, Madeline Inez, Helena Margaret

    emily_rose Says:

    If it were three boys it would be:

    Frederick Laurence
    Theodore Earnest
    Edmund Carlisle

    I thoroughly love each of those names. The only problem: their nicknames would be Fred, Ted, and Ed… ��

    Three girls would be:

    Lucy Isobel
    Eliza Ruby
    Matilda Irene

    Saffron_Rice Says:

    Nathaniel David
    Susannah Rachel
    Miriam Elizabeth

    Blue_Eyed_Hufflepuff Says:

    Georgia Elizabeth
    Donovan James
    Opal Juliet

    ilovenames89 Says:

    Solomon Jace, Ezra Hartley, Hadassah Margaret

    tree_loves_eth Says:

    Gaia Elizabeth, Astrid Lillian, Opal Maxine

    necb824 Says:

    Girls: Cordelia, Briony & Eden-Marie

    Boys: Walden, Noland & Rowan

    Tina_and_Bert Says:

    GGG: Felicity Estelle, Winifred Esme, Zipporah Elaine
    GGB: Felicity Estelle, Winifred Esme, Aubrey Llewellyn
    GBB: Felicity Estelle, Aubrey Llewellyn, Rufus Becket
    BBB: Aubrey Llewellyn, Rufus Becket, Sterling Jerome

    silverr Says:

    All girls: Harriet Jean, Winifred Alice & Maxine Theodora
    GGB: Harriet Jean, Maxine Alice & Rupert Ezra
    GBB: Charles Finnian, Peter Archibald & Harriet Jean
    All boys: David Augustus, Charles Finnian & Peter Archibald

    racheltheworm15 Says:

    My ideal configuration would be 1 girl and 2 boys, however I have already picked out my favorite G/G/G triplet names! I can’t choose names to go with some of these, so here goes…

    Arden Elizabeth (I forgot to write down the names I liked with this!)

    Madigan Kathleen
    Lachlan Shepherd

    Greer Olivia
    Cadence Raine
    Annalee Merritt

    AliciaDawn Says:

    Girls: Lydia Joy, Bridget Maisie, & Felicity Quinn
    Boys: Gideon Lee, Patrick Scott, & Eli Houston

    Gideon Lee , Felicity Quinn, & Lydia Joy

    JennawithNames Says:

    My ideal set would probably be 2 girls and a boy

    Cora Juliet, Winnie Laurel, and Gideon Rhys

    NEwald Says:

    Boys: Alvin Russell, Everett Glenn, Tyrel Kevin
    Girls: Elizabeth Marie, Abigail Dawn, Dorothy Leigh

    Preferably BBG:
    Alvin Jerry, Everett Glenn and Elizabeth Marie

    kyemsma Says:

    Anna Charlotte, Caroline Grace & James Frederick

    NaomiNY Says:

    I’ll list my ideal names for all girls, all boys, and a mix.

    Johannah Denver (J.D., Jojo, Joey)
    Anna Louise (Anna would be pronounced “AHN-nah”)
    Beatrice Laura (Tris, Bebe)

    Thaddeus John (T.J., Tad, Teddy, Ted)
    Kenneth Tobias (Ken, Kenny)
    Joseph Terrence (Djoser, Joey, J.T.)

    Deryn Maia
    Saoirse Niamh
    Cillian Padraic

    Samuel Eliezer (Sam, Sammy)
    Phineas Llewellyn (Finn, Finny)
    Rebekah Sarai (Rivka, Becky, Beka)

    Sarah Mackenzie (Sally)
    Quentin Roman
    Alice Clara

    Edward Harry (Ward)
    Abigail Ruth (Abbey)
    William Ferris (Will)

    mombenson Says:

    Shea Lavender, Kellan Cyprus, Forrester Remington – GBB

    I honestly think these names go quite well with my actual children Winter, Callum and Lilia!

    ej99 Says:

    BBB: Courtland, Kingston, and Camden.
    GGG: Stella, Luna, and Nova.
    GGB: Reagan, Dallas, and Madden.
    BBG: Ryder, Racer, and Carson.

    iarlondwen Says:

    GGG: Fate, Rarity, Wit
    GGB: Rarity, Wit , Penn
    GBB: Rarity, Alder, Ash or Fate, Ash, Penn
    BBB: Alder, Ash, Penn

    Abby Says:

    GGB: Rosemary Linden Lark, Theodora Schenley Swan, Leif Christopher Clark: Romy, Thora, Leif.
    GGG: Rosemary Linden Lark, Theodora Schenley Swan, Marguerite Davina Dove: Romy, Thora, Greer.

    xMelanie13 Says:

    GGG: Gwynora Blythe, Rosemary Clara & Matilda Delphine
    GGB: Branwen Helena, Carwyn Ambrose & Eilonwy Grace
    GBB: Caoimhe Jane, Connor Flynn & Ciaran James
    BBB: Kodiak Vaughan, Emerson Flynn & Hunter Berkley

    grackym Says:

    Eliza Jane, Nora Adeline and Amalia Eve
    Reuben Alexander, Jonah Benjamin and Lewis Nathaniel

    MillieMM Says:

    My ideal triplet combo would be 2 boys and 1 girl; my partner and I have already picked names out for this combination of children (not being triplets however) so they’d quite possibly be named: Enzo Herbert Anthony, Atticus Terry Phoenix and Octavia Mary Eleanore.

    3 boys would be:
    Enzo Herbert Anthony, Atticus Terry Phoenix and Isaac James McGarrick.

    3 girls would be:
    Octavia Mary Eleanore, Luna Truth Robertina and Elena Sapphire Vivienne.

    2 girls and 1 boy:
    Octavia Mary Eleanore, Luna Truth Robertina and Enzo Herbert Anthony.

    frobskottle Says:

    ohhh triplets, crazy.
    I have a son already, Casper Dennis so to go with him maybe

    Rafferty Christopher ‘Rafi’
    Cornelius Vaughan ‘Cory’
    Herbert Bartholemew ‘Herbie’

    Otillie Elizabeth
    Felicity Sophie
    Cordelia Vivienne

    something I would never do but really giving into my favourite names would leave me with all ‘C’ names!

    Casper Dennis ‘Cap’

    Clementine Celeste ‘Lissy’
    Cornelius Bartholemew ‘Cory’
    Cordelia Vivienne ‘Dilly’

    Pebbles320 Says:

    If I had all boy or all girl triplets, I’d be very tempted to give them all ‘theme’ names for the cute factor, but I’d try and be subtle.

    All boys: Benedict Luther, Edmund Wesley and Rowan Wycliffe
    (all MNs are surnames of Christian reformers; Martin Luther, John Wesley and John Wycliffe)

    All girls: Emmeline Demelza , Octavia Primrose and Beatrix Matilda
    (Emmeline, Octavia and Beatrix are late 19th/early 20th century women who challenged society, Demelza, Primrose and Matilda are all names from books)

    malloree Says:

    GGG: Mila, Stella, Lilla
    GGB: Mila, Stella, Luka
    GBB: Mila, Luka, Finnegan (Finn)
    BBB: Luka, Finnegan (Finn), Rhodes

    elifsu Says:

    GGG: Larissa, Ledenya and Lavinya > L names
    GGB: Alara, Tomris and Bilge > Historical names
    GBB: Ilya, Ilkay and Iklil > I names
    BBB: Yemliha, Mekselina and Mislina > Quranic/Islamic names

    daphneblue Says:

    GGG: Briar Molly / Gwen Emilia / Everly Ruth
    GGB: Everly Ruth / Gwen Emilia / Theodore John
    GBB: Everly Ruth / Theodore John / Robert “Bo” Ryan
    BBB: Theodore “teddy” John / Robert “Bo” Ryan / Henry “Hank” George

    Lo Says:

    Grace Elizabeth
    Lucy Karoline
    Henry Thomas

    OpheliaFlora Says:

    Not necessarily choosing the names on top of my list but the ones I like the most as a trio.
    GGG: Flora, Ada & Rose
    BBB: Arthur, Henry & Frederick
    GGB: Alice, Flora & Hugo
    BBG: Hugo, Arthur & Flora

    Tamparays8 Says:

    Calla Grace
    Brynn Isabelle
    Esme Marie

    Calla Grace
    Brynn Isabelle
    Jude Nathanial

    Calla Grace
    Jude Nathanial
    Theo Jacob

    Jude Atlas
    Theo Jacob
    Finn Elliott

    Maple10 Says:

    Today it would be:

    My French ladies,
    Amelie Mirabelle, Eloise Maple, Genevieve Marigold

    Distinctive men,
    Sterling Wells , Felix Martin, Escher Louis

    Or a combo of the bunch

    mother_dragons Says:

    GGG: Eleanor, Lucy and Willa
    GGB: Lucy, Willa and Caspian
    BBG: Caspian, August and Willa
    BBB: Caspian, August and Julian

    MaeBear24 Says:

    BBB: Sullivan Webster, Theo Adam, Ian Ray
    BBG: Sullivan Webster, Ian Ray, Thea Mae
    BGG: Sullivan Webster, Thea Mae, Hazel Hilary
    GGG: Thea Mae, Hazel Hilary, .

    jo1654 Says:

    GGG: Vivienne Dove, Thea Reverie, Penelope Sloane
    GGB: Penelope Sloane, Vivienne Dove, Liam Michael
    GBB: Thea Dove, Liam Michael, Reid Canaan
    BBB: Liam Michael, Reid Canaan, Zane Cavanaugh

    LittleGypsy Says:

    Three girls would be named Charlotte, Bernice and Gwendolen, and they would be called Charley, Benny and Gwen. I have a completely ridiculous amount of love for those three names together ��

    cyoung325 Says:

    I’d like to have 2 boys and a girl. Middle names are set but first names change all the time. Today my favorites are:

    Thomas Frederick
    Calvin Daniel
    Jane Caroline

    annai Says:

    BBB: Rupert Christopher, Kasper Michael, Nicolas Bartolomé;

    GBB: Rupert Christopher, Matilda Elisabeth, Kasper Michael;

    GGB: Carola Josephine, Evey Ilaria, Rupert Christopher;

    GGG: Carola Josephine, Ilaria Johanna, Romina Joyce;

    vintageisfave Says:

    3 girls-
    Evelyn “Evie” Holly
    Evangeline “Ginny” Hope
    Elodie Heart

    3 boys-
    Theodore “Theo” Atticus
    Kieran Matthew
    Ellis Rainn

    2 boys 1 girl-
    Matthew Reginald
    William “Liam” Ryan
    Matilda Isobel

    2 girls 1 boy-
    Amity Jane
    Willow Anne
    Ryan Yale

    EvangelineLilyPotter Says:

    Jasper Edmund ‘Jazz’
    William Alexander ‘Liam’
    Edward Carlisle ‘Teddy’

    Alexander Tobias ‘Alec’
    Octavius Theodora ‘Otto’
    Elisabeth Thalia ‘Ebba’

    Gabriel Arthur ‘Gabe’
    Rosalind Octavia ‘Rosie’
    Cassia Isobel ‘Cassie’

    Rosamond Esperanza ‘Romy’
    Marguerite Ophelia ‘Daisy’
    Henrietta Isobel ‘Nettie’

    metami43 Says:

    Three Boys: Elijah George, Ezekiel James and Everett Lou

    Three Girls: Marie Louise, Elora Jane and Nora Helene

    B/B/G Elijah George, Ezekiel James and Elora Jane

    B/G/G Elijah George, Marie Louise and Daphne Annavieve

    I also like Annavieve as a first and Ziva….My next boy has always been Elijah.

    LauraJ88 Says:

    GGG: Calliope “Callie” Jane, Francesca “Frankie” Skye and Harriet “Hattie” May.
    BGG: Atticus Colin, Calliope “Callie” Jane and Harriet “Hattie” May.
    GBB: Harriet “Hattie” May, Nathaniel “Nate” John and Theodore “Teddy” Andrew.
    BBB: Atticus Colin, Nathaniel “Nate” John and Theodore “Teddy” Andrew.

    Maevele Says:

    GGG: Caroline Esther Michele, Sabine Leah Daphne and Lula Alice Magdalene
    GGB: Lula Alice Magdalene, Wren Susannah Ruth and Hugo Ephraim Anthony
    GBB: Caroline Esther Michele, Hugo Ephraim Anthony and Lachlan Uriah Craig
    BBB: Hugo Ephraim Anthony, Lachlan Uriah Craig and Beckett Joseph North

    southern.maple Says:

    GGG: Helen, Mary, and Caroline
    GGB: Caroline, Helen, and Samuel
    GBB: Helen, Samuel, and Charles
    BBB: George, Edward, and Arthur

    Mega_Muffin Says:

    GGG: Isobel Theophania, Veronica Seraphine, and Penelope Euphemia
    GGB: Isobel Theophania, Veronica Seraphine, Alexander Zephaniah
    BBG: Alexander Crispin, Dominic Valentine, Isobel Theophania
    BBB: Alexander Crispin, Dominic Valentine, Sebastian Ambrose

    Chloe14 Says:

    BBB: Jonathan Bastian, Judd Harlow and Emilio Reid.
    GGG: Heather Michele, Haley Joelle and Mallory Beatrice.
    BBG: Jonathan Bastian, Judd Harlow and Heather Michele.
    GGB: Heather Michele, Haley Joelle and Jonathan Bastian.

    JustBrowsing Says:

    GGB: Julia Lily, Miranda Joy, Eric Arthur

    tiffanyalana Says:

    Choosing them to go along with my daughter Emrys Zoe, ideally i would have 1 girl and 2 boys.
    Mazarine Luna, Zephyr Jude, Langston Milo

    But in fantasy I would have:
    Girls: Phoebe Tess, Iris Isadora, Tallulah Clover
    Boys: Thatcher Eames, Rafferty Sabin, Everett Jude

    Sterling626 Says:

    GGG: Esmeralda Jude, Hadley Roan, Estelle Briar

    BBB: Jensen Tolliver, Henly Severin, Dean Marshall

    GGB: Emory Calliope, Marlo Olivia, Gentry Beamont

    BBG: Finnian Monroe, Ellington Rien, Ariana Wilder

    Anemonepinx Says:

    I would want all three girls if I were to have triplets but I’ll do a boys set too.

    G/G/G: Stella Jane Constance, Luna Rose Madeleine, and Soleil Claire Alexandra.

    B/B/B: Mason Isaiah Raphael, Damon Anthony Christian, and Adam Ezekiel Jeremiah.

    jasmine0921 Says:

    BGG: Julian David, Violet Belle, Vivienne Juliet
    This would be my dream combo.

    GGG: Violet Belle, Scarlett Rose, Juliet Vivienne
    This would be my second dream combo.

    God bless America, I couldn’t even imagine having three boys, but if I did….

    BBB: Julian David, Marc Edouard, Henry Beau

    And lastly, two boys and one girl

    BGB: Julian David, Violet Belle, Marc Edouard

    laura83 Says:

    Girls: Caroline Beatrice, Laura Rosalind, and Eleanor Frances

    Boys: Edmund Henry (Ned), Charles Robert (Charlie), and August Theodore (Gus)

    NClark Says:

    Girls: Olivia Brynn, Grace Juliet & Mckenna Eloise
    Boys: Jack Warren, Aidan Clark & Carter Patrick

    Swangirl Says:

    I had a dream I had triplet girls! I named them

    Lily Felicity
    Poppy Apricity
    Daisy Evangeline

    It’s a pretty obvious theme… But I love all the names, and it would be neat to say they came to me in a dream, so I think I would use them!

    DallinSkandar Says:

    For the Boys, I’d go for;
    — Theodore Jude (Theo)
    — Dexter James (Dex)
    — Turk Matthew

    For the Girls, I’d choose;
    — Eleanor Grace (Ella)
    — Matilda Morgan (Mat)
    — Zöe Dallin

    If it was two boys, one girl;
    — Dexter James
    — Turk Matthew
    — Eleanor Grace

    And if it was two girls, one boys;
    — Turk Matthew
    — Eleanor Grace
    — Matilda Morgan

    joaneymak Says:

    G/B/B is my ideal: Josslin Beth, Roarke Matthew, Oskar James

    Josslin Beth, Cieli Gracyn, Beau Ionie

    Roarke Matthew, Oskar James, William Roger

    Or a combination of these names

    amf0224 Says:

    G/G/G would be my ideal: Luella Marigold Scarlett “Lulu”, Analeigh Violet Seraphine “Ana”, and Lillian Rosalie Alice “Lily”

    But for the boys, B/B/B: Jasper Finn Noel, Leo August Hawthorne, and Ezra Indigo Hudson (first one is a favorite, just made up the other 2)

    The others would be a combination of these names.

    amylette Says:

    My ideal triplets would be 2 boys and a girl.

    Calder Jude, Griffin Jack and Eleanor Kate (Cal, Fin and Ella)

    labelo Says:

    I just learned that a friend from church is expecting triplets–identical twins and a single. They already have four children, and this pregnancy wasn’t planned–I can’t even imagine having seven kids!

    Getting to name them would be fun, though. I’d want at least one of each gender, so:

    Evangeline Ruth | Adela Joy | Shepherd Miles
    Evangeline Ruth | Shepherd Miles | Gabriel James

    stellablue Says:

    Josephine Amelia (nn Josie)/ Felicity Cecilia/ Archer Sebastian

    harleym Says:

    GGG: Meadow Elizabeth, Heaven Alexandra, Clementine Lily
    BBB: Henry Joseph, Isaiah Matthew, Caleb Robert
    GGB: Clementine Lily, Meadow Elizabeth, Henry Joseph
    BBG: Henry Joseph, Isaiah Matthew, Meadow Elizabeth

    ks1103 Says:

    lysander orion
    westcott cyrus
    viktor zinc

    lourdes gwendolyn
    adecyn tess
    calista onyx

    hannahloulou Says:

    Having had twins I can tell you am pretty happy I didn’t have to carry and give birth to triplets!

    BBB: Francis, Elijah, Emmanuel
    BBG: Francis, Elijah, Flora
    BGG: Francis, Flora, Louisa
    GGG: Flora, Elizabeth, Grace

    eoxima Says:

    Ideally, if I had triplets I’d love for 1 boy and 2 girls. I’d name them Seraphina Primrose Winter, Calliope Isadora Meadow and Jude Augustus Reuben. I’m not usually a big fan of two middles but I think multiple births would be the only way I’d use them. Sera, Callie and Jude make a great sibset, swoooon!

    Gryffindor1998 Says:

    Owyn Isabelle
    Lakin Rose
    Teagan Piper

    Elliott James
    Levi Ellis
    Otis Cole

    Aspyn Brook
    Alyssa Fallon
    Alistor William

    Tenzing Leo Prax Dakota (I’ll work on the middle names)
    Aadin Kennedy
    Jamie Grace

    MeganJoy Says:

    I already have two boys, Evander and Gabriel, so my fantasy triplets would be B/G/G I think.

    Solomon Reed
    Eliza Mae
    Catherine Belle

    My children would go by:
    Van, Gabe, Sol, Liza or EllieMae, and Kate.

    Kim W Says:

    BBB: Henry Fox, August George, Peter Lewis

    GGG: June Frances, Olive Louise, Iris Elizabeth

    BBG: Henry Fox, August William, Louise Frances

    GGB: Louise Hope, Frances June, August Henry

    Nbas Says:

    Oh I love this challenge.

    If I had three girls they would be:

    Marion Alice
    Naomi Liv
    Emilia Maeve

    Owen Patrick
    Elliott Martin
    Gregory George

    Liberty_Bell Says:

    Vera Josephine Octavia
    Myrtle Mary Jemima
    Cressida Susan Eluned

    Mungo Alastair Ernest
    St.John Felix Tobias
    Barnaby Christopher George

    beeba Says:

    My ideal triplets would be 3 girls: Flora, Cora, and Aurora.

    senseandsensibility Says:

    My triplets would be Cecilia, Francesca & Louis.

    tori101 Says:

    Hmm right now it would be…
    I like multiples to have themes so I would apply this rule to my sibling sets.
    BBB: Levi William John, Ari Leonard Robert & Jonah Michael Scott (biblical)
    GGG: Isabel Laura Jane, Eleanor Elizabeth Edith & Juliet Helena Kate (Shakespearean)
    BGG: Forest William John, Meadow Helena Jane & Rowan Laura Elizabeth (nature)
    GGB: Aurora Elizabeth Edith, Camilla Laura Katie & Jasper Leonard John (mythological)

    lilith2101 Says:

    My triplets would be Thea, Louisa & Adela

    Jupe Says:

    BBB: Jude, Emil and Otis
    GGG: Althea, Martha and Cecilia

    jpruitt76 Says:

    That’s a toughie. These would prob change on a semi-regular basis. Middle names honor family.

    Faye Kathleen
    Beatrice Helen
    Margot Jewel
    (Runners-up: Frances, Greta and Rosalie)

    Graham Stuart
    Callum Everett
    Milo John

    Faye Kathleen
    Beatrice Helen
    Graham Stuart

    Graham Stuart
    Milo John
    Faye Kathleen

    birchwood29 Says:

    Forgive me, I have a few different combos in mind.

    GGG Option #1: Vivienne Margaret Gray, Eleanora Violet, Daphne Lenora Pearl
    GGG Option #2: Marlowe Gray, Olive Lenora Pearl, Winnie Beatrice

    GGB: Vivienne Margaret Gray, Daphne Lenora Pearl, Harrison Hemingway

    GBB Option #1: Vivienne Margaret Gray, Harrison Hemingway, Dashiell Arlo
    GBB Option #2: Marlowe Gray, Harrison Hemingway, Calder Fox

    BBB: Harrison Hemingway, Calder Fox, Riordan Atlas

    lolzabeth Says:

    Lyra Raphaela, Indy Ophelia and Adria Elizabeth
    Remy, Dexter and Seth not sure on middle names as already have 2 boys with 2 middles each…

    GGB would be Lyra, Indy and Remy
    BBG would be Remy, Dexter and Lyra

    Patricia13 Says:

    G/G/G: Annabelle Mae “Belle”, Guinevere Hestia “Gwen” and Eliana Hope “Elia”
    B/B/B: Nico Connor , Riley Patrick and Flynn Jason
    B/G/B: Colin Lucas, Freya Adeline and Jonathan Isaac “Jon”
    B/G/G: Finley Micah “Finn”, Lilly Persephone and Madeleine Luna “Maddie”

    NellieDellie Says:

    Anna Kristina, Ruth Cordelia and Robert Briar

    lovelynames Says:

    Identical triplet girls!

    Maisie Arminta
    Abigail Hope
    Laurel Kate

    Hudson Elijah
    Noah Thomas
    Tate Miller

    Thegratiana Says:

    Cleo Mae
    Emma Jean
    Bonnie Louise

    Emmett Eugene
    George Alexander
    Maxwell Roman

    2B, 1G:
    Cleo Mae
    Maxwell Roman
    Emmett Eugene

    2G, 1B:
    Cleo Mae
    Bonnie Louise
    Emmett Eugene

    Daphodil Says:

    I’d actually love to have triplet boys! Without my SO’s input I’d name them Arthur, Jules and Inigo.

    fangirlingfailure Says:

    Luna Willow, Lennon Ivy, Ellowyn Juniper
    Desdemona Ryan, Louisa Brienne, Bennett Jude
    Felicienne Rosalie, Micah Oliver, Ewan Sylvester
    Sebastian Joel, Jeremiah Asher, Leo Hendrix

    Suzannah Says:

    Lorelei Kate, Mollie Suzette, and Parker James.

    grantairebear Says:

    B/B/B: Harrison John William/ Lochlan Robert Alexander *Locke* / Thackeray James Hawke *Thatch*
    G/G/G: Juno Pearl Kathleen/ Piper Hali Anne/ Tai Harbour Evangeline

    B/G/B: Henry Robert Alexander/ Lochlan John William *Locke* / Juno Kathleen Anne

    G/B/G: Juno Pearl Kathleen/ Piper Anne Evangeline/ Henry Robert John


    pi6zi Says:

    I’ve been clucky recently so have thought about names a lot. Shae Alice (Alice is my paternal grandmothers name), Miles Albert (albert is hubby’s paternal grandfather’s name and Niall Phillip (phillip is my dad’s name)

    ElenaM910 Says:

    Saffron (Saffron is somewhat unusual, I like that it is insanely precoius, more so than gold)
    Teresa (from the Spanish mezzo-soprano Teresa Berganza)
    Valentine (pronounced Val-en-teen, meaning “brave”)

    They would definitely have the middle names
    Julianne and
    , respectively, which all carry a special significance to me; Melanie, for instance, is the first name of my Chemistry teacher from high school, the most considerate, gentle person I have ever met. If giving her that name would mean she has an extra chance of having those traits, then that is exactly what I shall call my first (even only) daughter.

    3 boys:
    Peter (from the Swedish baritone Peter Mattei, who made me fall in love with opera)
    Caleb (for the beautiful sound and biblical roots)
    Edmund (uniquely elegant and dignified)

    Middle names
    Timothy (I am a huge fan of Tim Burton), similar to Melanie from above
    Killian (absolutely love the sound, not sure about that first syllable though, may cause unpleasant situations at school) and
    Henry (timeless classic, got to love it).

    gipro2003 Says:

    B/B/B: Florian Gulliver, Emmerich Lucian, Amias Leopold
    G/G/G: Linnea Hermione, Maelys Camilla, Thisbe Araminta
    B/G/B: Florian Leopold, Thisbe Araminta, Emmerich Lucian
    G/B/G: Thisbe Araminta, Florian Leopold, Linnea Hermione

    indigomagnolia Says:

    GGG: Raina Indigo, Lyra Oceane, Iris Riviera

    GGB: Vienna Bryony, Adaline Magnolia, Arlo Heron

    BBG: Felix Orion, Lucien Wolf, Tessa Sorrell

    BBB: Lachlan Grey, Callum August, Lennox West

    ashthedreamer Says:

    I’d probably just go with my top names for each gender. So:

    G/G/G: Isabelle Aurora Grace, Arianne Eleanor Daisy, and Olivia Wren Camille “Bella, Ari, and Livy”
    G/G/B: Isabelle Aurora Grace, Arianne Eleanor Daisy, and Caleb Elias Joseph “Bella, Ari, and Cal”
    G/B/B: Isabelle Aurora Grace, Caleb Elias Joseph, and Everett Joshua Charles “Bella, Cal, and Ev”
    B/B/B: Caleb Elias Joseph, Everett Joshua Charles, and Casper Nathaniel Eden “Caleb, Ev, and Cas”

    My ideal triplet set would be two girls and a boy.

    But I’m always tempted to mix it up a little, if only because my answers are so predictable! So maybe:

    Adele Sofia Eloise, Grace Odilia Lily, and Boaz Andreas Henry “Adele, Gracie, and Bo”
    Isabelle Aurora Grace, Caleb Elias Joseph, and Avery Ian George “Bella, Cal, and Avery”
    Grace Odilia Lily, Eva Madelief Dagny, and Casper Nathaniel Eden “Gracie, Evie, and Cas”
    Emmeline Poppy Helene, Charlotte Eden Rebecca, and Rory Sebastian Rufus “Emmy, Lottie, and Rory”
    Aurora Emilia Willow, Ella Katherine Lior, and Kaia Elisabeth Hope “Rora, Ella Kate, and Kaia”
    Tess Ofelia Jane, Anne-Claire Felicity, and Caleb Elias Joseph “Tess, Anne-Claire, and Caleb”
    Anne-Claire Felicity, Leona Charlotte Jane, and Caleb Elias Joseph “Annie, Lena, and Cal”
    Carolina Esther Jane, Audrey Lila Pearl, and Leo Castiel Benjamin “Cara, Audrey, and Leo”
    Atticus Noah Grey, Rowan Ezra Jack, and Eleni Charlotte Hope “Atti, Rory, and Leni”
    Adele Sofia Eloise, Zoe Charlotte Elena, and Jack August Kuiper “Adele, Zoe, and Jack”

    And I’ll just stop there, because I think I could just about combine any of my favorites into a triplet set I would adore! But if I did have my ideal set of triplets, G/G/B, and I couldn’t use Isabelle, Arianne, and Caleb, I think Grace, Eva, and Casper would be my second choice–I utterly ADORE those three together; I think they’re perfection.

    MissTrash Says:

    BBB: Malachi Hendrix Salvador | Shay Marley Valentin | Lucian Zeppelin Angel

    GGG: Azri Nymeria | Neva Florencia | Yara Zofia

    BBG: Cayo Salvador | Shay Marley | Azri Nymeria

    GGB: Azri Nymeria | Aya Zofia | Shay Marley Salvador

    lesliemarion Says:

    Ah, imaginary triplets, the best kind!

    While I don’t think of myself as someone who would ever give her children the same first initial, for male twins I like Linus and Lennox. Not sure I could handle a third L, though if I did it would be Linus, Lennox, and Laurence.

    I also like Roger, Robert, and Ransom. And Taliesin, Timothy, and Tangier.

    Boy, it’s probably good I never had male triplets!

    But if I were strong and overcame my initial mania, I would actually probably name them Laurence, Marlowe, and Wallace.

    For girl triplets, I like Madeira, Majorca, and Magdalen. Or Demelza, Morwenna, and Prudence from Poldark (the OLD Poldark).

    More realistically, Geneva, Viveca, and Evadne.

    And if I got mixed genders, Araminta, Rosamund, and Barnaby, which I believe are also three of Linda’s favorite names.

    AD10 Says:

    All boys: Nolan, Grady, Bram

    m >July 21st, 2020 at 6:17 pm

    B: Evander Keefe “Evan”
    B: Dexter Everest “Dex”
    B: Asher Fitz “Ash”

    G: Kaiya Evrose “Kay”
    G: Alexa Skyler “Lex”
    G: Calista Midnight “Cali”

    AmarieL Says:

    Rose Natalia
    Lillian Grace
    Violet Isabelle
    Andrew Jacob
    Oliver James
    Micah John
    Rose Natalia
    Oliver James
    Micah John
    Rose Natalia
    Lillian Grace
    Oliver James

    rgp19 Says:

    G/g/g: Rose Caroline, Clara Josephine, and Vivienne Lucille
    B/b/b: Henry Oliver, Frederick Arthur and Edmund Tobias.

    stephanieamilea Says:

    I’d love 2B+1G:
    Rhys Everett
    Chace Maxwell
    & Wren Eloise

    If I had 3B:
    Hale Lennox
    Miles Nathaniel
    Jett Tristan

    If I had 3G:
    Laurel Rafaela
    Harper Aerin
    Rosalie Lark

    And finally, 2G+1B:
    Chloe Erica
    Hadley Emerson
    Nolan Hale

    alexa400 Says:

    Gwendolyn Grace
    Adelaide June
    Madeline Rose

    Theodore James
    Frederick Taft
    Alexander Ford

    marissalou Says:

    William Daniel
    Beau Gregory
    Ford Matthew

    emekct Says:

    GGG: Maeve Margaret, Rowan Elizabeth, Elyse Josephine
    GBG: Maeve Margaret, Collin Thomas, Rowan Juliette
    BGB: Collin Thomas, Maeve Margaret, James Patrick
    BBB: Alec Michael, Felix Patrick, Declan Thomas

    FionaHadley Says:

    My ideal pairing would be 2 girls and a boy. I already have two girls (Lily and Abigail), so I’d add:

    Claire Seraphina, Rebecca Violet, and James Phillip.

    namesage Says:

    All boys would be my ideal!

    Cormac Raines “Mack”
    Jedidiah Davis “Jed”
    August Doyle “Gus”

    Coley11 Says:

    Huck Nathaniel
    Wells Theodore
    Rooney Olive

    Huck Rafferty
    Wells Nathaniel
    Theodore Ace “Theo”

    Michellewar1127 Says:

    I have 4 name combos I love for each gender, so here is a mix of them.

    BBB: Lucian Atticus, Jack Merrill, Ash Houston
    GGG: Evren Pearl, Lola Michelle, Liv Marilyn
    BBG: Lucian Atticus, Silas Lincoln, Evren Pearl
    GGB: Indie Adelia, Lola Michelle, Ash Houston

    steampunkleo Says:

    GGG: Poppy Matilda, Astrid Selena & Eira Primrose
    BBB: Walter Edmund, Vincent Orion & Elliot Christian

    SparkleNinja18 Says:

    This is gonna be hard but fun! A few weeks ago, on the bus ride home from school, I was hit with a huge guilty pleasure triplet girls set: Lila, Luna, and Lyra. I love these three names together but they’d probably get really confusing! I then extended the set to quintuplets consisting of Lila, Luna, Lyra, Leia, and Leda (LIE-luh, LOO-nuh, LEER-uh, LAY-uh, and LEE-duh).

    I’ve been toying with another triplet girls combo: Violet Ottilie, Sabrina Harbor, and Calista Maeve

    I think my ideal triplet set would be all girls. I have a few options for this:
    Violet Ottilie, Sabrina Harbor, and Calista Maeve
    Lila Persephone, Eden Tatiana, and Iris Matilda
    Lila Persephone, Violet Emmeline, and Iris Magdalene

    Surprisingly (maybe) my next ideal set would be BBG. I have set names for this:
    Torin Matthias, Nolan Shepherd, and Moira Juniper (all Irish names)

    lemon Says:

    BBB: Archer, Ronan, and Everett
    GGG: Eliza, Phoebe, and Juliet
    BGB: Archer, Phoebe, and Ronan
    GGB: Eliza, Phoebe, and Jude

    I think. This is way too tough.

    ty13 Says:

    Caroline Cecelia
    Mila Faye
    Sylvie Louisa

    Theodore Hugh
    Reed Henry
    Max Julian

    Or any combination of 3. Ideally 2 girls and 1 boy.

    beehummingbird Says:

    Julian Barnaby
    Andrew Elias
    Emmeline Lily

    alchemicallypurplefairy Says:

    In order of preference:

    Delilah June
    Rosalie Emmeline
    Silvie Eleanor

    Owen Augustus
    Everett Nathaniel
    Abel Harrison

    lululemonmee Says:

    Oliver Gabriel, Sebastian Edward, Theodore August
    Eleanor Frances, Cecilia Rosemary, Josephine Grace
    Eleanor Amelia, Sebastian Edward, Fiona Scarlett
    Oliver Gabriel, Sebastian Edward, Audrey Vivienne

    lauwills Says:

    Beatrice Bay
    Arthur Fox
    Edward August

    ashbee Says:

    I love seeing these. Such beautiful names!
    Mine would be:
    3 girls) Olive Apolline, Margot Claire, and Dahlia Emmeline (Polly, Maisy, and Dolly). OR Josephine Lucia, Theodora June, and Emmeline Claire.
    3 boys) Ezra James (“E.Z. or Jamie”), Declan Wolf (“Dax”), Raphael Forest (“Raffey”).
    2 girls+ 1 boy) Louisa Primrose, Ione Jane, and Ewan Roger.
    2 boys + 1 girl) Samuel Darcy, Stellan Auberon, and Rosemary Alice.

    misskendra Says:

    Ideal would be ggb
    Annemarie Kay Cannova
    Elizabeth Sara Christine
    William Archer Lee

    Francesca Mae Louise
    Annemarie Kay Cannova
    Elizabeth Sara Christine

    William Archer Lee
    Charles Milo James
    Annemarie Kay Cannova

    JH Says:

    Juliette, Lucy, & Alice

    Leo, Frederick, & Christoph

    A mixture of those if it’d be girls and boys

    JH Says:

    Or Felix instead of Christoph. Hard choice!

    Namenutt Says:

    Girls: Cora Jane, Cecily May and Charlotte Ivy. Boys: Tristan Dominic, Owen Kai and Julian Arlo. I know, my boys and girls are very different styles!

    theclarest Says:

    This is so difficult. Hmm..

    GGG: Ofelia (aka Lia) Rae, Francesca (Frankie) Mae, Coralie (Cora) Fae
    (OK I know, it’s cheesy that the MNs rhyme, but they don’t have to tell their friends that haha).

    BBB: Felix Gabriel, Jonathan (Jack) Michael, Theodore (Theo) Raphael.

    BBG: Jonathan (Jack) Indigo, Benjamin (Ben) Milo, Amelia (Mia) Hero

    GGB: Delia Rae, Imogene (Immy) Jade, Indigo (Indy) Xavier

    laurashgre Says:

    for triplet girls:
    Calla Rose
    Elena Elizabeth
    Nora Louise

    for triplet boys:
    Nazareth Jude
    Abram Silas
    Ezra Alexander

    for two boys and a girl:
    Asa Alexander
    Ira Samuel
    Calla Rose

    and two girls and a boy:
    Calla Rose
    Michael Marie (guilty pleasure fn)
    Abram Bodie (guilty pleasure mn)

    theclarest Says:

    Just realized…the only names on my list that weren’t already in the comments (which I didn’t read before I posted) in some shape or form, including alternative spellings, were Hero, Imogene, Jade, Xavier. Of the 30 names in my list, including NNs, only about 13% of my name choices are original and I didn’t even try to copy! Man, I thought I was ahead of the curve haha.

    Kate_Kat_Bar Says:

    Varan March Alexander, Ariadne Opal, and Winona Jubilee ��

    Brittys08 Says:

    Elizabeth Louise, Magnolia Cherie, Kylie Nycole.
    Gideon Jefferson, Solomon Gabriel, Christopher David.

    krh21 Says:

    my ideal set is two boys and a girl. Autumn Faire, Isaac Ashton, and Leyton Gregory

    Cinnamon_Grace Says:

    All girls: Emily Jade, Mackenzie Belle and Holly Dominique

    All boys: Mason Robert, Frazier Brady and Charlie Dylan

    2 boys and 1 girl: Frazier Brady, Charlie Dylan and Emily Jade

    2 girls and 1 boy: Emily Jade, Mackenzie Belle and Frazier Brady

    Gondolin Says:


    Ismene (Izzie)

    Nehalennia (Lennie)
    Ismene (Izzie)

    Nehalennia (Lennie)
    Ismene (Izzie)

    Catastroffy Says:

    I’ll imagine there were two girls, identical, and a boy, dizygotic.

    Mary, Tabitha & John

    nadjajay Says:

    I would love 2 boys and one girl!

    Annarose Christina Paisley

    Oakley Sedillo Grey

    Writer Elijah Arrow

    The first middle name on each of these is named after someone. Christina is a sibling my fiancé lost, Sedillo is my grandmother’s maiden name, and Elijah is after my fiancé. Annarose is also somewhat named after people due to the fact that both my mother and my fiancé’s mother has Anna in their first name. After that Oakley and Writer are just guilty pleasure names of mine. ��

    Sylvia_rosenkrans Says:

    Elias Avery
    Arthur Louie
    Xavier Edward
    Elias James
    Rhys Andre
    Jonah Lee

    BBG: (ideal)
    Elias James
    Everly (Ever) Elizabeth
    Arthur Louie

    Everly Jean
    Elias James
    Etta Jane
    Everly Louise
    Elias James
    Anavieve Elise

    Everly Elizabeth
    Amelia Mahrin
    Ellinor Louise
    Nellie Lou
    Lina Grace
    Willa Jane

    jessiemay Says:

    Three girls would be Ingrid Boheme, Harlow Pascale and Beatrix Winter.
    Three boys would be Laszlo Cassius, Wilder Guthrie and Atlas Brahms.

    paw Says:

    GGG: Gwendolyn Ruth, Meredith Grace, and Rosetta Maeve

    BBB: Adam Theodore, Eric Franklin, and Owen Thomas

    GGB Gwendolyn Ruth, Meredith Grace, and Theodore Mark

    BBG: Adam Theodore, Eric Franklin, and Iris Gwendolyn

    marisarose Says:

    All girls: Kathryn Rose, Viviane Claire, and Geneva Millay
    All boys: Patrick Robert, Jason Scott, and Oliver Thomas

    If I were to have 2 and 1 of either sex, I would just choose the first two and one from the previous lists.

    namelover_Renee Says:

    Susannah Eloise
    Gwendolyn Rose
    Marlene Grace

    Atticus Michael
    Nolan James
    Wyatt Gray

    Louisa Renee
    Frederick James
    Daphne Rose

    Thatcher Joel
    Hattie Melissa
    Jonah Nathaniel

    1994omi Says:

    All Girls:
    Elizabeth Sophie-Ann
    Isadora Louisa Devika
    Katherine Andorra Cataleya

    Rosaline Athenodora Xanthe
    Emmeline Fabienne Celestine
    Evelina Davina Thalassa

    (Odette, Eira, Enya are also really pretty names)

    For boys.
    James Jonathan Caelan
    William Nathaniel Wyatt
    Damon Cillian Nicholas

    Benjamin Isaac
    Andrew Grey
    Nathaniel Cillian

    BKB Says:

    GGG: Mae, Calla, Tessa

    GGB: Mae, Calla, Tobias

    GBB: Mae, Tobias, Beau

    BBB: Beckett, Rory, Quinn

    brighteyes Says:

    All girls:
    Poppy Caroline
    Iris Elizabeth
    Magnolia Jane

    All boys:
    Everett Aberdeen
    Iain Thomas
    August Grover

    Clairey_N Says:

    GGG: Matilda , Camille , Eithine

    BBB: Rueben , Henry , Augustus

    GGB: Esme , Cara , Reid

    BBG: William , Spencer , Rosalie

    lalala__lauren Says:

    I don’t have middles, but my girls would be Maisie, Posey, and Thisbe.
    All boys, I’d probably go with classic names with the same number of syllables like Benjamin, Theodore, and Nicholas.

    ElizabethF Says:

    Autumn Elizabeth
    Juliet Ophelia
    Albie Joseph

    GreenEyes375 Says:

    For me it’d be two girls and a boy.

    Rosamund Helen Magdalena
    Annabel Celia Susannah
    Elias Matthew Alexander

    moondreams Says:

    GGG: Elsa Artemisia, Luna Yvette, Flora Euphemia
    BBB: Ezra Frederic, Preston Eugene, Liam Severus

    ARead Says:

    Inigo Ash
    Theodore Anselm
    Jasper Alaric
    (Indy, Theo, Jas or Jasper)

    Elowen Reverie
    Verity Else
    Tesla Ainslie
    (Lola, Etta, and Tess?)

    BBG: Inigo Ash, Jasper Alaric, and Elowen Reverie
    GGB: Verity Else, Elowen Reverie, and Inigo Ash

    ClancyOfTheOverflow112 Says:

    Using different names in each gender combination:

    Charlotte Eliza
    Isabel Clara
    Madeleine Freya

    Matilda Scarlett
    Annabel Ruby
    Oliver Rowan

    Stella Adelaide
    Atticus Flynn
    Leo Tennyson

    Atlas Henry
    Lennon Oscar
    Rafferty James

    inkonherfingers Says:

    Elanor Vivian
    Katherine Lucy
    James Alexander

    catherinak Says:

    3 Girls!
    Nathalie Ásta
    Adeline Ruth
    Klara Sabine

    3 Boys
    Luka Henry
    Ben August
    Finn Leopold

    If it was 1 boy and 2 girls or 1 girl and 2 boys it would be some combination of the names listed above!

    dwcnames Says:

    Asher French, Archer Roman, Adelaide Cadeau

    Vivica Says:

    I like the idea of triplets with names that have three letters each.

    Ava, Liv and Noa
    Ava, Liv and Eli
    Ava, Max and Eli
    Leo, Max and Eli

    It is a secret connection with individual name sounds.

    mallowd Says:

    After MUCH MUCH contemplation! It’s hard not to get wrapped up in a theme (for me anyway). For GGG and BBB I did somewhat use a theme/style to keep it together. For mix BBG and GGB, I just wanted it to be something I liked and sounded good together. For boys, I used cowboy and for girls, I used funky/fresh. I used my overall favorites for the mixed options. Here they are!
    GGG: Mavis Greer, Tamsin Octavia, Vesper Reese
    BBB: Memphis James, Jude Emerson, Blaze Morgan OR (three R names) Rafferty James, Rhett Elijah, Roscoe Keith
    GGB: Esme Delphine, Pearl Rhiannon, Felix Cruz
    BBG: Cosmo Jude, Easton Samuel, Olympia Veda

    Chelsz26 Says:

    Delaney Clara, Molly Patricia, Ellery Lucia
    Delaney Clara, Molly Patricia, Jack Joseph
    Delaney Clara, Jack Joseph, Hudson Thomas
    Jack Joseph, Hudson Thomas, Colton Arthur

    Theatrenut23 Says:

    Alice Margot, Cecily Olive, Eloise Lily
    Blaise Frederick, Phineas Ezra, Ambrose Theodore

    Carbine_Stingray Says:

    Girls: Anastasia Zoe Olivia, Natasha Evelyn Lydia, Nina Harley Eliza

    Boys: Walker Alexander Romulus, Weston Archer Remus, Werner Alan Richtus

    kristennoel Says:

    GGG: Beatrice Eleanore, Matilda Charlotte and Vivienne Jane
    Bea, Mattie and Viv

    BBB: James Randall, Daniel John, and Henry Linden

    ella17 Says:

    GGG: Phoebe Alice, Cleo Elizabeth, Matilda Jayne
    GGB: Phoebe Alice, Cleo Elizabeth, Angus Martin
    GBB: Phoebe Alice, Angus Martin, Rupert Thomas
    BBB: Angus Martin, Rupert Thomas, Isaac William

    All middles from family

    briettani Says:

    3 girls: Dellen Malaya, Delyth Maliria, Dwyn Zaraiyah
    3 boys: Jolyon Vrai, Junius Auden, Dresden Graham
    2 boys 1 girl: Quillan Atticus, Jasper Miles, Matilda Korlyn
    2 girls 1 boy: Arleigh Maeve, Blythe Reena, Destry Kole

    LcLauver Says:

    Charles Linus
    Martin Douglas
    Robin Joseph

    Johanna Constance
    Ida Irene
    Naomi Josephine

    tomaura226 Says:

    Eudora Katherine
    Magnolia Elizabeth
    Lucinda Margaret

    Booker Nicholas
    Everhart James
    Fenwick Alexander

    Pryor Sebastian
    Tennyson Oliver
    Flavia Corinne

    Euphemia Mary
    Maud Katherine
    Abel Christopher

    IsabellaBear Says:

    Aria Rosalie
    Estella Magdalene
    Scarlett Valentina

    Atticus Roman
    Everett Cato
    Jasper August

    Micke156 Says:

    Dorothea Primrose Jane
    Esther Matilda Blythe
    Francesca Daphne Pearl

    Theodore Balthazar Finch
    Gulliver Edwin Clyde
    Rafferty Sebastian Giles

    But ideally it would be GBB:
    Esther Dorothea Pearl
    Theodore Balthazar Clyde
    Rafferty Edwin Bear

    carolinemchd Says:

    my ideal set for brazilian triplets:



    my ideal sibset for english-speaking triplets:

    Clara Genevieve
    Marina Beatrix
    Lydia Primrose

    James Valentine
    Alexander Tadhg
    Thomas Fox

    danielle5331 Says:

    Silas Joseph
    Abel Francis
    James Richard

    Marlo James
    Joselyn Danielle
    Elena Joan

    Silas Joseph
    James Richard
    Joselyn Danielle

    Joselyn Danielle
    Elena Joan
    Silas Joseph

    SuperBrucelove Says:



    junebabie Says:

    I think if I were going to have triplets I would like two girls and a boy!

    Cordelia Daisy
    Rosalind Winter
    Lennox Peter

    Calico_Calliope Says:

    Lyric, Larkin, Lilac

    Thessaly, Thisbe, Thrace

    Griffin, Golden, Glory

    Apex, Archer, Ace

    KrystynElizabeth Says:

    India Caroline
    Willow Rose
    January Elizabeth

    sketched4funcz Says:

    Best combo would be the “BBG”.
    Why? The first boy would be

    ‘Alexander Stellan Louis’

    Alexander’s meaning is protector. That’s what he would be supposed to be. A protector of his younger bro and sis. Stellan is for my mother. She always loved that name (in girl version Stella but it doesn’t pass in my combination so…) And I love name Louis, pronounced with S, and Louis Armstrong’s music.

    The second kid would be called

    Jack August Wilder

    Jack for the author of my favorite book On the Road – Jack Kerouac. August is my birthday month (kinda selfish but…)
    And I like how Wilder sounds with Jack August. I think this is a really good combo.

    And the youngest, a little princess

    Lydia Ivy Danae [D’Nae]

    Lydia Martin is my favorite fictional character and I’ve known one woman called Lydia and she’s the kindest person I’ve ever met. And now comes the family names. Ivy is the name of my mom. And Danae. Danae is my favorite character in Greek mythology and luckily my grandma’s name.

    Alexander Stellan Louis
    Jack August Wilder
    Lydia Ivy Danae

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